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December 9, 2016
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August 29, 2000
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November 30, 1967
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AEC Oft~ISbr Release 29g0 0> ShIA-J GP72-004508000100200010-9 MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE (classification) 25x1A9BACKGROUND OF RECORDS MANAGEMENT OFFICERS 30 NOV 1967 1. NAME 2. POSITION TITLE 3. OFFICE Records Admin. Officer DDP/AF 25X1A9a 4. IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR 8005! Headquarters 7C-25 TITLE Chief., Africa Support Staff OFFICE DDP/Africa ACTIVE ELEMENTS OF YOU R RECORDS PROGRAM FORMS MANAGEMENT X VITAL RECORDS SCHEDULES AND DEPOSITS CORRESPONDENCE IMPROVEMENT RECORDS CONTROL SCHEDULES REPORTS CONTROL RECORDS RETIRE.IIi ACTIVITIES FILE SYSTEMS MAIL OPERATIONS X FILE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES SUPPLEMENTAL DISTRIBUTION X RECORDS SURVEYS OTHER RECORDS MANAGEMENT SERVICES (specify) REGULATORY ISSUANCES Records briefinZs ajid training AUTOMATION DEVELOPMENT NEW EXISTINQ ~" uidance on an OTHER OFFICE RESPONSIBILITIES (list thew in general terns) TTistcrieal Program. 1iateh_ists? Chief of A'~`~~'/SS/Regis-bry (Total of four employees) Control of covert maililnr facilities fo r AK Division Crymtic Reference officer Safohouse Keeper Originator for memos on releasing ff' ab es wid p 7. PERCENT OF TIME SPENT ON RECORDS PROGRAM ACTIVITIES 60 % .....? OR HOURS PER WEEK SPENT ON RECORDS PROGRAM 8. RECORDS MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE (From present to the past) FROM - TO GRADE POSITION OR DUTIES COMPONENT Please see attached 3 T-`arch to 28 Sep. 59 GS-9 On the job training with tho Records llanagement Staff,, Kr. 25X1A9a OCTOBER 1967 FORM 2900A Approved For Release 2000/09/0W. 1 ~A-RDPi 004508000100200010-9 Approved For Release 2000/0 I DP72-00450R000100200010-9 RECORDS PROGRAM TRAIN ING NATIONAL ARCHIVES & RECORDS SERVICES AND/OR OTHER EXTERNAL TRAINING COMPLETED YES NO YEAR RECORDS MANAGEMENT - Sixth Institute on Records Nanagerieni yes 1959 FORM AND GUIDE LETTERS paper NIane - ement Tworkshops Tea 1959 CORRESPONDENCE MANAGEMENT SPEEDING THE MAIL FORMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN Paper 1,1anagement Workshops Yes FORMS IMPROVEMENT paper Management Workshops yes 1959 FORMS FOR AUTOMATION DIRECTIVES SYSTEMS IMPROVEMENT HOW TO IMPROVE WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS MODERNIZING-MANAGEMENT REPORTS OFFICE INFORMATION RETRIEVAL FILES IMPROVEMENT RECORDS DISPOSITION SOURCE DATA AUTOMATION ~. MECHANIZING PAPERWORK SYSTEMS MANAGING AN OFFICE MACHINE PROGRAM OTHER (list) 10. INTERNAL TRAINING ON RECORDS MANAGEMENT Records Management office (On the job training) Records Officer Briefing/RID Filing workshop Records Center Workshop Forms Workshop Records Officer Course Records Management Conference 23 Mar. - 11. 13 Jan. 1961 24 Jan. 1961 11 - 13 Deco 21. - 25 Oct. Sep. 1959 1961 1967 II. AUTOMATION TRAINING (internal or External) II$i 650 Computer (Approx. three weeks) 1957/58 Approved For Release 2000/09/08 : CIA-RDP72-0045OR000100200010-9