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December 19, 2016
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April 3, 2006
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July 27, 1970
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Approved For R lese+'20_B(-IA-RDPF-000398000100340007-5 2 7 JUL 1970 MEMORANDUM,FORg Director of Communications Director of Finance Director of Logistics Director of Medical Services Director of Personnel Director of Security Director of Training Chief, Support Services Staff SUBJECT The Role of Technology in Plan UA_., for the Future 1. The Deputy Directors of the Agency recently met with the Agency R&D Board. The world-wide technological revolution which is now upon us, its impact on the Agency, and potential Agency responses to the challenge posed by it were discussed. In the past the Agency has applied technological innovations primarily to intelligence collection and analysis. For the future technology offers promise of greater understanding of morea general problems and the development of techniques to cope with those problems. 2. F r example, MM[r. ;D)uckett, Deputy Director for Science .axed Technology, expressed concern about the appropriate A?ency 're7slronse to such diverse areas as laser technology, weather modification, automation of intelligence activities, the future role of the Agency in limited warfare, and the growing body of Zcnowledgo in the life sciences. These areas, and more, will saari:ely be important to uo in th,3 future. It is appropriate that we new ask ourselves what areas the Agency should properly be concerned with to aid in coping with future operational and piaauagemsnt problems, and for intelligence support. 3. In the Support Directorate, we are charged with providing supporting means whereby the Agency can fulfill its mission. educed resources must be compensated for by new techniques So we isn accomplish more with fewer assets. For example, in the fIenJid of personnel se,:ioction, although we have made much progress over- the years in selectiris; suitable individuals to work In the A;_,,-!r-x:y, there is a presuried requLroment to upgrade Selection prc?c-g>siure: s- and expand their scope to make those procedures even a-sorca effective.. In the:, r.ap:idily growing field of communications, developments are continually apt oaring. Much of the progress Approved For Release 2006/05/24: CIA-R P72-000_039R000100340007-5 CBu~a 11 Excluded frog autcmam Q f 11n r_ T tlcwcgradla; sad r-'24: CIA-RDP72-000.39R000100340007-5 Approved For Release, 29 p T in these areas, and sense of the word. others, stems from technology in the broadest How then can we exploit technology of fectively? 4. It is tempting to embark on major technical programs in an effort to expand our capabilities. An important'step must come first. We must.clearly identify requirements in problem areas where technology can contribute. Then, and only then, can technology be called into play to assist in their satisfaction. 5. The bulk of the Support Directorate's involvement with technology has been focused in the Offices of Communications, Security, and Medical Services. The Offices of Personnel, Logistics, Training, and Finance have benefited to a lesser extent. I feel there indeed should be increased areas of application of technology in these Offices as well. It is my aim to start research on topics where technology might be more effectively applied, and then propose a program in forthcoming planning and budget cycles for its application. I am therefore asking each of you to consider the above concerns and to bring to my attention clearly identified problem areas where, in your estimation, intelligent application of modern technology' might aid in their solution. I have asked Dr. he DD/S representative to the R&D Board, to serve as my coordinator for this effort. Please submit your views to me through him. In order to be of maximum use to the Agency the planning cycle, I would like your-response by 1. September 1910. L. Deputy Director for Support Approved For Release 2006/05/24: clA-RDP72-00039R000100340007-5 aL"