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December 15, 2016
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August 21, 2000
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May 13, 1970
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Approved For Releaarr'2003/03/25 : CIA-RDP72-00337R000U30003-1 25X1A VIETNAMESE AFFAIRS STAFF OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE TO: The Director FROM: SUBJECT: REMARKS: 1. Attached is a cable from Ted Shackley on materials relating to the Chau case pulled together by the Mission to support Ambassador Bunker in his appearance before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, now scheduled for Thursday, 14 May. This cable came via the restricted handling channel and all copies were sent to me. I am distributing its text to the persons enumerated below. DATE: 13 May 1970 2. The Agency has excellent relations with Larry Pickering, Bunker's senior Saigon aide- who accompanied the Ambassador to Washing- ton and is now in the Department. I will arrang with I for one of us to get hold of Pickering and take a quick and quiet look at the final version of Bunker's back-up materials. 25X1A Special Assistant for Vietnamese Affairs Attachment cc: DDCI C / VNO DDP Leg. Counsel C/FE Approved For Release 2003/03/25 : CIA-RDP72-00337R000200030003=1 Approved For Relea*W2003/03/25: CIA-RDP72-00337R000 030003-1 13 z f~ny 70 S E C R E T 131120Z MAY 70 CITE SAIGON 995 PRIOR ITY HEADQUARTERS RYBA1 25X1A 1 . I N PREPARATION FOR AMBASSADOR BUNKER'S TDY TO WASHINGTON AND APPEARANCE BEFORE SENATE FOREIGN RELATIONS COMMITTEE, ENTIRE MISSION WAS TASKED TO PREPARE VARIOUS PAPERS CONTAINING "TALKING POINTS. " STATION, EMBASSY POLITICAL SECTION AND AMBASSADOR BUNKER'S IMMEDIATE STAFF, WORKED ON PULLING TOGETHER FOLK PAPERS O N IRAN NQOC CHAU CASE. MAJOR INPUT INTO THESE PAPERS WAS MADE BY STATION. THESE PAPERS ARE TITLED AS FOLLOWS: A. SEQUENCE OF DEMARCHES TO THE VIETNAMESE GOVERN- MENT REGARDING TRAN NGOC CHAU. 6i. CHRONOLOGY OF ACTIONS TAKEN BY IRAN NGOC CHAU AFTER THE ARREST OF HIS BROTHER. C. THE RECORD OF THE TRAN NGOC CHAU CASE. D. AN OVERVIEW OF THE IRAN NGOC CHAU CASE. 2. I T HAD BEEN OUR INTENT TO FORWARD COPIES OF PARA 1 PAPERS BY TELEPOUCH AS SOON AS "FINAL VERSIONS" WERE PREPARED BY EMBASSY. EMBASSY STAFF HOWEVER KEEPS MODIFYING THESE PAPERS LITERALLY ON DAY-TO-DAY BASIS. SOME MODIFICATIONS BEING MADE BY WASHINGTON Approved For Release 2003/03/25 : CIA-RDP72-00337R000200030003-1 Approved For Releaw2003/03/25: CIA-RDP72-00337R000B 030003-1 PAGE TWO SAIGON 995 S E C R E T TO SAIGON TELEPHONE CALLS. IT CLEAR THEREFORE THAT STATION WILL NOT SEE "FINAL." VERSION BEFORE AMBASSADOR BUNKER TESTIFIES BEFORE SENATE FOREIGN RELATIONS COMMITTEE. RECOMMEND THEREFORE THAT HEAaQUARTERS CONTACT R. PICKERING WHO TRAVELING WITH AMBASSADOR BUNKER AND 13 NOW I N WASHINGTON AND REVIEW CHAU DATA THAT HE PRESENTLY HAS I N HAND. OUR BELIEF I S THAT THESE CHAU TALKING PAPERS ARE SUFFICIENTLY STERILE SO AS NOT TO BE OF ANY POTENTIAL 25X1AEMBARRASSMENT TO II MUST REITERATE HOWEVER THAT AS FINAL VERSIONS NOT SEEN BY STATION, BELIEVE IT WOULD BE PRUDENT FOR HQS TO TAKE ONE LAST LOOK AT THIS DATA TO MAKE CERTAIN NOTHING HAS CREPT INTO IT SINCE WE LAST SAW IT WHICH COULD EMBARRASS PLEASE ADVISE RESULTS OBTAINED. GP-1. S E C R E T 25X1A Approved For Release 2003/03/25 : CIA-RDP72-00337R000200030003-1 Approved For ReleqW 2003/03/25: CIA-RDP72-00337R000(J030003-1 16 February 1970 25X1A I talked t about this suggesting that now was the time 25X1A to face up to the Pincus and Paul problem and possibly to include in the guidance cable a statement to the effect that intelligence sources and methods and intelligence operations were not to be discussed with P&P. (Note that Secretary Laird strongly opposes any discussion of nuclear defense matters and that this was being referred to the "White House Committee.') says that Karamessines and Meyer are focusing on the cable but added that you might want to focus the Director's attention on this whole matter as the latest chapter in the Symington Subcommittee episode. I also think it would be desirable to have a permanent Agency representative on the Interdepartmental Committee rather than to run in various division representatives on an ad hoc basis. Approved For Release 2003/03/25 : CIA-RDP72-00337R000200030003-1