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December 9, 2016
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August 29, 2000
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October 31, 1967
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RECOPRA ' F4Pftqrsjq#001 W08 : CIA-RDP72-0045OR000100200014-5 k! MANAGEMENT (classification) CONFERENCE BACKGROUND OF RECORDS MANAGEMENT OFFICERS 1. NAME 25X1A9a 2. POSITION TITLE 3. OFFICE Records Admin Officer DDS OP 4. IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR NAME SUILDIM ROOM 25X1A9a Headquarters 5E68 TITLE OFFICE Chief, Admin Staff OP Office of Personnel ACTIVE ELEMENTS OF YOU R RECORDS PROGRAM x FORMS MANAGEMENT X VITAL RECORDS SCHEDULES AND DEPOSITS CORRESPONDENCE IMPROVEhENT RECORDS CONTROL SCHEDULES REPORTS CONTROL RECORDS RETIREMENT ACTIVITIES x FILE SYSTEMS MAIL OPERATIONS x FILE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES SUPPLEMENTAL DISTRIBUTION x RECORDS SURVEYS OTHER RECORDS MANAGEMENT SERVICES (specify) REGULATORY ISSUANCES Controls issue of all non-stocked 0 *Three OP re Ps on DDS/SSS or, ..T . Handles -procurement of certain Ing J e. RECORDS MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE (From present to the past) in Con'. with Log C FROM - TO GRADE POSIT ON OR DUTIES e. Distribution Cont.COMPONENTOffic DDS/OP Zept DDP/TS D 5X1A9a Program in TSD with the assistance of G. C d i 1 f nsiste d up schedules, both Records Control and Vital Records, retirement activities, and con- ducting surveys when requested. *Grades hel d as RM . classification) terns fficer r/OP Approved For Release 2000/09/08 : CIA-RDP72-00450R000100200014-5 Approved For Release 2000/09/082-004508000100200014-5 clasaificatioa RECORDS PROGRAM TRA IN ING 9? NATIONAL ARCHIVES & RECORDS SERVICES AND/OR OTHER EXTERNAL TRAINING COMPLETED YES NO YEAR RECORDS MANAGEMENT Yes 1966 FORM AND GUIDE LETTERS CORRESPONDENCE MANAGEMENT SPEEDING THE MAIL FORMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN FORMS IMPROVEMENT FORMS FOR AUTOMATION Rescheduled fo r Jan 1968 DIRECTIVES SYSTEMS IMPROVEMENT HOW TO IMPROVE WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS MODERNIZING MANAGEMENT REPORTS OFFICE INFORMATION RETRIEVAL FILES IMPROVEMENT RECORDS DISPOSITION SOURCE DATA AUTOMATION Yes 1967 MECHANIZING PAPERWORK SYSTEMS MANAGING AN OFFICE MACHINE PROGRAM OTHER (list) American University - Plannir4g and Administering a Records Program (Part I) Yes 1964 10. INTERNAL TRAINING ON RECORDS MANAGEMENT Clandestine Services Records Officers Course Filing Workshop Yes Yes 1962 1960 I1. AUTOMATION TRAINING (Internal or External) asslfication Approved For Release 2000/09/6%1: CIA-RDP 2-00450R000100200014-5