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July 14, 2000
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October 20, 1997
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Approved For Release 2007/10/23: CIA-RDP72-00450R000100100034-3 Present System of Handling Printing and Publishing NOTE: Only the Printing Services Division It should be noted, however, that the present system does include contractual printing (discussed in Section V siderable bulk (NIS Gazetteers) where it is considered economically infeasible to handle such printing on an in-house basis. Prior to 1967, each Agency component received a printing requirements. During the year the allocations printing. Their needs and. priorities are based on the nature of their work and its Approved For Release 2007/10/23 : CIA-RDP72-0045OR000100100034-3 SLCIILT PSD has been quite effective in meeting these required completion dates. If upon receiving a job, however, PSD planners consider the deadline to be impractical, they will negotiate with the requester to determine another one. Jobs are then scheduled through the printing plant with the deadline date the determining` 'factor, An analysis of the cost of the present system of printing and publishing. shows a considerable' range in the price per impression based on the type of printing. At one extreme is theE::Ioperation which is estimated program which approximates $.14 per page. Inbetween', these two,extremes lies the cost of a page produced a 25X1 :' , the.Special Printing Plant on the seventh floor which ,?PSD estimates at $.015 (the type of printing done at this plant is, for the most part, the report or memorandum Another large category of printing -- forms -- is esti mated to cost $.O0 per impression. This is based on an $x10 size form in a run of 5,000 and takes into consideration the fact that three-fourths of the , require- ments for forms are for re-runs. Since the Report of 1963 identified ;=. an indiscriminate use of graphics in DD/I publications,.' 25X1 offices of that Directorate have taken steps to reduce,. sharply the number of graphics in their publications, Most Offices now require authorization of graphics by ;a representative of the Office Director, and all is ;requests for graphics are subjected to review by the 'chiefs of the branches of the Cartography Division,OBGI. which lend graphic support. The Publications Division of OBGI performs, the graphic support for allNIS sections and monitor the need for graphics in these sections. The Inspector General's Survey of Printing Services' Division, September 1966, commented on expensive double typesetting in PSD of NIS manuscript which in the case of the 30 General Surveys published each year could of computerized phototypesetting being progressively, used i for NIS production, it is anticipated that the problem of extensive changes after the NIS material has been} sett in type and the resulting expense will be eliminate d As indicated earlier in this report, '36% of,NIS textual material received by PSD in the first four months of,, I, 1968 was scheduled for production through the EPIC,systen.`' ri r~TGT1TT ,The Exploitation subcommittee(EXSUBCOM) under COMIREX with membership consisting of representatives ofDTA, CIA, NSA, Army, Navy, Air Force and NPIC meets weekly one of.its major functions is to review all national PT requirements. If approved as valid, these requirements are prioritized and assigned to NPIC. 1 T, Approximately 70% of the output of the Lithographic Services Branch is in support of these requirements. The remaining 30% is expended in fulfilling ad hoc, NPIC requirements from USIB Committees, NPIC components in support of departmental projects. Such support is provided on a ,continuing basis to COMIREX, SIC, JAEIC, GMAIC, NRO, DIA, IAS, OSP, OSA, OPPB,ONE, TSO/TCS/CIA.' In addition to, its presently assigned responsibilities NPIC, under the National Tasking,,Pl,an,_ is tasked with 'providin g graphic, publication, reproduction, and dissemination support for Basic Support Exploitation undertaken in the is Washington areas byllparticipa nts lf, the plan."- The additional cost to NPIC of, this* ass' ! ment is yet unknown, since the Plan has not been, fu t ~? j,implemented. , ? ..' , , ~~_ ,~:_ ornnrT t .i#r`V { m ?M+etl,MFa +, "y q j"