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December 9, 2016
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May 3, 1999
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December 15, 1971
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Approved For Release 2000/08/25: CIA-RDP73-00099A000200140013-9 ~~ ~" 15 December 1971 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chairman, CIA Records Management Board SUBJECT Semi-Annual Report, July-December 1971 1. The semi-annual report for the Directorate of Science and Technology is forwarded for your information. 2. This Directorate deposited 297 cubic feet of supplemental distribution, inactive, and vital records to the Records Center. According to the latest Net Gain/Loss report received from the Chief of the Records Center, this Directorate had a net reduction of 64 cubic feet for this period. A. OE:L - Five cubic feet of cable reference files have been microfilmed. B. OSP - A 3 M Model 200 ReaderjPrinter has been purchased to be used for reports and engineer drawings received on 35 MM apeture cards and 105 MM microfiche. These microforms are being sent in from some of OSP`s contractors. The 1971 cable reference file will be filmed within the next 30 days. There is approximately 50 to 60 feet of cables to be filmed. C. FNlSAC - A Recordak Rotoline microfilm camera has been leased for 1 year for the purpose of microfilming some 400 cubic feet of telemetry analogs. D. ORD - The R&D Project files have been approved for microfilming. They are presently being filmed by PSD using the new microfiche camera. Approximately 3 cubic feet of records have been completed. Complications have been encountered in the preparation phase for the camera. The nature of these files is more complic-aced than the average microfiche application. We are convinced that these difficulties will be overcome very soon. :zcft;zf4c~^fra? aufara~t+~ Approved For Release 2000/08/25: CIA-RDP73-00099A000200140013-9 Approved For Release 2000/08/25 3-00099A000200140013-9 E. OSI - Two records series have been nominated for microfiche applications. One project has been coordinated with the Microfilm Coordinato~,SSS/DD/S and the other has not been submitted. F. OSA - 3 cubic feet of cable reference files have been filmed, proofed, and indexed. G. Seven DD/S&T enployees attended the Microfilm Seminar scheduled in October. 4. Other Records Management Activities A. Some Offices have reported a reduction of filing equipment-due to records destruction, records retirement, and improved records filing procedures. There were 14 - 4 drawer safes and 3 - 5 drawer card safes turned in to supply. B. Nine people attended the Records Management Conference held in December. Comments received about the Conference were quite favorable. C. The OSI/RMO has been working on and completed Phase II and III of the OSI archival project at the Records Center. A total of 40 days were expended in this effort. These files document the Scientific Intelligence participation on USIB Committees from 1949-1969. D. The OSA Vital Records Schedule was reviewed and revised. This will provide .them with a broader program. E. Two OEL forms were revised and promises of several others that were either going to be revised~or cancelled were received. F. Records Control Schedules are continually being reviewed for possible deletions or additions of file series and shortening disposition periods on present items. Approved For Release 2000/08/25'73-00099A000200140013-9 Approved For Release 2000/08/25 I3-00099A000200140013-9 5. In my last report I mentioned that the records program in our Directorate was improving. This continues to be true but I feel, like others, it will only continue to improve if more support from our Office heads is received. It is the Records Management Board's responsibility to make certain that the message is passed on thru the necessary channels and see to it that there is some action initiated. Attachments: Office Responses (for Chairman/CIA/RMB files only) Approved For Release 2000/08/25: CIA-RDP73-00099A000200140013-9