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December 9, 2016
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June 3, 1999
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August 27, 1969
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Approved For Release 2000/08/24 : -RDP73-00099A000200070001-0 27 Augiust 1969 MEMORANDUM FOR: Executive Director-Comptroller THROUGH : Deputy Director for Support SUBJECT : Records Management Board Quarterly Report 1. This Records Management report for the April-June 1969 period is for your information. 2. During the past quarter another 5, 072 cubic feet of docu- ments were purged from the Records Center. Since 1 July 1968 a total of 18, 136 cubic feet of material has been purged from the Center, twice the volume removed the year before. Total. disposition actions by each major component are: DDI 10, 500; DDP 1, 243; DDS 2, 343; DDS&T 931; DCI Area 119; Archives 263; and the Records Center 2, 737. 3. During the past year the new accessions into the Records Center totaled 13, 950 cubic feet. The year=s net gain of storage capac- ity is 4, 186 cubic feet. This is the first time in its twenty years that Records Center disposition has exceeded accessions. Two attachments compare the volume changes for each type of record on hand for each Major Component in July 1968 and July 1969. TAB A reflects the volumes of all four types of records stored and serviced. TAB B treats only the inactive office records which had not heretofore had definite retention periods established. It indicates the progress made to eliminate indefinite retentions and establish definite disposal dates for all records in storage. Through rescheduling and destruction the overall volume of indefinite records has been reduced 25%. 4. New accessions this year were 2, 108 cubic feet less than the year before. The screening of files before retirement to the Center accounted for the largest percentage of the drop. Changes in Records Control Schedules to reduce retention periods and improved office O.tQUP1 } Exclueed trcr,, aetc r atie Approved For Release 2000/0;/iv 000/0 / ~ l RDP73-00099A000200 7~ 1;; ?~ 03 d iJ Approved For Release 2000108/24: CIA-RDP73-00099A000200070001-0 SECRET 25X1A systems account for another substantial part of the reduction. This trend will continue as long as someone attends to it in each Office. The Board is in general agreement that the first requirement to con- quer the Agency records problem is the assignment and support of qualified records personnel in each Office in proportion to the records management the- Office expects to accomplish. 5. Several Offices have completed the review of their material in the Records Center. The DDP components have been asked to com- plete their reviews by December 1969. In all components the con- tinued screening in both the offices and the Center is being stressed as an inherent part of their Records Programs. The Board believes the Purge alone cannot recover,enough storage capacity to overcome the production of the Agency or to provide space for future records storage. The members feel greater effort must be made to control Records Creation and to improve Records Systems. Such additional records management efforts should include attention to copy machines, correspondence, reports, and microfilming systems. Improvement in these areas will impact favorably on the problem of records Storage and Disposition. In each Directorate the components concerned have teams working on active microfilm applications (DCI/Cable Secretariat; DDS&T/OSA, OSP, and FMSAC), or studying new systems (DDP/ ; DDS/Personnel, Security, Medical; and DDI/OBGI, and CRS). The Board members are continuing to pursue their Programs to control Agency paperwork to the degree component manpower and other demands on their time permit. 25X1A Chairman Records Management Board Attachments: A--Volumes of Records Stored B--Indefinite Disposal Date Vols. SECRET cR~l>+ i fratcI Approved For Release 2000/08/24CIARDP7300099A0002000 1-0