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December 19, 2016
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January 3, 2007
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December 5, 1966
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Approved For Release 2007/01/03: CIA- s Chief, Serv'ices staff Chief, Rm"w" Aftft"tratiau Statf MUSMM TA) tar thh a CIA Arcldyees & Rmcads Center 1 In Ana~ to the the CIA A& furnish the question fit A/J "Z doesn't current TAP surge the VO%AM s As~d at Suitland Fran its. lag W be *000 cu. M) of records irtll no - the f*UQWIug 13 fundWwds MIS funCStlt CIA A &W is now rospOnsible for four moor t_4 Aar r-U L PZedwossars. ra aod(b) t1 the CIA Records Cecter tee #n&Ctive ~e=) tth the CAA vital Ream Repository. (d) Provid1n stogy *ad far All ft "Gh" Uttl,ligence l h1&UPeNNUtAl iettooa, including maps. (2) The AS in a ect, hes not b*A am since the move April 1955. tae In Ti0 (3) The vO1t*s a of rids in the A&BC In April 1955 e 18,816 cu. ft. (4) The voluaeG of r0cards now, to the "SC is 91,011 cu. ft. (5) The average Production s ti and ovate industry operated, Bach Cernte for a is 5,3 kacti: tim r s ? The CIA A&W productg Is 10 .,507 s pe -yam + :507 at~tita:a p Approved For Release 2007/01/03: CIA-RDP73-00402R000100300003-8 (1) All four major fu naticos of the CIA A W viii "IoM-1n after the SOW Of ea roziaeatsl y' 25,000 cu. ft. of Finished lbtslligerncee P iblieati+ons, was, and InaeUve recoa to the 8itit land Records Center. Also, with the a tiara of the lits1 Records prognm, the number of ewes-hoe, s required to carry out each func is constantly P wing (a) The Increasing ealasis being shows by all 4IreotQMt*S in the A Y to h ' l"y' writ IS require tug more ran-hours of r k in the Archives. Also, in order to prevent daaplilawtiaoet smA so atiaes tripl cation at recd r+ds, it iaas been Amos mazy to pull to gather in Aarchive . ar t the pr aaee pis at the various areas. It Is suEtisipe-ted that as the Agency grows older, t h e Interest in its h i s t o r y and Arehive]. records vill be- cam greater r a t h e r than 9 r. Tare is an immediate need far three adeiitional perso?s In the AI'! to work with the ems per on. w assigned to this fmact on. (b) T neeed to opsrste the CIA Records Center for inactive records will a e-tinaee for as long as it is neces- to protest: the sees or intell on Xxperience has sham that the vol ueas of Ims"vee records has grown along with the missiosa, fmctias, and eeped1ng proms of the Agency. j }~~(a) The volume Off Vital 3eoacrda has remained ~sappr+oa Itml the same over the past few young. It Is antici- pated that this amditiion will ocetiaai*. (d) The vQlmo of Finished Iutal2l ce Publica- ticns and maps Is now 19,31.5 cu. f?t. A,presciaeats17 94 by volume is sified "Secret" or b+e].mi and vill be moved to Suit 1% 4. The zmee-ining 2% by values will re- main in the CIA AAW since it c srarIas a h her cUssifi- cation? Although 9 by voitvae will be moved, only a-plaawgtiauMtely by peblieeatsot; r m exampi e- C f ,pHs (I/iil , QGI/SI, and OCR/IA , etc. wild be mowed. The 20$ by publitcation that will reua2 have all catee- gorieea of special eleaz oe requirements inclu4ing code- word sennsitivitq Indicators. the procedures for receiv- lu g, ccattrolling, servicing waders yIng this 2 $ by public aticaaz requires +a erearxia etely as mqy man-hours as cheers the remaining 0 Approved For Release 2007/01/03: CIA-RDP73-00402 R000100300003-8 Apri3. 1955, at i tiaa s of the CIA AM C's aacys the following T/Q'es wexm in effect: 12 4 ~18 in March 1958, the two onriers erred fx m the M ainistrati+ m Sox vieaee Divis the center 25X1 T/O. In Aartl 1959, the tags beat and T/C at the Vital gran. However, this position of Chief, Serricas DO U 25X1 was vacated and the Inc unbent tr . rrsd back to s, aims it was determined that the Chun!', CIA/A&1 mad peerfam both functions. August 1963 the courier functum mad, cofrrss. pig T/C positSaw were transf'wI and - sol, with time Resd.quart rn to s xWU and couri t f n s in the Office, of Logistics. This r'+seaatlted in the current T/? straW& at 15 and in offset reduced tfire ammll Agency T/4 by on. with the can. soiidaticn of the two para. (3) In April 1955 the bra of the 38,8 cu. ft. by categoa~y %as 10,,01$ on. ft.. Finished end Fair Intra~ e Publications a8d 8,797 an. ft. inactive roccrU. 7he b of the currout v ame of 91,011 cu, ft. { } In M1 is as t*fl o s s 198345 em* ft. rimmed Intelligence Publictims and aaaaeyc; 59,328 ou* ft. iaarsrtive reaor4s# 9,085 cu. ft. Vital Recordal and 3,453 an. ft. Archives. After the paroximatealy 25,000 an. ft. are moved is Suitl and Records Caattear, the rea&Lning 66,000 eau. ft* vii]. breakdown as fallon t 404 cu. ft. Finis' Intell a Publications and was; 53,U0 Cu. ft* inactive records. Since it is not planned tee mare any Vital Records or Axobivs, those val.