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Approved For Release 2007/10/23 : CIA-RDP72-0045OR000100100031-6 ,_... IV. DD/S ... t`25X1J,G DD/S's requirements for PSD services cost, million in FY 67 and amounted to some 12 million impression Forms in the volume of 10 million copies at a cost of $80,000 were printed by PSD for the Office of Logistics. 413 t+3 _ti~r..~ In addition, some 1,0 unclassified million forms were ordered by PSD from the'Government Printing Office and, through ough the General Procurement Division 1E 4t-e .Office of Logistics., Table _ shows the Agency Volume, Cost and Type of Forms Printing, FY 1962 through FY 1967. Requests to produce copies of any new forms are channeled through the Records Administration Branch of the Support Services Staff of the DD/S which reviews.. the requestand orders a supply for 12 to 18 months. Reprints of the form are not channeled through the Records Administration Branch, however, but are ordered from Printing Services Division directly. by the requester It is estimated that there are three to five times as many reprints as there are new requests or revisions,- Stock forms used in more than one office are r '1 stored in Most of these stock forms are heavy volume items of ,hu dreds of thousands of copies' p year are closely controlled by. the Office of Logistics.The Records Administration Branch coordinates or "bootleg" forms which are produced on office copy machines, dittos, and in the Printing Services Division. 1r s, es jnrated? VbAt , there_are- S to-l'. oo eg: arms or~,vevery one,,,;pf the_officia],,formc Many of these bootleg efforts are of marginal quality and frequently new forms and revisions with the office of primary interest and in the case of revisions, arranges to have old supplies; In addition to the 2,700 official forms which exist in the Agency there is an incalculable number of "homemade" consume an excess of time whenever they are used. Major printing jobs done at the Main Plant of PSi for DD/S components included the quarterly Training catalogs for the Office of Bulletin and supplemental training quarterly red and black line phone directories and recruiting brochures, DD/S Support Bulletin (printed three times a year my ,pamphlets and booklets for 1,400 copies); regulations, instructions and handbooks',' (volume: 1,000 copies) and employee bulletins (12,060 copies) for the Regulations Control Branch. F'G'. f'ir'