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November 11, 2016
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September 1, 1998
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July 1, 1968
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Approved For Release 1999/09/07 :CIA-RDP72-004508000100290014-6 SECOND QUARTER REPORT A C C O M P L I S H M E N T S RECORDS CREATION ~.(~'or~ns _Con-~rol, Co~r.espond.ence Is~.rovement's; and. ~~rts""loI~;riagem A. Forms Management Actions Completed. this er: New Forms Designed. and. Issued. 62 (597,800 copies) 01d. Forms Revised. and. Issued 63 (1,~+3~+,~+00 copies) Old. Forms Obsoleted. and. Removed. 16 (29,000 copies) B. Other Forms Developments: 1. The new CSC "Application for Fed.e a1 Employment" forms have been received. by this Agency and. issue.. These 3 new forms replace the old. forms 57 and. 57A. We pr pared. a paragraph on it for the Support Bulletin. 2. Six new or revised FEGLI (Life~Insurance) forms were ordered from GSA for our new program. 3. Four new and. one revised. Opti,~al Scanning forms were designed and. printed for Office of Co puter Services and. Central Reference Service. ~+. Anew "Headquarters Reassi ent Questionnaire" was designed. and. printed for DDP. This fo will be completed. during 1968 by all Clandestine Services empl ees at the time of their Fitness Reports and. then updated very two years. Field personnel will complete theirs as they eturn to headquarters. 5. Office of Finance also equested. a Headquarters Reassignment Questionnaire to aid. i reassignments. These will be filled out in 1968 and.upd.ated., w en necessary, every two years. 6. Twelve new "Documenta ion" forms were designed. by OCS~DDS&T for use in documenting co puter programs and. program runs. Approved For Release 1999/09/07 :CIA-RDP72-004508000100290014-6 Approved For Release 1999/09/07 : C1A-RDP72-0000100290014-6 Reports Management A Staff Study has been prepared on a revitalized. Agency deports Management Program. ~~ ,,~,,,d, ~~ ~~i7~+o r . Correspondence Improvement /- Work has resumed. on a re ision of HR ~+2-100-1, Corres Manual . ~i ~I1~GL~t: .!~-0~ ~ ~ -' (~e c~.s rveys, Seems Dev~pment, Ec~pment and?~S~plie~.~._ A. DDS RECORDS MAINTENANCE m~ti`ng w s held-with Dix. nd. his st~,f'.~~~,.W,~.e~sorinel ~ f.._ stem. irement ch on impra~n. their ,- ~DP~RIDz`representatves and. ef~'orts made to ..obtain new :eollers `~~~ and improved. tracks for their equipment: Reviewed. a request from Medical Services~A&E Branch for a Diebold. "Power file". Our survey indicated. a purge would. eliminate over 35~/ of the files and permit use of less costly equipment. The OMS Records Officer agreed.. This survey resulted. in a cost avoidance of approximately 2,500. Reviewed. and. approved a requisition for an "Astromatic" 25X1A6a mechanized file cabinet for Office of Logistics, - Warehouse. This compact model affords greater filing capacity in a smaller floor space. Conversion from file cabinets to shelf filing in the Office of Personnel~Insurance Branch has been completed.. This was ne- cessitated by a floor space limitation and an anticipated.file increase. The shelving increased capacity 28?fo in 670 less floor space. Meetings continue with _ y on a file system for the also provided. photos i , ~~ -~t-~ yste He for our briefing use. ~ ~-`~ Approved For Release 1999/09/07 :CIA-RDP72-004508000100290014-6 Ss~eral iew file equ~.pment ins illations were displ~ed to -;~ Approved For Release 1999/0910 ~" C~I~-RDP72-004508000100290014-6 VITAL RECORDS e o a Emergency.- to ~~ A. Scheduling f f is e s~~^~.,,, Revised. Vital Records Deposit Schedules were received., reviewed and. approved. for Office of Security and. Office of Planning, Programming and Budgeting. B. Deposits 1. This quarter 237 cubic feet of current Vital Records were received. at the Relocation Site and. 130 cubic feet were destroy- ed. or transferred from the Records Center. 2. Discussions have been held with Records 'Officers whose offices are d.eposting records in a media that will require special equipment; (i.e., tapes, cartridge type microfilm, NPIC films, and. map negatives.) Present emergency equipment, at relocation, is not useable with this material. The Agency's Emergency Planning Officer has been made aware of this current inadequacy. RECORDS DISPOSITION '-- ~n~ n~r-ies~ _ S c ~d~,l~ , Lora e_, -~ Archi A. Records Center Activities this Quarter: (Cubic feet) Records Received. for Storage 3,608 Records Remove d. for Destruction 1,082 Records Transferred. out of Center Net Growth 1,977 5~+9 Priority Deliveries 7 special Runs Records Services 18,231 items delivered. Supplemental Distribution Copies 11,295 items delivered. Briefings and. Visitors 162 people (Includes historians, CT'S, office representatives, students, etc.) Approved For Release 1999/09/Q7 :CIA-RDP72-004508000100290014-6 ecuri y al systemw i~ri t~~: ecords C nte~r , ' still.