*aass will not change. It should be raoRS writ that the aso~s to Steitl nd will not begin until May or June 296T and will take app aaciaaeateal~y one year to ceo ere. NOWW~, at for tine trot no starts, CL/PSD will begin to deliver an "R aret" said below Finished Iatell- ig a Publiccatiims and neps to Suitlatad. These will have to be processed Lop shelved, locator records prepared, and refer- wee s rvicee furnished at the sews tins the 25,000 on. ft* are being received from theme. Also, the Y01=8 Of imactive, 25X1 Vital, and Archival records will be 6 at 25X1 The average net growth per month this fiscal year has been 564 Approved For Release 2007/01/03: CIA-RDP73-00402R000100300003-8 CU. ft. ias etIvo s ads, 79 cu. f't. Vital Reba and 94 cu. ft. Archiv s. X the not growth continues at the sum rate betwaft aea ad .June 1967, the wet uaae an band will be in excess of 71 OW ems. ft. Also, the ~8s1ng and cae- trot. over the 25,E t,# ft. Ulna m red to Q-1 tland over the ti p"I" of one %IMW vim; f=Vw coMplioatc and increase the worms at tha (5) tlo standeeiu ei for Records center overat:ums are bated Capon the number of "acti ns" en dsonn can perform is one year.. An "act n" being any Of the teal s (e Cu. It. of records receive'!. Oeae Cu. rt. of r+soo rds destroyed. Chat refere ? fura shed. The aveerxmip r of actiasos for six R Centers about which we have I t3,on is 5,3355 with no am* than 5% cls.ssif'ied records. The CIA A& M rate is 10,507. It should be oated that 100% of tae records in the CIA. PAW are es- curity olasslfled, w A away of thm reggire special control procedures over and erne the urn*]. classified records be- cause Of the rrequix t to handle the through special clmn- na s. In addition- tale this, the CIA ABC is res asible for the CIA Vital Recorft Repository and for establishing and aaerintaining the CIA and Predecessor AAenay Archival hx~rds. C. Actions taken to Avoid an Unvass in T/O - It could appear fr the above disc sieeee that the CIA AR has been C orr staffed at times in the past. This is not the case and the following ex- Plauation is how the CIA ARC has been, able to accept en ever ormalug workload without, a e esponding is uee in T/O z (1) When the Wft 0 was mode in April 1955 with only 18,e cu. rt. CC records and a T/0 at 22, the A &W pro- v'idi supplemental. distribution on apiaximately 4o0,0oo raw 3rfoaeaaat1c reports with a growth rate of &PPrWimatee1y 5,000 Per mouth to be put in order and inteerfiled. The refer e xute aoomtod to a ecitaetely 22POOO NeVs a month reproduced. This fe feereeeeee rate was steadily greasing along with the amber. Ot copiers men file even though OCR/LY hat be in the process Of min OJIm4nK for the aperture card system since early 1954. Negotiations with O j= peer. In December 1955 to have t tarke over the vaddoad in reference of the raw informstiou r -ts resulted in the discontinuance of this program in A. Approved For Release JAWAW7 19%. a result, the ra %U; t to receive, put in order, and 3aaatafils s"" and the r+tegla:3aa oce at to reps- dues pages drepo t t hg 22#000 per aaaath to 2,000 per mtmth and lam 442" (2) In above gave some roust but the volvm of records an band Llw~wd to gam. In 1957 the existing ARM building city to its l sine ms star. This additim was owaeaa , d is " W^ Zh 0af ,fteliap LIbmary a out of moans to store the reown at*ck of YUI !lips in October 195$, the AMC agraed to receive and service c'oxittately ' 3rd Cu* fAo is tom. (MIS hate 9- - gram to ate- land.) 4 t t o e e sain this mw WMSMM p the continuing lath in wo]uers the VWkIAMd to increases until an in- creeaae in T/ O vie needed. of Increasing the T/0, how' avers the decia his mt , to s gilts the A&t anWva and, the Yita3. This sass dtaase In Aparjl 1959 with a sav s of OW T{0 slot to the Agava r. By ehsngiaag the sting pecedimos for havAllag Vital sca4s, it was possible for on. PWIM to reenl ae, stoe, and provide refer. On" on the Vital aesft"ds. This c' We wed two asorloyses to other pa'oasms vii iin the AM, smil the needfor an increase in T/0 vas pastes , (3) The next major tim saver, as wrktoed increased, was the r visiota at Farm , Records tester Service Request in Febrery 1962. ft* orb , ram 40 vas a tree part ram. The revised ` wu 490 Is now a six part tam designed in such a y that when the rs r faits. the form, he also con pl etaa the merge-eat Card, the address ftes1, and the courier receipt for ABC use. Thi