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December 12, 2016
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August 6, 2002
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April 1, 1968
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Approved For Release nom IA-RDP72-00450R00 1002966dg:47 ? /2 4 RECORDS ADRINISTRATION PROGRAM FIRST QUARTER REPORT ACCOMPLISHMENTS 1 April 1968 / WORM CREATION (Forms Control, Correspondence Improvements, and Reports Management) A A. Forms Management Actions Completed this Quarter: New Forma Designed and Issued 47 (336,500 copies ; Old Forms Revised and Issued 77 (4,958,870 copies Old Forms Obsoleted and Removed 15 B. Other Forma, Developments: 25X1A6A 1. During a recent trip to the Records Center to update the Vital Records file of Agency forms we discovered more than 400 forms were missing. The printer had not included. Forme Management in the original distribution. To correct this, the respective Records Officers will be contacted for the missing forms. Two days were spent in this review and updating exercise. ty. 2. Designed 3 new reporting forms for the Language School in keeping with an Inspector General Survey. 25X1A9A - Most of seven days were spent preparing charts for ESS- and RAB briefings. A special tranin nr?rmn ip Forms Design and Analysis is being developed for I I DD/P, who will spend several weeks of on-the-Job training with us. . Revisions to 6 Clandestine Services Information Reports were made at the request of FI/RW. Approved For Release Tan: CIA-RDP72-00450R000100290008-3 Approved For Release 26E (Records Surve DDS&T I! r. T CIA-RDP72-00450R000100290008-3 tems Development, Equipment and Suppli The Office of Logistics insts13ation of Fullspace (compacting type shelving) released four sections of conventional shelving which we transferred to meet a need in Office of Research and Development, DDS&T, thereby saving 54 square feet of floor space. This resulted in a cost avoidance of approximately $420. A Survey is being made of the microfilming feasibility to reduce Storage space at Headquarters and the Records Center for filing the to Caption Reports of CRS/GR. Since these reports are scheduled to be held fifty years, filming may prove to be an economically appropriate consideration. There are 124 cubic feet at the Records Center and 18 cubic feet at Headquarters. Mr. of RID and Mr. of this Staff examined the 25X1A9A 25X1A9A first trial installation of motorized Fullspace shelvine:? They were *pressed with the ease and speed with which this equipment operates. The 1/4 horse-power motor can move 45,000 pounds of files to open an aisle in 10 seconds. The item is not priced yet and we felt an additional safety control is necessary. D. FIE . The iaetelletion of Conserv-a-File V in the Office of Personnel, Recruitment Division has been completed. In addition to saving 54 square feet of floor space, it permits easier access to the files, reduces search time, and in general, increases productivity. This Office previously used "Pro-File" cabinets. It is our hope their main file room will now convert to this type of equipment, as we have urged them for years in several proposals to increase their filing capacity and efficiency. 2. The installation of Fullspace in Office of Logistics, Supply Division has been completed and is working very satisfactorily. ' lalmoiscomos (Storage of Data for EMergency or to Reconstitute Destroyed Off ices -2- Approved For Release 2002/0MORDP72-00450R000100290008-3 Approved For Release 20 ,!4'I. fiCIA-RDP72-00450R000100290008-3 ScheduAng Reviewed and approved revised Vital Records Schedules for Office of Computer Services, Covert Action Staff, and Office of Sconomic Research. Partial revisions were completed for elements of Office of Training, Office of Finance, and the Records Integration Division, DD/P. ,/ B. Deposits ,/ C. This quarter gal cubic feet of current Vital Records were received at the Relocation Site and 1,1,8 cubic feet were destroyed or transferred. A study has been completed analyzing the Vital Records Program and the related problems of people and facilities. information received from several Records Officers, the Agency's EMergency Planning Officer, and thel lin- dicatea that this is an appropriate time for n restatement of the policy governing the Agency Vital Records Program. The study and recommendations have been submitted to the Chief, Support Services Staff. 