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November 11, 2016
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September 1, 1998
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October 1, 1968
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Approved For Release 1999~~D!g/1CIA-RDP72-004508000100290018-2 + o~ >~~ 25X1A9a RECORDS ADMINISTRATION PROGRAM THIRD QUARTER REPORT 1 October 1968 A C C O M P L I S H M E N T S RECORDS CREATION A, Forms Management Actions Completed. this Quarter: New Forms Designed, and. Issued. d 23 5 (212,200 copies) O g 0 co ies ) ( . Old Forms Revised and. Issue Old. Forms Obsoleted. and. Removed. ~ 5 68,000 copies) ( B. Other Forms Developments: 1. Fifty-eight (58) Records Officers were sent a listing of forms, for which they are office of primary interest, and asked. to re- view the list for currency. Twenty (20) Records Officers have completed their reviews and. as a result 54 forms will be obsoleted. 2. Seven (7) forms were revised. for PPB to be used in the coming budget exercise. to 3. A form has been designed. for use of notify headquarters of a traveler's itinerary and request travel orders. Prior to the design of this form lengthy memoranda and. messages were being used. This form will permit reduction in creation of paper, provide a uniform system, and exclude super- fluous information. 1+. A revision was made to a form of the Retirement Counseling and. Placement Staff, Office of Personnel, and. two new forms were de- signed and. printed. One new form, "Monthly Annuity Rates," will be used. as a guide to monthly annuities under the CIA Retirement System. The second new form, "Job Lead Record," will be given to all retirees for completion when a job lead. has been furnished. Included. with this form will be a pre-ad.d.ressed (and stamped) envelop permitting the retiree to return this to the Retirement Affairs Branch. 5, Three (3) booklet forms used by ASoE Staff, Office of Medical Services, for Psychological Testing were revised. to eliminate all questions concerning religion. This was done in keeping with limitations im- posed. through "Invasion of Privacy" restrictions. Approved For Release 1999/09/07 :CIA-RDP72-0045080001 ~~~ Approved For Release 1999/09/0'~ :CIA-RDP72-004508000100290018-2 6. Miss - attended. a lecture on "St and.ard.ization of Paper and. Envelop Sizes." The speaker, Mr. A. P. Dunn, Department of Defense Production, Ottawa, Canada, advocated standardization of paper size in government and. industry and. the use of metric system for paper sizes. RECORDS MAINTENANCE 1. 2. 3. ~+. 25X1A5a2 25X1A5a2 5. 25X1A9a At the request of Mr. - Chief Support for DD~P~Ci Staff, we surveyed. four (4) secure areas to determine the most suitable type filing equipment for use. One of these areas was unique d.ue to room supports, etc., but despite this we were able to find. shelving that could. be accommodated. without loss of valu- able floor space. Received request from DD~P~CI~OA for information concerning the possible use .of color coded.file folders. As their file is in excess of 200,000 folders we thought they would be interested. in seeing the DD~I Contacts Services terminal digit file. We arranged. for Mr. who 25X1A9a designed. the OO~C file. Received. annual reports of records volume from all components, and. prepared. overall statistical reports for each area and. for the Agency. Total this year rose 20,000 cubic feet; most of these in DD~P. We are awaiting proposals from three companies that are bidding on the installation of compacting type shelving in the DD~P~RID file area. These proposals include two manual type of compact- ing installations and. two using motorized. type. Two companies, state that our present metal shelving can be used.. The other company, ~ uses wooden shelving only. It is hoped that a final decision can be made by November 1, 1868. At the request of Mr.i Chief Applied. Physical Branch TSD two members of this staff, the RMO for TSD and a member of the DD~P Systems Group conducted a survey of paperwork operations in APB. This request resulted from their inability to locate necessary records when needed. Our survey advocated the central- ization of their files, establishment of better controls, pro- curement of some new file equipment and, eventual relocation of files. and. file personnel. Recent.d.iscussion with the Deputy Chief of APB indicates that the centralization idea has been accepted, and. a requisition is being processed. for the purchase of shelf file equipment that will accommodate the