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December 9, 2016
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June 3, 1999
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July 24, 1969
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Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP73-00099AO00200070006-5 24 July 1969 MEMORANDUM FOR: CIA Records Management Board SUBJECT: Records Management Progress, Quarterly Report of Intelligence Directorate 1. During the period 1 April through 30 June 1969, the Intelligence Directorate continued, and brought to near completion, the review of retired records holdings. The storage of supplemental distribution material received close examination, both from the standpoint of further reduction now and limiting SD volume stored in the future. Program activity from 1 July 1968 to present has resulted in the destruction or removal of roughly 10,500 cubic feet of records. 2. Inactive Records: All components have completed their review of inactive records and are continuing destruction and further disposition. 3. Vital Records: The big Vital Records problem in the Intelligence Directorate, mentioned in the last quarterly report, continues to be in NPIC. Until a policy decision is made there can be no action taken on these records. One very beneficial effect of the purge was the consolidation of maps and the establishment of one complete set of Agency produced maps at A&RC. A&RC had various series of maps including the set maintained by OBGI as the Vital Records copy. None of these series were complete and none could be destroyed until one complete archival set could be established. Over the past three years, the possibility of using the VR set as a base for establishing the Archival set had been discussed. Although there were no objections, positive action had not been taken to accomplish this. With the extra thrust of the purge program, A&RC and OBGI agreed to proceed with this project and established that this one complete set would serve both the Archival and Vital Records Program. 4. Supplemental Distribution: All offices have completed tev'iew and aot n o,,~3D ;hol, tags except OBGI, which may have further reductions during July. The purge has been most constructive in tightening up on the storage of SD Approved For Release 2000/6tC,aIA-RDP73-00099A000200070006-5 Approved For Release 2000108/24: CIA-RDP73-00099AO00200070006-5 %001'_. "twpl Now, material. It resulted in most components revising their requirements downward -- OBGI cutting theirs by approximately 50%. 5. It is worth noting that in a number of cases the DDI was able to realize reduction in Inactive Records by updating Records Control Schedules in which certain material classified as permanent on the original schedule were, after careful review and analysis, reclassified as temporary. Roughly one- half of the DDI area Records Control Schedules were revised during purge-time and at least three more offices are presently at work on schedule revisions designed to accomplish a more realistic approach to records management and retention. 6. Inventories are now being made of all active records retained by the Intelligence Directorate. These will be sent to the DDI Records Management Officer who will use them as the basis for the Records Retention Plan for this Directorate and for the assignment of Office of Record responsibility. 7. The concentrated efforts to purge inactive records will be continued throughout the Directorate. All offices are highly sensitive to a continuing need to screen records thoroughly before retirement and to destroy them whenever possible. 25X1A Chief, Administrative Staff O/DDI Approved For Release 200 / CIA-RDP73-00099AO00200070006-5 2