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December 20, 2016
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July 14, 2000
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January 2, 1964
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Approved For Release 2007/10/23 : CIA-RDP72-00450R000100100001-9 3i MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director (Support) SUBJECT Printing Services REFERENCES (a) (b) (c) Report of ad hoc CIA Printing Committee, 19 December 1963, {transmitted under cover of reference (c)]. DD/S Memorandum 63-5449, 20 December 1963 Executive Director-Comptroller Action Memorandum A-342, 20 December 1963 1. We have reviewed the report of the ad hoc CIA Printing Committee and noted the various alternatives out- lined in references (b) and (c) for reducing the DD/I burden on the Printing Services Division. 2. Several of the programs referred to have been under study for some time, not strictly from the viewpoint of their impact on reproduction facilities, but, more to the point, as to their responsiveness to Community intelligence needs. This, we feel, is the much preferred approach, as is also suggested in the Executive Director-Comptroller's memorandum itself. Otherwise, the reproduction tail would end up wagging the intelligence production dog. We realize, however, that the present situation in PSD is such as to make a current downward adjustment in workload imperative. 3. In arriving at measures to be taken, we have noted .that: (a) The findings of the ad hoc CIA Printing Committee are understandably based upon past statistics, and a point by point response to their findings would not necessarily give PSD the relief needed. (b) An across-the-board cut is unlikely to pro- vide the desired relief inasmuch as each of the four plants involved has unique problems which are not uniformly relatable to the individual DD/I programs drawing on PSD for support. (c) Many steps have already been taken, or are being taken, by DD/I components designed to reduce Approved For Release 2007/10/23 : CIA-RDP72-00450R000100100001-9 rollback of the number of books disseminated and the simplification in dissemination; the revision downward in NIS production, the number of NIS folios to be put through PSD in FY 65 being programmed at 38,000, down 20% from the number published in FY 63, and 15% from that estimated for FY 64). 4. We have issued to DD/I operating components the PSD and DD/I operating components. S. By cony of this memorandum I am informing the guidance and direction set forth in Tab A. The injunction to office heads to effectively keep printing and graphics below present levels, coupled with the devotion of increaFed and continuing attention to this problem should, we believe, give PSD the relief sought (which, to be consistent with the ad hoc committee's findings, would amount to an estimated 8% reduction). 5. Should it not prove to be necessary to take some of the steps indicated, we would, of course, expect to be in- formed--particularly as this might apply to the production of NIS General Surveys (which must be expedited) and to (an important program from a public relations viewpoin 6. On the other hand, if steps taken do not provide PSD with the required relief, we shall either indicate further cuts or transfer to DD/S the positions and monies necessary to meet the needs. 7. With your permission, I would plan to work directly with Chief, PSD to monitor the results of the current exercise and to resolve problems arising from disagreements between reference (c) and that, therefore, no further action is required at this time, either on your part or ours. PAUL A. BOREL Assistant Deputy Director (Intelligence) for Management Attachments Tab A Proposed DD/I Interim Action in Relief of PSD Tab B - Concept for Assigning Reproduction Priorities