one revision of a tam saved the arp +aetiaat+ely 12 rs Per dal, 2110 saaylage is man-ham mass a eubstsntjal, c ntributUm to U e A I i s ability too absorb over a iawagse in rrf serer at the tioae. A record is smoldered InwitIv* vban no more than i filar drawer pier nouth Is Made to it. it is on In 1960-1961 au lie ueur its ecei`s mare i their records holdings . to the move into the to reduce new building. This r e s u l t e d in am a t t i c . r e t i r i n g to t h e #AMC records that wexe not truly laaaaive. In fact, a study Over a period of time showed this office had retired over 2,600 cu.. ft. of enacts per file lam' math. Whie~ t)4 hi h rata Approved For Release 2007/01/03: CIA-RDP73-00402R000100300003-8 ,the office obtained aeiditioi*l reference had. been ww" file space and took t~w 0,600 ou. ft. back in March =d April 1963. (5) The AAW had been required, &U we duly 1.957, by tai to steare the reserve stock of a JoUt Publications Research Service (a Federal Gov+er nt (Natmot Service) publication. Since these publications are unclassified, and are for the use of ante, it was decided Vat the Agency's and especially the AAiiC's interest could best be served if JPRS would take back and store their p 11eations. After several months nag iAtione thru ~uac?twra oi'fices, an agreement was reached, that alerted the A& to transfer, in April and May 3,963, +ag oxianately 4 et;.. It, of these re- ports. This rat only relem this specs for reuse to store Agency inactive words, but #Am saved the Ai aapproxi- meately 6 man hours per day to help take am* of the over in- creasing wcrklood without an are aass in "f/G. (6) 3h I rch 1958 the decision was amide to transfer the A&SC or gan zati onaily back to Management Staff eeontrol and out from undezEJ control where it bad been &U we the move to WTC in April. 1955. Along with this trin-sfer the two courier positions and sonel were tva nsferred Services Division to the Al 1/0. 2his rremima in a ect until 1 duly 1963. At this time the AAS was transferred or- geanizaatieans ly back or budget purposes with no ablanse, In T/O exce or one pos ion that bad been dropped in October 1959 through Computer error. The AMC had recom- mended., in a survey report of the Agency Courier Service sub- mitted in June 1962, that the two A& W couriers and slots be transferred to *.centralized Headquarters courier service. This was done in August 1,963. In a4dtttjon to the reduction of the AaHC 12/0 by tvo positions, this transfer saved the AMC 56 Man days per your by elUd ting the need to substitute A&RC personnel to fill-in an the runs during the absence of the regular couriers. (7) The above data has been furnished to show hoar the AMC through its continuing went ft"wommt programs has been able to absourrb a 500% increa -s in Volume of records, azdd a corresponding increase in workload, without anv- increase in T/O. These aaana t in rovesrent programs. are a il. a be- ing carried on, As an e, e, just two weeks ems, 15 Xovm- ber 1966, a "abanb-waiter" between the first and second floors Approved For Release 2007/01/03: CIA-RDP73-00402R000100300003-8 ryas ta7.led. `W3s as the result of a week i rat, time study survey xdn of the servicing of requests by A& *C peraa el. It is antic i3 atead that the InGb Usti a- of this pie of oguipamt will ve the A&C apprduc ettely 30 man- days per Year- (a) Even though all these ascoae plies to hays been realized in the past end the ABC vil t co tituee to carry an t improvement prog as, the veerlc d at the AM is aaatl>emi to j' ? in sqtembae' 1965 the D/ eyed In September 1966 the TJD/I ewes, as a result at rquee and, fih3xt eyuIpwat shaert* , forced the A to sit all the been held is th* is offie . the vavae of these special re ds is =wkXL at preset but to peraasin c de ly as they are publiashed. th a# the volume JA mall., the nun- bar of ladigtakml. .3aat s ant reow" tJnaet have to be specially coot o l ed and aooo=teael for is tar s. The only way the AAA can met this a4dAmI requirement and w l.oo4 is to transfer to Suitlisi d the 25,OQ0 on. ft, of "fit" and below records and t e c e evaaid t klaad. 8vee this will not p r o v i d e relief for a that am or two ywxs It the special code word types reward continues to grow in the future as in the recent peat, and there is a antlnued mane of interest in the Agency' a history and Archival r d. (1) Me A$eC must ployees to operate the be occupied in 3UItIA6Ud* (2) Baas should be iaclatded now In the FY 1963 DWISOt and*, r in se at two in T/O unless some uforseen cb e be u .de in the Ooweraaent and, Abb csy S&OMMA Administration Program to reduce the rare at records being createed..