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November 11, 2016
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September 1, 1998
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April 1, 1968
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Approved For Release 19999EWIA-RDP72-00450R0004029001 RECORDS ADMINISTRATION PROGRAM Fran QUARTO REPORT AOCOMP?SHMENTS 42090 CPPTIQF (Forms Control, Correspondence / nts, and Repo A. Forms Management AA-!tionA Oomaleted this QUartert. New Forms Desi6med and Issued Old Forme Revised and Issued Old Forms Obsoleted and Removed B. Other Forms Developmental 1. During a recent trip to Records file of Agency were missing. The p the original dietr Records Officers w days were spent a 25X1A6a 25X1A9a 25X1A7b 25X1A11c 2. Designed 3 new keeping with 47. 336,5U( (:opie 77 (1,938,87c copier 15 the Records Center to update the Vit21 we discovered more than 400 forms d not inelnded Forms Management in To correct this, the respective tacted for the missing forms. Two a review and updating exercise. 3. Most of seven 1days briefin3s. forms for the Language Schwl in General Survey. spent preparing charts for SSS a 4. A special *aiming program in Forms Molign end Analysis i$ helnt developed /for DD/P, who will spend several -leets of on- job training with us. 5. 6. Revisions to 6 Clandestine Services Info at the request of TOW. Reportr were made Approved For Release 1999*REFLA-RDP72-00450R000100290010-0 Approved For Release 1999~A-RDP72-00450R000100290010-0 MOUS NAMMUI;I (Records Surveys SystemsDeve1opert, A. space. nt ;114 Supp Logistic tion of Pullepac (oiitctin releeeed four aectionz of conventional sheiv ng ferred to meet a need in Office of Research and thereby saving 54 square feet of floor el in a cost avoidance of approximately $420. A 8urvey ie being made of the microfilming feasibility to reauce storage space at Headquarters and the Records Center for filin6 the Photo Caption Reports of CRO/0R. Since thee, reports are eeheduled to be held fifty years, filming may 9rove to be an economicalIY APpropriate consideration. There are 124 cubic ftet at the Recorde Center and 18 cubic feet at Headquarters, C. 2 5 ii1 i9 ii111 2E0 o RID and Mr..= or this Sta ined t ./Maa st trial installation of motorized Yullspece 4helvin6-. They impressed uith the ease and rpeed with which this equipment op, Pm. Ihe 1/4 horse-power motor can move 45.000 pounds of files to open an aisle in 10 seconds The item is uot priced yet and we felt an additional safety control is necessary. 1. The ins ion of Conmerv-i-Piie V in the Officeo Recriithnt Division has been completed. Xi Adition to savin,; 54 spur* feet of floor space, it permits easier ac*ss te the files, reduces search time, and in general, increases productivity. This Office previously used "Pro-File" cabinets. It is our hope their main file room will now convert to this tyPe of 4414Pmfint, as we have urged them for years in aeveral proposals to increase their filing capacity and efficiency, 2. The installation of Pullspace in Office o Logistics,upiy Division has been completed and is working very satisfactorily pxos (Storage of Data for ergency or to RcontituteDestroyed Offices) -2- Approved For Release 1999/09/07 : CIA-RDP72-00450R000100290010-0 Approved For Release 1999/09?14W+DP72-00450R000100290010-0 C. approved revised Vital Reeorde C of puter e.-vices, and Research. Purtinl revia tone were eop1eted for el Orrice of Training, Office of Finence and the Rec Division, DD/P. its This guar er cubic feet r current Vital Recordz ocre reccive6 at the Relocation Site and l,.58 cubic fest were destroyed or transferred. A.da A study has been cplateJ an and the related probls of people and fa received from aeveral. Zecords Officers, the Planning Officer, and 25X1A6a dicate* that this La an a he policy governing the AgeI3cr Vital recommendations have been ebeitted to the Chief, $upport Be Staff. 25X1A rAnc?149x lex, Scheduling Storage andArchives) Center Activities this gmartert Records Received for Storage Records Removed for Destruction Records transferred oat of Center (set Oromth 738) (cubic feet) 4,782 1,932 2,112 3 20,377 Ltig delivered 10,374tt.a delivered 103 peas, installed but is not yet jacks mere installed in of the emergency phone 25X1A6a Approved For Release I 'trfl rARDP7200450R000100290010-0 Approved FICYr Release 19991***IA-RDP72-00450R000100290010-0 A. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a d Standards s Required by ER 70-1) de Orientations 1. A sedz3. Records Manaamment Brief in on the "Agency Records StorProblem"age was given on 13 March at Headquarters to )4?saers. Bannerman, Coffey, 25X1A9a A presentation on the Records Administration Progrp made to 15 .Career Trainees on 21 March. Another presentation on the "Agency Records Program" was presented to 52 Agency employees attending the Support Services Review course at on 5 Msrch. 25X1A6a On 22 Karen at National Archives the CIA Records Aintstratioa Officer presided over the Interagency Records Advisory Council meeting attended by 300 government employees. Twenty of those in attendance were CIA employees. Our Vital Records Program techniques were presented as the 2-Mk Records Management Seminar conducted by the Arehives and Records Service. In attendance were 33 represen tives from 1L, different government and private industry affilintes. Webers of this Staff Center, briefed Mr. Records Management. Records Management OM g Chief of the Archives and Recorde in the various ?aspects of newly uppointst3 as t /I Directorrte. or t . Several embers of this Staff briefed Mr, the 25X1A9a newly appointed Records Officer for Office of CIA 3 dz,ya Trends Ind Highlights 1. 25X1A9a 2. 25X1A9a 3. 25X1A9a Ilnirtaran CIA - 3 days - ADP Orientation attended 1/2 day Sem by ton, Park Betel. The "Spectrum '68" phy and technological advancements resentatives from the SIPS ices in Baltimore to re ton processing nrd retrieval. Approved For Release 1999/ ? RDP72-00450R000100290010-0