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March 19, 1969
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21 MAk 140a Approved For Release 2007 SUPPLEMENTAL DISTRIBUTION 19 March 1969 Copy 2 of 3 ,R D P73-00402 R 000100320004-5 u SECRET Approved For Release 2007/01/22: CIA-RDP73-00402R000100320004-5 19 CIA ARCHIVES AND RECORDS CENTER 19 March 1969 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, Records Administration Branch SUBJECT : Supplemental Distribution 1. PROBLEM: Space for the Storage of CIA Records The CIA Archives and Records Center (A&RC) has four separate functions, each one concerned with the storage of a different category of records. This paper will deal with one of these functions, Supplemental Distribu- tion. 2. DEFIJITIONS: A. Supplemental Distribution (S.D.). This is.the reserve stock of Agency produced finished intelligence reports and maps held at the A&RC for immediate release to Agency components, other USIB Agencies and Foreign Governments as they are needed to supplement the initial distribution. B. Accessions - The volume in cubic feet (cu. ft.) received from the printer for S.D. C. Returns - Copies sent to the A&RC by the compon- ents when they no longer have a need for them. D. Transfers - The volume in cu. ft. removed from the A&RC as a result of servicing requests. E. Disposals - The volume in cu. ft. destroyed at the A&RC in accordance with existing stock levels and retention schedules. F. Stock level - A maximum and minimum level on the number of copies held for S.D. Approved For Release 2007/01122 CIA-RDP73-00402R000100320004-5 0 0 G. Retention Schedule - A schedule that systematic- ally reduces the number of copies on a yearly basis until all S.D. copies are destroyed. 3. ASSUMPTIONS A. The Agency will continue to produce Intelligence Reports and maps. B. The rate of production will not decrease in the foreseeable future. C. Supplemental Distribution copies of this produc- tion must continue to be made available to the intelli- gence community. 4. Facts Bearing on the Problem A. Supplemental Distribution was first established in the Agency on 22 August 1946 by C.I.G. Administrative Order No. 12 (Attachment A). The function was established as a part of the Communications Division of the P&A Branch.' The Communications Division was an early prede- cessor to the current A&RC operation. B. The authority for the Supplemental Distribution function is currently contained in CIA Regulation No. 110-50-7, dated 7 April 1952 (Attachment B). C. All Directorates of the Agency and the DCI area have Supplemental Distribution items stored at the A&RC (Attachment C). D. The A&RC has worked with the producing components to establish stock levels and retention schedules for all reports. The map storage at the A&RC is a backup to the Supplemental Distribution function carried on by the OBGI/Map Library; therefore the A&RC does not have stock levels or retention schedules to cover them. A sample of a stock level/retention schedule is attached (Attach- ment D). E. The increase in the volume of S.D. at the A&RC parallels. the increase in the production of intelligence reports by the Agency. Some S.D. operations have been carried on by the producing components for periods of time, however, the shortage of space in the Headquarters Approved For Release 2007/01/22: CIA-RDP73-00402R000100320004-5 0 0 area has forced these components to turn these opera- tions over to the A&RC (Attachment E & F). F. The S.D. items stored at the A&RC are used. Requests are received daily from Agency components, other USIB agencies and Foreign Government (Attachment G). Frequently the demand is so great for a particular report that it is necessary to rerun additional copies. To prevent as many of these costly reruns as possible, the A&RC has issued instructions to all users of reports to return them to the A&RC when they no longer need them. These Returns are checked with the stock levels, if the A&RC has the specified number of copies on hand, the Returns are destroyed, if the A&RC has less than