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December 9, 2016
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July 5, 2000
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Approved For Release 200D/08726 :`&'= P71 T00730R000600090132-2 a1 paper oon rxi trends in Soviet Sold raserves iu6 orld War I t -ug 1963 provides a very helpful fraese o reterenoe for rtber comparison of owdxa+,* wW of 1963 Let gold rev ervec. at The paper rev ,s that a large meets a of ag, of the fasces affoc S8L In particular your estinettee of the total amount of gold prs ed f Wk War I through 1963 appear to agree closely with our w o erti .tae. At saw time, your detailed ra=xU also heap to identd r tt M w AO of opinion .4st. These bring pare raphs 2. %a And, by thq In t 'vary discuued in the Our estimate of .d at the disposition of the new Soiriet t in 1920 is epproXiMte y 0 million higher than that given agree with your the gold reserves of woe held by the Oetral. lot as of So ar 1917 were substantially reduced by the capture of gold- from t s Soviets In s.aa and by payments made to the German government in saco:e oe with the rms of the Peace of Brest. On the ci of Siberia by the ovieta resulted In a re reser es. In addition, the seizure of n3.kee gold reserves )* scow at the ad of World War I increased Soviet geld Approved For Release 2000/08/26: CIA-RDP71 T00730RO0'0OOC Approved For Release, 200QOMOfTw -RDP71 T00730B000600090132-2 25X1X v,d true M ,7 to t 1. is of t at tioa of pid # risg 1930-63 V017 41084Y With our VIS 195'3 period. of the 29:0-40 25X1X du at thst time by sovera3. i9' !4 in !tea Approved For Release 2000/08/26 : CIA-RDP71 T00 00600090132-2 0% 00~17 Approved For Release, 2000/08/26 :_CA -RDP71 T00730R000600090132-2 siao sn amt Aik P,. 25X1X 1. 3. w &VOlo at In tbs S, of let a ta 1a Approved For Release 2000/08/26 : CIA-RDP71 T0073OR000600090132-2 Approved For Release. 2000/08/26.:. P71 T00730R000600090132-2 iox of !i in the 19501 is ad the 196Qx a are based on affiaial end output for the antIxe b 'prc et output. high do wee of d. the Information was any cam we believe the" is no si.sent With evllmt B nt of eride on the Lutput tip $J tangy of that tho , on aaooant for s of total suld production in 1956 in to raw for this ammVUmp nowly that probnby man valid in the early years of but is open to question with regard to 1956. d- ate that regions 19 Approved For Release 2000/08/ P71 T00730R000600090132-2 i O Approved For Release, 2000/08126 ':+i: CIA-RDP71 T00730R000600090132-2 CPYRGHT of our 00um1 of t 1955 Vw Approved For Release 2000/08/26 : CIA-RDP71 T0073OR000600090132-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/26 ''' TOO73OR000600090132-2 gold 25X1 C (2) or t 1"54), tau of thow sets. pultA 19"-6$. 6, c of SttMft4%" of v t Approved For Release 2000/00 labs& T00730R000600090132-2 Approved For Release, 2000/08/26-?4 DP71 T00730F000600090132-2 25X1 C'- that Savo 25X1 C $ vit t tb. last 25X1 C Approved For Release 2000/08/26-: tI -RDP71 T00730R000600090132-2