increased volume of files resulting from centralization. Approved For Release 1999/ CIA-RDP72-004508000100290018-2 Approved For Release 1999/f~~~'OT: CIA-RDP72-004508000100290018-2 ~9a 6. Mr, accompanied two TSD Personnel from DDP~TSD~APB (Applied. Physics Branch) to Purpose of this 25X1A6a trip was to show APB representatives how Comoro. Engineers maintain their contract files. As APB is made up of engineers we felt that the Comoro. case paralleled. their operation and they (APB) could possibly duplicate the Comoro. procedures. VITAL RECORDS A. Scheduling Revised Vital Records Deposit Schedules were received, reviewed, and. approved. for the following offices: DDP~OPER~RID DDS Communications DDS Personnel DDS8cT Office of Computer Services DDS8cT Off ice of Scientific Intelligence B. Deposits 1. This quarter, 567 cubic feet of Vital Records were received at Relocation Site and 355 cubic feet were destroyed. or trans- ferred from Relocation. 2. Our previous reference to the inadequacy of emergency equip- ment at Relocation resulted. in our holding several meetings with the RMO for NPIC. It was learned. at these meetings that the Agency emergency plans do not include any provision for billeting of NPIC personnel and., furthermore the NSCID-8 states that NPIC will be transferred to the .Department of Defense at time of emergency. It is for these reasons that we have asked the RMO to consider the withdrawal of over 3,000 cubic feet from our Vital Records holdings. Mr. 25X1A9a -is awaiting a policy decision from NPIC executives. 3. Six offices sent representatives to Relocation to review their Vital Records deposits. A. Records Center Activities this Quarter: (Cubic feet) Records Received for Storage 3,752 Records Received. for Destruction 1,x+61 Records Transferred. out of Center Net Growth 1,729 562 Approved For Release 1999/09~~~n~r1~_RDP72-004508000100290018-2 Approved For Release 1999~~CIA-RDP72-004508000100290018-2 Priority Deliveries 1 Special Run Records Services 20,326 items delivered Supplemental Distribution Copies 8,596 items delivered Briefings and. Visitors lg6 people ( historians, CT'S, office representatives, students, etc.) 1. A copy of each of the Agency organization charts available in the Agency Archives (27 items) was reproduced. for Dr. 25X1A9a 2. In an attempt to reduce the number of copies of NIS reports held. in supplemental distribution our personnel at Suitland. Annex are reproducing, as time warrants, the current control cards for all NIS reports. This information will be evaluated by OBGI personnel and. the requirements for extra copies will be reduced. wherever possible. 3. The Deputy Chief of Archives and Records Center has made 25X1A6a several inspection trips to - and. on each occasion has found. our space to be clean and. orderly and the work current. 4. The security alarm system is still not operative. `I`he_ 25X1A6a Engineering Office reports that ad.d.itional equipment must be installed. before it become operational. 5. Work on improving the "water problem" is still pending funds. 6. Through the end. of September, sixty people representing twenty- four Agency components, visited. the Archives and Records Center as a result of the Records Purge. B. Scheduling DDI - 25X1A8b 1. Completed. review of draft revision to Services Records Control Schedule. Prepared. comments and. returned for their (Contacts) review and resubmission to us. Revised sched.ule25X1A9a is currently being reviewed. by Mr. - and. our office. 2. Received for review draft of a revised. Records Control Schedule for Information Requirements Staff. Schedule was returned to IRS for further consideration of five items. 3. Received. inquiry from Mr. - OBGI regarding OSS records. We referred him to DDP Records Integration Division. 25X1A9a Approved For Release 1999/O~TA-RDP72-004508000100290018-2 Approved For Release 199971~~?CIA-RDP72-004508000100290018-2 ~+. Work has started. on the development of a Retention Plan enumerating the Permanent Records of the DDI Area. F OIAb3 b1 5? We assisted _ in drafting revision to Records Control Schedule. The DDP Records Retention Plan has been reviewed. by this office and forwarded to the DDP~RMO for comment. 1. Received,, reviewed., and. approved. revised Records Control Schedule for Recruitment Division and Transaction and Records Division of the Office of Personnel. 2. Received., reviewed, and. approved revision to Office of Finance Records Control Schedule. 