the spe- cified number of copies, the Returns are logged and filed to be used again.. G. The S.D. storage function is not a continuous stockpiling of old reports. Since 1956 all reports have had stock levels and retention schedules. All copies of all reports except the NIS are destroyed after an average of 8 1/2 years. The NIS is destroyed when a maintenance copy is published. In addition to routine destruction caused by the maintenance program, there have been 44 NIS Notices published authorizing the destruction of obsolete copies (Attachment E). There is not a planned destruction of the maps, at least as far as the A&RC can determine. An occasional list is received from the Map Library author- izing destruction of various maps (Attachment H). H. The storage of the S.D. at the A&RC, including the Top Secret and Codeword, does not require special vault areas or filing equipment. The S.D. items are stored in standard Records Center boxes on the regular A&RC shelves. 1. As one of the A&RC functions, the S.D.. is maintained and serviced with a minimum of personnel. The same forms, the same personnel and the same basic procedures are used for the S.D. function that are used for the other A&RC functions. J. The S.D. function does require space, equipment and personnel. It will require space, equipment and personnel wherever it is located. The A&RC is the most economical facility available to the Agency for this function (Attach- ment I). Approved For Release 2007/01/22 : CIA-RDP73-00402R000100320004-5 0 i 5. DISCUSSION The S.D. has always been a space problem because it requires space and this space has always been provided in the A&RC. Many attempts have been made to relocate the S.D. from A&RC physically and/or organizationally. It was pro- posed in January 195+ by the Chief, Records Management Staff th S.D. function remain in Washington-when the A&RC moved Attachme t J). This plan was not accepted, and the S.D. was moved along with the other A&RC functions in Again in pr 1957, when the original Records Center was full, proposals were made by the Chief, Records Management Staff to relocate the S.D. function to prevent construction of an addition to the A&RC (Attachment K). These proposals were re- jected, and an addition to the A&RC was constructed. In 1967 we were once again faced with the fact that the A&RC would be filled by January 1969. As a temporary measure, space was obtained from G.S.A. in the Federal Records Center at Suitland, Maryland. All of the collateral S.D. reports and maps were moved to this space still under the administrative control of the A&RC. Because of the special security nts the Codeword and Top Secret reports were retaine This move is temporary, and a permanent solution is still to be worked out. One possible method of reducing the volume is to microfilm. There are many problems, and a tremendous expense inherent to such a program. There must'be personnel and facilities available to do the filming. The reason for the S.D. function is to pro- vide immediate service to customers, both within the Agency and outside; therefore, if items are filmed, we must be able to still furnish them to the customers in a useable form. There have been some attempts to microfilm certain collections by the producing components without much success. The OBGI Map Library started a program of filming maps and using the film for reference; this program was abandoned as not workable. NPIC has a film copy of their reports, however, there are S.D. copies of the same re- ports at the A&RC because it is more economical to service the hard copy. Since the average length of time the reports, other than the NIS, are retained is 8 1/2 years, it does not seem. that it would be practicable to microfilm them. The NIS reports contain maps and charts that cannot be filmed, however, there is the possi- bility that the NIS Gazetteer could be filmed. Approved For Release 2007/01/22 : CIA-RDP73-00402R000100320004-5 ? The S.D. could be transferred physically and organization- ally to another Agency component. This would be fine