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December 20, 2016
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July 14, 2000
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June 12, 1968
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25X1 M SORA2tiitk2 FOR: Mr Printing Requ ements and Equipment Survey Team SUBJECT : Recommendation concerning Microform Technology and Publications 1, As you requested I have drafted the following for your con- sideration: Is the printing press the only method of publishing reports? Mo4ern technology offers many new techniques for modern icatiohs. One specialized field encompasses the new microform systems which include the advantages of reducing the bulky size of reference material and office files, For example '""Microfiche" puts a 65-page report on a plastic card of j+ x 6 inches. Even more promising as a p]ishing process is the new "PCMI" microform by National Cash Register Corporation which puts 3,200 pages on such a h x 6 transparency. We can better appreciate the potential t we realize that the complete NIB now fills 96 linear fast of shelf files. On Microfiche all of the NIB could be pl.accd in part of one card cabinet; or on "PCMI" it could be put on less than 100 cards occupying b or 5 inches of space. ttfortunately there are disadvantages and practical procedural ach extra cow is 9 cents. PCMI is much more, costing for the 9,200-page master and $1.00 for each extra copy. These systems are economical only where many copies are dis- tributed. Atomic Energy and A use Microfiel}e extensively. Ford Motor Ccapany distributes its Parts Catalogue on PM. The Department of Commerce "Clearinghouse" offers any of its rreports on Microfiche for fifty cents and on hard copy for $3.50. Sege two microform systems are typical of the hundreds of 1*9 ication snagbeing offered today. But they are gstems that can be liabilities if poorly applied or part of the wrong procedure. Competent analysis is required. to Approved For Release 2007/10/23 : CIA-RDP72-00450R000100100017-2 develop an appropriate system. Such analysis requires the office concerned to initiate the study, participate in its zenrc3}# cooperate with its development, and support its +tementation. Service organizations aan offer the Uflicad they have available, provide advice and guidance on new tecbnology they kno5but,only the publisher can Iv distribution be rettuixed to re-examine their decision use print4ig media. Distribution: Orig & 1 - adse 1 - RAB file 25X1 DDS/SSS/RAB4----]yfms (12 June 68)