~,y The first accession of Archival Maps (16 cubic feet) was ~l 25X1A9a ~ c received. from OBGI. Mr. Chief, Cartography Division furnished the Archives and. Records Center with an index to these maps and. a brief narrative history of Intelligence Map product- ions dating back to 1941. sent to OBGI. This will be used to review all negatives and. identify any that can be d.estroyed.. 3 i At the end. of FY 1968 we had. 18,099 cubic feet of records at 25X1A6a ~ ~. _ ~,..T ~,A Su.rve of the Archives a d. Records Center has ~eerr"~~ampleted. and. the re-pgst"forward.ed. t~SS~.~--`"~~~ 1 Mi the DDI Records f this st ff Mr d . ss Officer Records . - - o a an . inventoried the Special Research Staff and. prepared a Control Schedule. 2. Received., reviewed., and. approved. revised. Records Control Schedules for Office of Economic Reports and. Central Reference ,~~'~.,~, ~ DDP ~ ~'-~_~.~~ ~`~ r. 1. Approved revision to TSD~GARB Records Control Schedule. 2. A Records Retention flan for the permanent records of DDP has been drafted and. delivered to the DDP~RMO for review. Reviewed. and. approved. a completely revised. Records Control Schedule for the Audit Staff. 1. Reviewed. and. approved. a complete revision to the Office of Security Records Control Schedule. The volume of records reflected. by this schedule amounted. to 13,024 cubic feet. 2. Reviewed. and. approved. Records Control Schedule for Office of Personnel~Placement Division. 4 Approved For Release 1999/Q9107 :.GIA-RDP72-004508000100290014-6 Approved For Release 1999/09/07 : C1~=RDP72-004508000100290014-6 PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT attended. the annual National Microfilm Association Convention in Chicago to note developments in Microfilm, aperture cards, video tape, and. microfiche techniques. A. Records Orientations Given: 1. Three presentations on the "Records Administration Program" were given to a total of 10~+ employees and. 22 Career Trainees. B. Records Training Received.: ment Process (Brand.on Course). attended. the ADP Systems Develop- 3, attended. the Annual Conference of the Association of Records Executives. Messers 25X1A9a and.-attended. an "Information for Management" session at the Department of State. 25X1A9a MISCELLANEOUS A. Presidential Libraries ~9a Mr. met with Col. White and. Mr. Houston on the Presidential Libraries Collection. A Committee chaired. by Mr. will 25X1A9a select material for the Libraries and. route it through this staff B. DDP~RMO Meeting ques used. in copying official records. The articles are being t~,~r~te~ _a,~d, copies will be given to TSD and. CI Staff . Messers attended. a meeting of the DDP Records Management Officers chaired. by Mr. This 25X1A9a is the first such invitation received. by this Central Staff. C. Mircofilming Techniques Received. through the National Archives three articles in Danish, Hungarian and. Polish pertaining to microfilming techni- squire'. HFf 0-1) Nil reelec~.ed as Vice~i ma to th~e,..~ r s ~--~, Several OCS proposed. Records Management regulations have been ~ ~ `'z._ reviewed. by this staff . For~eTe e~199'9~0'9/OT : C1A-T2=004508000100290014- ~ ~ ~' ,! ~ . ~_, Approved For Release 1999/4-R~72-004508000100290014-6 ~ ,~ n _~_ ,-, ~ 25X1A9a An outline for~,4the BALPA Project was prepar,~ed by. this s Agency Regulations. _ s ' of the Archives and. Records Center has developed. an improved. system for storing extra copies of ?htx'Yfd`r"e and. twenty Agency 1~ecor~s ~ff'icers, and Historians attended the Records Officers Spring Conference. The subject was History, Records Retention Plan, and. Archives, The principal speakerf Dr, Rhoads the Archivist for the United States~~,,,~ ~Ik.~~ ~ ~ ~~jS. ,~C U R R E N T A C T T~V I T I E S A file survey ;is und.erv~ay in the Office of Training, Language A request was received. from DDS, SSS to provide 25X1A9a Workshops to train the SIPS staff on Forms Management. _,,,~r Approved For Release 1999/09107 : GIA-RDP72-004508000100290014-6