for the Records Administration Staff and the A&RC, however, it would be a disservice to the Agency as a whole. Experience has shown that not only is the A&RC more econom- ical in the terms of space, but it is more efficient in serving the S.D. and more realistic in controlling the volume. This is probably true because the Records Administrative Staff and the A&RC are space conscious, management orientated and dedicated to service. The trend has been to transfer S.D. operations from the producing components to the A&RC. In 1957 the S.D. copies of the National Intelligence Estimates (NIE) were transferred from Central Reference to the A&RC; in 1959 the extra copies of maps were transferred from OBGI/Map Library; in 1968 the S.D. copies of Top Secret documents were transferred from Central Reference; in 1968 the S.D. copies of NPIC reports were transferred from NPIC. All of these actions saved the Agency considerable space, equipment and manpower. To transfer the S.D. back to the com- ponents would be a complete reversal of this policy of providing records storage for the Agency, and would be much more expensive to the Agency in terms of space, equipment and personnel. 6. CONCLUSIONS A. No change in the basic policy of storing in hard copy at the Archives and Records Center appears to be war- ranted. B. Controls need to be established to control the volume of maps held for S.D. C. Additional space will be needed for S.D., and the most logical place to provide this space is 7. RECOMMENDATIONS A. All stock levels and retention schedules be revised and the number of copies initially sent to the A&RC for S.D. and the length of time they are to be held be reduced wherever possible. B. The number of copies of maps sent to the A&RC for S.D. be reduced and a systematic procedure be established to destroy obsolete maps. 0 C. Pursue the possibility of microfilming the NIS Gazetteer with OBGI. Approved For Release 2007/01/22 : CIA-RDP73-00402R000100320004-5 ? D. Provide additional space 0 Deputy e A. CIG Administrative Order 12, Page 1. B. CIA Regulation Page 2. C. Inventory of Supp emen a Distribution, Dtd. 1/31/69. D. OER Supplemental Distribution Retention Schedule. E. Chart - Supplemental Distribution Activity. F. Chart - Number of reports and maps received. G. Chart - Reference Activity. H. Sample of Map Destruction list. 1. Chart - Supplemental Distribution Holdings by Fiscal Year J. Memo to Chief, Records Center, from Chief, Records Manage- ment. K. Memo fop the Record from Chief, Records Management Staff Attachments: 0 pprove or Release 2007/0-1/22 `. CIA-RDP73-00492R00010032OD04-5 C ONFIDENTIIAL 22 august 1946 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP C. I. G., ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 12 -INTERIM POLICY_PND PROCEDURE FOR DIBSEMINf',TION OF INTELLIGENCE PRODUCED BY C.I.G. . 62 This rac-morrnduri proscribes nn interim policy and proccd-, to rioct orgenicetion^l requirements. As the new or, eniz^t ion develops, ccesir._ blc changes will be .r, do urc for ' the c:issominetion of intelligence produced by' C. I. G. published by the Assistant Director for Dis.somin,~!tion with This will be in close colle:boretion' .with OR & E end interested. offices ,end steff.s, end., subject to spccie.1 instructions of the. Director whore high-level or sensitive subjects., concerned-. Resultsnt decisions will be recorded:. in Dissominstion Orders 2. The Office of Dissorain,.tIon, wi11 dctermino whet distri- bution will be given to tech. item of finished intelligence. Personnel end Administration Branch, with information copies to The C.ction copy will go. to .the .Communic,^tions Division of the sign^ture forr:: rcc,.c.'ing "For the Director of: Ccntrel Intelligence;." the Executive Director end ^eppropri ate offices end staff. 