3. Received. revision to the Office of Communications~Record.s Management Staff. Review resulted. in our returning of revised schedule for amending of disposition instructions for one item. DDS&T 1. Received., reviewed. and approved a complete revised Records Control Schedule for Office of Scientific Intelligence. 2. Assisted Office of Computer Services in developing revision to Records Control Schedule. PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT A. Records Orientation Given: 1. The Agency Records Management Program was presented to fifty- one Agency employees as part of the OTR Support Services Review Course. MISCELLANEOUS This Staff provided.the Deputy Director of Support background. information on the Agency Records Program for his briefing of Col. White, Executive Director-Comptroller. Approved For Release 1999/09/07 :CIA-RDP72-004508000100290018-2 Approved For Release 1999/0~1tT1":" CIA-RDP72-004508000100290018-2 RECORDS MANAGEMENT BOARD On 11 July, the Executive Director-Comptroller met with the Deputy Directors, the Inspector General, Chief of PPB and Chief of the Records Administration Branch. The main order of business was a briefing given by Col. White on the Agency Records Program and. the establishment of a Records Management Board to investigate and propose solutions to problems affecting the Agency's paperwork management program. MISCELLANEOUS A. Field Trips Three members of this office visited. the Department of Commerce Clearinghouse in Springfield., Virginia, to view their storage and. issuance of unclassified scientific and. technological publi- cations. We learned. that the public may request either a micro- fiche copy or' a hard (paper) copy of these reports. The function of the Clearinghouse parallels our supplemental distribution activity. In ad.d.ition to the above, three persons from this office visited. the Documentation Center, Cameron Station for a briefing of operations and a tour of the center. We were especially interested. in viewing their microfilm and. microfiche operations for the storage and. retrieval of classified reports. B. Paperwork Management Award Mr, was one of 20 government employees to receive a Paperwork Management Award for his outstanding contributions in the area of Paperwork Management. This ceremony, held: at the Washington Hilton was attended by over 300 persons. Mr. Ban- nerman represented. the Director at this presentation. C. Secure Transmission of Information Three members of this office attended a presentation, "Secure Transmission of Information," given by - of NSA. 25X9A8 D. Jury Duty a Miss was on jury duty in the United. States District Court for the District of Columbia during September. E. Federal Records Officers Meeting ~9a Mr. attended. the initial Federal Records Officers Meeting 11 September. Approved For Release 1999/09/07 :CIA-RDP72-004508000100290018-2 Approved For Release 199~iA'~~GT CIA-RDP72-004508000100290018-2 F. Agency Longevity Awards Miss attended the Agency's twenty-first birthday celebra ion in e Auditorium. G. Combined. Charities Preliminary reports indicate that our participation in the Combined Charities will be successful. H. Liaison with National Archives ~9a 1. Mr. met with Mr. Krauskopf to discuss evaluation of records pertaining to requirements levied. on the Agency. It was his opinion that only the broad, guide-type records need be retained.. 2. At the request of RMO for NPIC a meeting was held. with E. G. Campbell, Assistant Archivist for National Archives, to discuss procedures for getting an Archives appraisal for NPIC films. It was Mr. Campbell's desire that the Chief of Special Records Division perform this evaluation. The RMO~NPIC was notified that this ind.ivid.ual would need. Agency clearance. I. Agency Archives Development The need for an Agency Archives as an independent operation with its own facilities is being stud.ied.. The results will be reported. in a formal paper. J. Records Conference 25X1A6a Initiated. preliminary planning for the Records Officers Conference to be held. at _ 22-23 October 1968. A meeting was held. with 25X1 C4a the and. his deputy to discuss tentative plans for the Conference. The theme of conference is "Automation and Microminiaturization." K. Records Officers Visits Members of Records Administration Branch have been notified that visits with Agency Records Officers will be carried out again this year. Results obtained.from last year's visits indicate that these visits are very worthwhile and. permit our staff an opportunity to evaluate individual office records programs. 7 Approved For Release 19'9 ~:TCIA-RDP72-004508000100290018-2 x