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November 11, 2016
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May 4, 1999
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July 7, 1969
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?1. Approved For ReLuse 1999/09/S1FCR4DP73-00Q68A000200060001-1 DD/S 69-2857 7 JUL 1969 MEMORANDUM FOR: Executive Director-Comptroller SUBJECT : Quarterly Report of CIA Records Management Board 1. There is attached the quarterly report of the CIA Records Management Board dated 30 April 1969. I regret the delay in forwarding this report but there has been considerable- discussion on its contents. 2. As regards the four proposals set forth in paragraph 8, it was nay thought that we would proceed along the following lines: Frop2s5210ne: purchase rvioyabletjthelyhafor Records Cepter. It in proposed that AA A&J tudy be conducted on the movable shelving. proposal to consider all the related factors that should go Into such an andertaidng. The A&E will cost be.tween $7,000 and $10,000. If this proposal is feasible and the cost is within reason It would achieve a caving of 40,000 cubic feet in the Records 25X1A Center. This would give us a six year headroom at the current rate of record growth. I would not propose to move the supplemental distribution at but will endeavor to retain 25X1A than in the Washington ores for ready access and in less costly space than the Records Center. Additionally, through other IYM'OLU:Cf) hope that we can achieve a limitation on the annwil growth in records at by certain other actions consistiim of (a) bettor control 25X1A by the components or the point of origin of records and (b) if fen!ble, a ralcrofilniimicroforni program. PrmlosaLIL9aqLc2.rqs. The DD/S has included within its contract personnel cellin; seven slots for the purpose of meeting this requirement. C.111' ExcludA Inn1 z-f4 ? 4 41nr,li,??3311:-.,alin Approved For Release 1999/09/17 : CIA-RDP73-00099A000200060001-1 SECRET # Approved For Rase 1999/09/17: CIA-RDP73-04*99A000200060001-1 - 2 - sal Th.......z____-imanete_LaIRN_Lt of Program. This proposal is stated in terms implying that there is limited attention by the components in support of the records program. This is really not the case as each of the components has taken an active interest in improving their records program. There is much to be done, particularly responding to guidance front the professional records management officers. I propose to Luke up with each component certain aspects of their program which I think they are not pursuing vigorously enough, however, it would be improper to imply in any form, that they are failing to support the program. Proymal Four: Developte,,d Mierofilnatilicroforra 1_12grant, This is one a the more important proposals. The -deficiencies of microfilming permanent records have new been corrected. There has recently been developed vastly improved systems for microfilming or microforming records which pertnit storage and retrieval in a systematized form. We have held up microfilm/microform proposala heretofore because of the deficieecies in the microfilm/mieroform itself and the absence of developed systems. It is my intent to eatablish a technical tasc force to etudy and propose the application of a microfilm/ mieroforra system for all Agency use. The system would pereeit individual filing systems of the various components of the Agency but bring them irito a broader system whichwoutd enstu:e certain common, denomthator elements end comparability between the systems. The syetem would bc..? designed with a projection into the future covering A minimum of 10 to 15 year to minitniz-e the future critical storage problems that will develop under our present system. At the moment tam ignoring the estimate of additionel personnel ns this was predicated on setting up a epecial group to accomplish a rnic-rofilminticroform prop:Lona. I woad propose to reorganize it Go that the microfilming will take place within the components at the point of origin of the documents and thia would be a function the components would have to.abserh. There -411 be other costs, of course, for eqeipment aed thcl processing of the filth but hopefully these can be projected and be within reasou. At the moment we have no idea as to costs but it is obviolte we need to create a record storage sy_stera and. microfilm/rnicroform can achieve a utorap saving at the rate of 100 to I. It is quite possible that we have to establish the system at a specified date end handle all rceords thereafter within the SyStein end perhaps letting the present storage at tend to reduce Itself with the echeduled destruction of records. 25X1A SEMI' Approved For Release 1999/09/17 : CIA-RDP-73-00099A000200060001-1 Approved For Retuse1.999/09/SEGIETDID73-004a0A000200060001-1 3 Of importance is a 1)13/S study group, now in being, which is considering the very nature of Agency records breaking them down into archives, vital records, historical records and inactive records. We expect to propose a new system of administration of such records as the first three constitute types of records that should be controlled and managed by archivists, historians and emergency management officers and not by records management officers. Hopefully, we should have a report from this group within the next six vteeks. Additionally, I an going to reconsider the warehouse at as a records storage vehicle even though the first report indicated that it was not really suitable for this purpose. Ate Memo (Itcl SO Apr 69 CAW% same sub,' rs 1 DID/S:R.L13:ksd (7 July 69) Distribution: Crrig & 1 - Adse w/att (DD/S 69-2201) I - DD/S Subject w/att 1 - DD/S Chrono - SSS/DD/S roc Viail 11. L L. Oaxmerman Deputy Director for Support Approved For Release 1999/09/17 : CIA-RDP73-00099A000200060001-1 25X1 A Approved For Release 1999/09/17 : CIA-RDP73-00099A000200060001-1 MISSING PAGE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT MISSING PAGE(S): Approved For Release 1999/09/17 : CIA-RDP73-00099A000200060001-1