3. Physierl distribution of items will be made by the Cori- i:.unicr:.tions Division of the P Cr Z, Branch, in ^.ccorcence with tribution will be ascAv to the Off ice of Dissq minetion. Orders received The Cor.;municetions Division will r: sintcin recor.C,s and pon.c,.ing further instructions,,. :rill neint^in stor^go of surplus. Report of compl.ction of . c'.is- Approved For Release 2007/01/22 : CIA-RDP73-00402R000100320004-5 Approved For Release 2007/01/22 : CIA-RDP73-00402R000100320004-5 Approved For Release 2007/01/22 : CIA-RDP73-00402R000100320004-5 31 January 1969 DCI Supplemental Distribution Items Stored at The Archives and Records Center - Volumes Shown in Cubic Feet COLLATERAL (AT SUITLAND) DC I ONE OGC OLC HISTORICAL STAFF DCI TOTALS CODEW S 46 TOTAL 77 2 69 46 115 Approved For Release 2007/01/22 : CIA-RDP73-00402R000100320004-5 31 January 1969 DDI Supplemental Distribution Items Stored at The Archives and Records Center - Volumes Shown in Cubic Feet (AT SUITLAND) DDI OBGI NIS REPORTS 10 2 , 97 NIS GAZ. NEGATIVES 54 NIS HALFTONE NEGATIVES 531 MAPS 5,942 REPORTS 75 16,899 33 FBIS 586 OER i6o 51 NPIC 361 45o ?? OSR 158 10 519 1E 35 18,718 549 16,933 586 211 811 168 523 35 ? 19, 267 Approved For Release 2007/01 /22.: _CIA-RDP73-00402 R000100320004-5' 31 January 1969 DDP Supplemental Distribution Items Stored at The Archives and Records Center - Volumes Shown in Cubic Feet (HSOs) COLLATERAL CODEWORD & ,TS (AT SUITLAND) TOTAL 45 i5 68 68 113 113 Approved For Release 2007/01/22.: CIA-RDP73-00402R000100320004-5 31 January 1969 DDS Supplemental Distribution Items Stored at The Archives and Records Center - Volumes Shown in Cubic Feet DDS/OL (TELEPHONE DIRECTORIES) DDS/SSS/RCB (REGULATION, HANDBOOKS, NOTICES) DDS TOTALS *These items are only classified thru SECRET, -however, they are storedi because of TOTAL 2 313 *315 0 Approved For Release 2007/01/22 : CIA-RDP73-00402R000100320004-5 31 January 1969 DDS & T Supplemental Distribution Items Stored at The Archives and Records Center - Volumes Shown in Cubic Feet COLLATERAL CODYW (AT SUITLAND) TOTAL DDS & T OSI 176 165 341 FMSAC 8 56 64 OEL 2 7 9 DDS & T TOTALS 186 228 414 Approved For Release 2007/01/22 : CIA-RDP73-00402R000100320004-5 31 January 1969 Summary of Supplemental Distribution Items Stored at The Archives and Records Center - Volumes Shown in Cubic Feet COLLATERAL CO ET S TO TAL (AT SUITLAND) 69 46 115 18, 718 54+9 19, 267 113 113 *315 315 DDS & T 186 228 414 AGENCY TOTALS 19,086 1,138 20, 22+ *These items are only classified thru -SECRET, however, they are stored Approved For Release 2007/01/2211A-RS 73-00402 R000100320004-5 RECORDS DISPOSITION AUTHORITY Supplementary Distribution Schedule 22-68 for the Office of Economic Research is approved and authority hereby given to implement the disposition instructions contained therein. Preparation: Approval:, Records Administration Officer, OER Chief, Records Adr ini ration Branch, SSS-DD/S Date kfC?JA2~ n R ~~ t1~t KOCleS` E~UCE/01/22 : CI ~-004 t9'd dl"P320004-2 Amok, ?_-68 V E IOIFFICE. DI ISION. BRANCH SIGNATURE ' OCT 1908- - OFFICE OF EC4130PfIC RESEARCH TITLE DATE CER RECORDS ADMINISTFATTtN OFFICER ITEM NO. FILES IDENTIFICATION (TITLE, DESCRIPTION, ARRANGEMENT, AND INCLUSIVE DATES). VOLUME (CUBIC FT.) DISPOSITION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Finished Economic Intelligence Reports including Economic Intelligence Committee Reporting a. CIA/RR ER (1963-1966) 1. For a period az one y,eer, eo not destroy CIA/Rk ER SC (1963-1966) any copies chick are received by the CIA/RR IR (1967) Records Center from P SD for supplementary ER IR (Beginning 1968) distribution. CIA/RR EM (1963-1966) CIA/RR EM SC (1963-1966) 2. Destroy all but fifteen (15) copier. ore CIA/RR IM (1967) year after publication unless otherwise ER IM (Beginning 1968). notified by OER. CIA/RR H (1966-1967) ER H (Beginning 1968) 3. Destroy all but ten (10) copies two years ER H 68-1 after date of publication. CIA/RR A; ERA (1963-1967) CIA/RR A. ERA SC (1963-1966) 4. Destroy all but five.