4sposmoN (Inventories, Scheduling, Storage, and Archives) A. Records Center Activities this Quarter: (cubic feet) Records Received for Storage 4,782 Records Removed for Destruction 1,932 Records Transferred out of Center 2,112 (Net Growth 738) Priority Deliveries Records Services Supplemental Distribution Copies Briefings and Visitors (Includes historians, CT's, office representatives, students, etc. special runs 20,377 items delivered 10,374 items delivered 103 people A new security alarm system was installed but is not yet operational. Fifteen telephone jacks were installed in the Records Center as part of the II emergencyphone system. Approved For Release 2002/0812%-: CIA-RDP72-00450R000100290008-3 SEM 25X1A A 25X1A A Approved For Release 2002/0SECKATRDP72-00450R000100290008-3 and Standards as Required byl 2 X1 A. Records Orientations Given; e 1. A special Re cords Management Briefing on the "Agency Records Storage Problem" was given on 13 March at Headquarters to 2. Messers. Bannerman, Coffey, 25X1A A presentation on theRecords Administration Program" was made to 15 Career Trainees on 21 March. Another presentation on the "Agency Records Program" was presented to 52 Agency employees ILLEGIB 25X1A attending the Support Services Review course on 5 March. e 3. On 22March at National Archives the CIA Records Administration Officer presided over the Interagency Records Advisory Council meeting attended by 300 government employees. Twenty of those in attendance were CIA employees. 4. Our Vital Records Program techniques me...e presented as part of the 2-week Records Management Seminar conducted by the National Archives and Records Service. In attendance were 33 representa- tives from lE different government and private industry affiliates. 5. Members of this Staff, including Chief of the Archives and Records 25X1A9A Center, briefed Mr.I lin the various aspects of 25X1A9A Records Management. Mr. is newly appointed as the Records Management Officer for the DD/I Directorate. 6. 25X1A Several members of this Staff briefed Mr. the newly appointed Records Officer for Office of LINT. B. Records Training Received 1, CIA - 3 days Trends and Hi 25X1A9A V 2. CIA - 3 days - ADP Orientation 25X1A9A 3. attended a 1/2 day Seminar by ESstman Kodak at the Sheraton Park Hotel. The "Spectrum '68" concerned Kodak' s microphotography and technological advancements in information processing. 25X1A9A k. and two representatives from the SIPS Project visited the eoceal Security Offices in Boltimore to re- view their automated system of information processing and retrieval. Approved For Release 200SeNETA-RDP72-00450R000100290008-3 A A A 25X1 A6A Approved For Release 2002/08&ECK-IDP72-00450R00010029 08-3 CURRE1 ACTIVITIES 1. We are currently revising our internal office procedures in- volved in the design, maintenance, control, and disposition of forms. 2. A dispatch from informed us of new procedure for stockpiling forms used in the OE area. Forms previously held in the field now will be stockpiled at Headquarters for issue to the individual stations. We were advised that due to a scarcity of funds future requests for commercial and GPO printing must be based on a 6-month supply instead of our present 12 to 18 month cycle. Because of the usual 3-month shipping time we will be forced to reorder very soon after the orders arrive. 391gPMEYT 1. We are meeting with representatives of the Office of Communice- tions on using Fullspace Cor storage of supplies and equipment. TUla application is similar to our installation in Printing Services last year. We arranged for representatives to view the POD equipment. 2. Completed a study for Nr. Office of Finance, regarding use of Conserv-a-File V. Use of this type equipment woad save approximately 45% of the floor space now in use. A detailed proposal, including cost, has been given to 2 X1 25X1A A g0P9M?11 /-1.. Records Control Schedules currently being revised include: Office of Security, LIDS Office of Econobic Research, DDI Office of Basic and Geographic Intelligence, DDI Technical Services Division, DDP Foreign Intelligence, Staff D, DDI' y/ 2. A detailed Survey of the Archives and Reoards Center and all its operations is being made. It is scheduled for completion in April. Work continues on the Records Retention Plan for the Agency. Approved For Release 2002ippia,4, .tGiA-RDP72-00450R000100290008-3 Atkin I 2X1 Approved For Release 2002/08/26 : CIA-RDP72-00450R000100290008-3 SECRET 0 The Spring Conference for Records Management Officers is being developed to be held Tuesday, 7 May 1968 in the auditorium at Headquarters. The theme this year will be History, Archives, Vital Records, and Records Retention Plans. Agency historians will be invited to join the Records Officers from a31 components. 2. Agency participation in the Presidential Libraries Project will receive additional attention in view of the President's announced intention not to seek re-election. 25X1A9 Since the loss of Records Officer considerable assist- ance is being afforded the Plans Staff, Office of Finance, to establish disposal procedures for the Finance records now covered by a recent GAO authority. -6- SECRET Approved For Release 2002/08/26 : CIA-RDP72-00450R000100290008-3