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December 9, 2016
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August 2, 2001
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September 20, 1968
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Approved For Release 2001/ f5F T DP73-00099A000200170040-6 20 September 1968 MEMORANDUM FOR: CIA Records Management Board SUBJECT : Purge of Inactive Records of the Office of the REFERENCE : Memorandum dated 4 September 1968, Subject: "Purge of Inactive Records" 1. This office has had a continuing program of records review and reduction beginning in October 1966 updated in July 1967, and again in July 1968. Executive Officer, has been in charge of the program. 2. The program of records review and purge followed by this office was divided into three parts: (a) Elimination of documents no longer needed or of value; (b) Temporary storage of records at the Agency Records Center, with elimination of these records at phased intervals of six months; (c) Permanent retention of records for historical purposes. a. With respect to "a," since October 1966 we have eliminated approximately ten cubic feet of unessential material. b. With respect to "b, " this material -- four cubic feet -- stored at the Records Center in July 1967, was eliminated as of July 1968 on a phased basis. c. With respect to "c, it we do not have currently any permanent-retention records stored at the Records Center. 3. On 17 September 1968, visited the Agency Records Center to make certain that all _ holdings were eliminated per previous25X1A agreement and found that this had indeed been done. As of this date, therefore, we have no records of any kind stored at the Records Center. Approved For Release 2001/0 C E :DP73-00099A000200170040-6 Approved For Release 2005 R C"A-RDP73-00099AO00200170040-6 4. In late July 1968, prior to the issuance of reference memorandum, this staff conducted, on its own initiative another review and purge of our working files. We were able to eliminate totally another three cubic feet of file holdings. During this review we also earmarked for transmittal to the Records Center some one and one-half cubic feet of records that should be on permanent retention for historical and archival purposes. In view of the space problems at the Records Center, we are now holding these records in our office. These records consist primarily of key, important, and high-level documents relating to all aspects of the Agency's participation 25X1A and activities the last few years. In view of the fact that a great many of these records involve DCI position papers and correspondence to and from the highest levels of government on policy matters relating to 25X1A I strongly urge that when space permits these files be stored in the archives at the Records Center. They are vital historical records with a present sensitivity that precludes normal handling and processing. They should certainly be retained somewhere and, to us, the Records Center would appear to be the proper place, Approved For Release 2001 }8 RURDP73-00099A000200170040-6