(5) copies four years EIC-R - after publication. EIC-S EIC-SR 5. Destroy all copies six years after publi- EIC-WP cation. EIC-WGR . ~. (old Schedule) Apply the above disposition instructions. b. CIA/RR E? (1963-1966) Retain five (5) copies. Destroy copies CIA/RR EP SC (1963-1966) six years after date of publication. CIA/RR SP (1967) ER SP (Beginning 1968) CIt./RR CB (1963-1966) CIA/RR CB SC (1963-1966) ' c. Reproduction Masters Discontinued - A new process is now used to produce additional copies when necessary. IPestro .3 now at the A&RC. GRQUP Excluded Vom'WoMaM ORNIND 139 USE PREVIOUS JAN 56 EDITIONS. dI;C~~S51iIC'.EQ ... CIA ARCHIVES AND RECORDS CENTER 16 October 1968 SUBJECT OER Supplemental Distribution Schedule MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, Records Administration Branch 1. I recommend that you approve the revised Supplemental Dis- tribution Control Schedule' (22-68) submitted by OER. 2. This new schedule will reduce the OER Supplemental Distribu- tion holding by approximately 50 per cent (about 200 cu. ft.). This is OER's major contribution to the current."Records Purge". .3. After checkin ER 0, an explanation has been added to clarify a ems that were omitted from the new schedule. 1957 I 1958 ___ 1959~~19 9 - r 2 2 2,453 3,9822 5,560 _ _. _7,261, _ ,0, 76 698. 689. 539.. TRANSFERS :. 895 1 r 1 . 2 ,193 1,507i_1,121; 1.,602_ 1.,449_ DISPOSALS L __ _ 1, 860 l - ( 816 ): _l,777; 777: 3,750 -~-- 5,120 ._ _I__ 1, 976 1963 1964 -1965,_. 1965 4,832 --3,4215 3,51$5 3,3355 2,5763 1,840 971 585 1,24 _ 3,3244 - 5,106! 1,716 832 (1,743) -.(2,559) 1,03+ 196.__:_ _ 1968 3,6436 I 4,6146 778 i 1,439 1,590_b 2,078 1,275 i. 1.497 1 Stock Stock levels established and retention schedule a,put,into effect. 2 . Received surplus copies of Maps that were formerly stored rid serviced by OBGI/Map Library.. 3The Supplemental Distribution copies. of .the Joint.Publicat ons Research Reports returned to the producing contractor for stor 4 The National Intelligence Survey (NIS) was purged, 5 ~ i The production of the NIS was reduced. . 6Received Supplemental Distribution copies of re ports from NPIC that were formerly stored and serviced by NPIC, and and serviced by CRS. 7 e-r--eel-o ~~ - -b ~ d-- - 5 p u p~rge; a re cor Curre~rt SUPPLEMENTAL DISTRIBUTION' ACTIVITY BY FISCAL YEAR ACCESSIONS'. r--- ----- TRANSFERS ?'?.? DISPOSALS i received r CUBIC FT. 1,710 668 1,183 -(141) 8,000 6,ooo 4,000 2,000 g~ and servicing.. ports classified Top Secret that were formerly stored` J_ i _ SUPPLEMENTAL' DISTRIBUTION NUMBER OF REPORTS AND MAPS RECEIVED EACH FISCAL YEAR ITEMS 1,400,000 1,200,000 1,000,000 800,000 600,000 400,000 FISCAL;YEAR 19551956 227 189,6T ITEMS 244, - , 1Recieved extra1copies of maps formerly stored by O GI/Map Library. 81 1957 195'95H,'9? I 1961 ,. ~ 150,898 197,873 J 852,996 93,66 2The Production of the National Intelligence Surveyfwas reduced - - - v~f-NP- ~e 1962 1963 1964 19652 1966 1967 ' 1968 3 1969 (July-Dec) 905,023 ,1,084,404 968,972 99,920 1,083,062 1,053,248.1,371,7+5 562,727 ~I- ~orme~l3~s-t e-red-a~d~e rT:'~-d-b3~-N PSG 200,000 SUPPLEMENTAL' DISTRIBUTION NUMBER OF REPORTS AND . MAPS RECEIVED EACH FISCAL YEAR t -I ~ 40000 sCAL 'YEAR 1955 1956 8g670 150 i ITEMS 244,227 ' _ ~ F I I - 1- 1 Reci~ved extra copies FTT The Production of the Rece ve ud S ppIeiriei tai 1957 195 1959"_ 1960 !1961 1 1962 ,898 ..197,873.; 852,996 _ 933,656,E 759,106 i 905,023 ored b 0BGI/Ma Librar of maps formerly _ st_-.. Y__ Y._..__~.... i 19652 1966 1967 19683 1969 (July-Dec) 909,920 .1,083,0621,053,248?1,371,7k5 562,727 lea e e~iate y .storesl`azdvviceybNP~ $1st-rt~on Approved For Release 2007/01/22 : CIA-RDP73-00402R000100320004-5 Approved For Release 2007/01/22 : CIA-RDP73-00402R000100320004-5 I! i~ SUPPLEMENTAL DISTRIBUTION HOLDINGS IN CUBIC FEET BY FISCAL YEAR 1963 22,257 c ? TO D d' ~~.;t~,~,~~ HIM Approved For Release 20 M w1~~-l'"CPA'-~ ~b$13-00402R000100320004-5 tv 0 ce Memorandum ? UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT . Chief, Records Center Branch DATE: 29 January 1954 FROM : Chief, Records Services Division SUBJECT: Construction of Records Center 1. Attached is a copy of the 'staff study pertaining to the construction of the CI_ Records Center. In accordance with my conversation with you on.27 January, this staff study is now in process of review by the individual members of the Project Review Committee. Preliminary advice from the Acting DD/A indicates that unless some serious objection is raised by one of the members of the Project Review Committee, the staff study may be approved by the Deputy Director of CIA without the necessity of a formal meeting. Every indication is that the PRC,will approve the pro- posal and that action leading toward actual construction will pro- ceed very rapidly. As a matter of fact, the Acting DD/1 has indi- cated his desire to seethe new Center completed as near to 1 July 1954 as is possible. 