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December 15, 2016
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November 10, 2003
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October 23, 1970
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Approved For Release 2003/12/0 I DP72-00337R000100210017-7 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 2 Friday - 23 October 1970 5. I I Called Ed Braswell, Chief of Staff, Senate Armed Services Committee, to say the Director had returned from iiss trip and was interested in ge zng in touch with Senator Stennis. Braswell said the Senator would probably not be back in town until after the elections. Braswell suggested we call Mr. Cresswell, of the Senator's personal staff, for detailed information on the Senator's plans. Called Mr. Cresswell who said the Senator would be out on a tour of military bases in the southern U. S. from Monday, 26 October, until Thursday, 29 October. He suggested the Director call the Senator's Mississippi office in De Kalb about getting together. Cresswell did not expect the Senator back in Washington before mid-November. He said if he was in touch with the Senator he would mention the Director's interest in seeing him. 6. Met with Mr. Frank Slatinshek, Acting Chief Counsel, House Armed Services Committee, who queried me on the Soviet test of capability to intercept in low earth orbit. He had apparently been queried during the day by members of the Committee. Information currently available, coupled with re-briefing of the test observed in 1968, was sufficient to answer his present questions. I also briefed Mr. Slatinshek on the "Markham" control and data system use in Egypt; Soviet SS-9 test; Soviet use of Singapore facilities; and Soviet ZON - . 7. I I Met with Garner J. Cline, Counsel, House Subcommittee on Immigration and Nationality, who told me that he will be travelling to Chile right after the elections with Representative Joshua Eilberg (D. , Pa. ). It was agreed that I will provide Mr. Cline with an informal briefing on the situation in Chile a week or so before departure. I also discussed with Mr. Cline a case involving private legislation for residence credit during service with the Agency outside the U. S. Although he agreed to think about it, he indicated that present Committee rules would preclude approval of such a case and would require that the individual meet with the Committee prior to any consideration of such a bill. I also gave Mr. Cline an informal outline of information available concerning Mr. Clin was_ ma-s -ano-CEeiative_ 25X1A cc: ER O/DDCI Mr. 25X1A Mr. Houston; Mr. Goodwin DDI DDS DDS&T Legislative Counsel 25X6 EA/DDP A . Sd For Release 2003/12/02: CIA-RDP72-00337R000100210017-7 Approved For Release 2003/12/02 : CIA-RDP72-00337R000100210017-7 SECRET JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Wednesday - 21 October 1970 1. I I Left with Miss Betty Roberts, on the staff of Senator John G. Tower (R. , Texas), a suggested reply to a constituent inquiry from Mr. I STATOTHR 2. I IMet with Ed Braswell, Chief of Staff, Senate Armed Services Committee, and left with him additional materia on the reemployment provisions of our retirement package. Although he has some reservations about this section, Braswell is not totally opposed to it. I told him that we would, of course, rely on his judgment as to whether this section should be deleted from the bill if he thought it would be particularly troublesome. I said we certainly did not want to jeopardize the remainder of the bill because of this section. Braswell indicated he would give the matter some thought and indicated that if necessary they would delete the section from the bill in Committee. I left with Braswell a copy of our "Guide to CIA Statutes and Law. 3.1 Met with Bill Woodruff, Counsel, Senate Appropriations Committee, and left with him a copy of the new "Guide to CIA Statutes and Law. " I also briefed him on several current intelligence items. Woodruff mentioned the Subcommittee would want a budget session on or about 19 November. See Memorandum for the Record. 4. I I Miss Franzetta R. DeGooyer, Senate Immigration Subcommittee staff, called and asked if we would check on 25X1 C several aspects of the private bill for We are checking on this and will be back in touch with her. Approved For Release 2003/12/02 : CIA-RDP72-00337R000100210017-7 Approved For Release 2003/12/02 : CIA-RDP72-00337R000100210017-7 VONF1 EN ! 1AL Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 2 Monday - 19 October 1970 4. I I Richard Perle, on the staff of the Senate Subcommittee on National Security and International Operations, called to say Senator Jackson was anxious for him to be briefed on verification techniques and the judgments involved in connection with SALT. Perle made reference to the fact that we had not wanted to participate in a joint briefing of Senator Jackson's Subcommittee on SALT and added he was doing a paper for the Senator on the subject. Arrangements have been made for Perle to come to the Agency on Wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m. to discuss this subject with Mr. Duckett. 5. and-carried to Ed Braswell, Chief of Staff, Sena e Armed Services ommittee, a map of South Vietnam, Cambodia, and portions of Laos prepared at Senator Stennis' request at the last briefing we gave him on Cambodia. Braswell commented on the "publicity" we had gotten in Neil Sheehan's article in today's New York Times, but said he saw nothing particularly sensitive in the circumstances of the article. I briefed Braswell on certain parts of the article which were not entirely accurate. I briefed Braswell on several current intelligence items including: a. Problems with the Soviet Flogger; b. Increase in Soviet photo reconnaissance; c. Status of SAM sites in the standstill zone; d. Soviet and ChiCom nuclear tests; and e. Soviet preparations for a new circumlunar probe. 6. Jay Sourwine, Chief Counsel, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, called and said a Senator had inquired as to the accuracy of certain radio reports that there had been an attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro. After checking with DDI, I passed word to Sourwine that the reports were inaccurate. Sourwine called and asked if there was anything to a 6 October item in the Chicago Tribune reporting that CIA had determined that some 43 camps with some ten thousand occupants had been set up in Cuba for terrorist training of nationals from all continents. Sourwine said that it would be hard to believe the figures involved, but that he would be interested in anything we might have along this line which can be shared with the Subcommittee. I told Sourwine I would check and be back in touch. "N I Li NTI L 25X1A Approved For Release 2003/12/02 : CIA-RDP72-00337R000100210017-7 Approved For Release 2003/12/02 : CIA-RDP72-00337R000100210017-7 SECRET JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Wednesday - 14 October 1970 25X1A 1. Accompanied Mr. 0 who briefed Senator Milton Young . , Da k. bringing him up to date on the world situation. We also briefed him on a sensitive intelligence matter. I took this opportunity to advise the Senator of the situation with respect to the Fulbright amendment to the Military Procurement act and the fact that.. our retirement proposals had been transmitted to the Congress yesterday. Senator Young commented that Senator Russell seems to be feeling quite well these days and he speculated on the possibility that if his health continues to be good that he might manage the Defense Appropriations bill in the Senate next month. 2. et with Ed Braswell, Chief of Staff, ena Armed Services Committee, and Bill Woodruff, Counsel, Senate Appropriation Committee, and briefed em on a sensitive intelligence matter. I also brought Woodruff up to date on several other current developments. See Memo for Record for details. 3. Talked with Fred McChesney,. on the staff of Senator Winston Prouty, about the handling of the Agency's appropriations and left with him a copy of the Agency pamphlet and the floor statement made by Representative Clarence Cannon at the time of the U-2 incident in 1960. 4. Met with Rhoda Kachilo, in the office of Representative John Dent (D. , Pa. ), and left with her a copy of the Agency pamphlet which she will send to the Criminology Club at the University of Indiana. She is arranging time for Mr. Maury to speak to this group in the early evening on Friday, 13 November, subject to final approval by Mr. Maury. Approved For Release 2003/12/02 : CIA-RDP72-00337R000100210017-7