2. Under the circumstances outlined above, it therefore seems neeesosry for us to got bury with rdetailed plans; leading toward, occupancy of the new Center as described above. In a meeting with Messrs on 27 ,January, a number of items in connection with the new Records Center were discussed. I out- lined these to you briefly yesterday. However, in order that we all can understand our respective responsibilities in connection with, this project, Iwould like to outline them as follows: Supplemental Distribution: It appears to,be advisable to handle Supplemental Distribution from a headquarters location. Therefore, the principal activity, as now carried out in the Records Center pertaining to this function, will remain in Washington. Space will be provided in r some other suitable building for material that will remain ~iere . You should proceed to estimate the amount of space that will be'heeded for the Supplemental Distribution material that will remain in Washington, and the number of people that will be required to service it. b. Survey of Personnel for the Records Center: Although we do not have approval at.this time?of .the staff study, we can proceed with preliminary plans to determine' which personnel are interested I suggest, therefore, that you prepare a rough draft communication:which we can distribute to the personnel in the Record, Center and perhaps elsewhere-in . the. Division to determine thciir interest. CO F DEN TIAL. _V C Approved For Release 2007/01/22 :'CIA-RDP73-00402 R000100320004-5 10 April 1957 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECTS Space and Storage of Copies of NIS 1. On 27 March 1957,1 I met Col. Boberg Deputy , Assistant Director, OBI to. get his viewpoint with respect to where copies of NIS, which are now stored at the Records Center, may be housed if it is necessary to transfer them from the Center because of inadequate space. Col. Boberg advised that such a transfer would not be practicable because the National Security Council in one of its basic directives has trans-. ferred responsibility for dissemination of NIS to the DCI, He advised that OBI would strenuously object to such a proposal. Ii. It was suggested that we may find it necessary to procure space for the storage of NIS elsewhere than in the metropolitan area and transfer the present accumulation to this new location. Col. Boberg stated that OBI would have no objection to such an arrangement provided that 'the same controls and service as now carried out by the Records Center would be continued. Also, OBI could not provide the personnel to maintain ....a ...,;..1 __ .L_ arras it is necessary that we plan what to do to met future requirements for storage of inactive Agency records, 3. I advised Col. Boberg of the possibility of transferring the present accumulation of copies of NIS to the Department of the Army. for subsequent distribution through the IAC community. This proposal was made primarily becauso of the large volume. of additional copies of NIS now required by the Department of the Army and other military agencies 2. Col. Boberg was, advised that the Agency Records Center is now being rapidly filled with inactive records and we'estimate that by approxi .mately October 1, 1957, it will be filled. Since the Director is reluctant' to proceed with the construction of additional Records Center space at this time because of the President's viewpoint on all government construction, 5. Mr. O'Gara was advised-of this development on 29 March 1957.