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December 21, 2016
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January 2, 1969
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Approved For Release 2008/03/05: CIA-RDP73-00402R000100350001-5 Runt I RECORDS ADMINISTRATION PROGRAM FOURTH QUARTER REPORT A C C O M P L I S H M E N T S RECORDS CREATION A. Forms Management Actions Completed this quarter: New Forms Designed and Issued 27 Old Forms Revised and Issued 59 Old Forms Obsoleted and Removed .91 B. Other Forms Developments: 2 January 1969 (249,520) (1,438,003) (38.,500) /41.. t 1. Six (6) O/PPB forms, used for the Program Call, were revised to take care of new missions in the DDP area. 2. At the request of the Admin. Officer DDP/FI all of its infor- mation reports (six) have been revised. The more significant include placement of the agency seal on the form and use of a more modern light faced type. Through the temporary use of a current header form containing the agency seal we will be able to salvage the stock on hand resulting in a cost avoidance of $5,000. We are now preparing drafts and specifications for the procurement of new forms. 3. An "Action Cable Receipt" form has been designed for logging action cables received and disseminated by the Cable Secretariat. 4. The programing phase for converting our Forms listing from EAM to Computer has been completed. Test runs will be made in January. This new system will have the capability of listing all offices that use each individual form. 5. The "Request for Security Authorization" form has been revised to include Notice of Personnel Action and Request for Industrial Security Approval. In addition, the previous form was a 6 part set, the revision is a 5 part set. 6. We are designing a source document for OL/Real Estate and Con- struction Division that will permit the field to record pertinent information and send direct to the DDS&T/ORD key punch section. The system is now manual. Approval of form is expected in February. SECRET GROUP 1 Excluded from automatic downgrading and declaaaificatiou Approved For Release 2008/03/05: CIA-RDP73-00402R000100350001-5 Approved For Release 2008/03/05: CIA-RDP73-00402R000100350001-5 SECRET 7. The 3 "Classified Message" forms used by Signal Center and Cable Secretariat have been received. RECORDS MAINTENANCE 25X1 1. have d submitted proposals, at our reque , ze com acting type of shelving in DDP/RID. The receipt of these p bids culminated about 2 years of meetings and coordinations. To the best of our knowledge, this will be, if accepted, the first installation of motorized shelving in a government agency in this country. The only motorized installation in this area is the Elecompack unit in operation at the American University Library. 2. Our efforts to arrange for DDP/CI,O personnel to see the success- 25X1 ful DDI/Domestic'Contact Services terminal digit file system with color codes paid off. CI1will install this new system, which 25X1 will permit easier filing and expansion early in 1969. VITAL RECORDS A. Scheduling 1. Revised Vital Records Deposit Schedules were reviewed and approved for the following offices: Office of Communications/Career Management and Training Staff Office of Communications/Domestic Communications Activity Office of Personnel/Control Division B. Deposits 1. This quarter 270 cubic feet of Vital Records were received at the Relocation Site and 126 cubic feet were destroyed or return- ed to the depositing component. 2. There is nothing new to report on the inadequacy of emergency equipment at Relocation. C. Institute on Vital Records Protection of this staff has been invited to speak on Operating a Vital Records Program at this Institute sponsored by American University to be held 17-20 February. RECORDS DISPOSITION A. Re cor ds Cente r Activities This Quarter (Cu. Ft.) Records Received for Storage 2,558 Records Removed for Destruction 3,119 Records Transferred Out of Center (Net Decrease 2,198) 1,637 SECRET Approved For Release 2008/03/05: CIA-RDP73-00402R000100350001-5 Approved For Release 2008/03/05: CIA -RDP73-00402R000100350001-5 SEGRE_1 Priority Deliveries 20 376 6 Records Services Supplemental Distribution Copies 8,701 Briefings and visitors 169 (Includes historians, CT's, office representatives, students, etc.) 1. A special area has been established in the Archives to hold the documents identified by the Agency to become a part of the Kennedy and Johnson libraries. 2. During period 1 October through 31 December 1968, forty-nine (49) persons representing nineteen (19) agency components visited the Records Center to work on "Records Purge Project". 3. In our previous report we announced the initiation of a project to reduce the number of copies of NIS reports held in our supple- bic 6 75 cu mental distribution collection at Suitland To date This successful project is nearing completion. 4. In October the Archives and Records Center was requested by the Historical Staff to furnish a copy of a speech made by President- elect Nixon to agency personnel in 1953. Although the requestor had no idea where or in what document series this document might be, the Archives were able to locate and furnish the requested document. 5. There was a net decrease in the total Records Center's holdings in November. This 94 cubic foot decrease is the first month that we have had a decrease since November 1967. feet of NIS have been removed and returned B. Scheduling The draft Retention Plan for permanent records given to Mr. d is now ready to i m an has been reviewed by h be circulated within DDP. the Office A complete revision to the office of Economic Research Records Control Schedule was received, reviewed and approved. Work continues on the revising and updating of Records Control Schedules in the Office of Information Requirements Staff and SECRET Approved For Release 2008/03/05: CIA-RDP73-00402R000100350001-5 Approved For Release 2008/03/05: CIA-RDP73-00402R000100350001-5 SECRET Revisions to portions of the Records Control Schedules for the following offices have been reviewed and approved: Office of Communications Office of Personnel Office of Finance Office of Security We held several discussions with Records Personnel in the Office of Medical Services prior to the start of a Records Study present- ly being conducted by a Medical Office team. This study will evaluate their current Records Program and consider the feasi- bility of using microfilm as a substitute for certain paper records. DDS&T f this staff is performing a complete Records Survey o in the ice of Special Projects. We have reviewed and approved revisions to portions of the OSP Records Control Schedule. DDS and DDP Several meetings have been held with representatives of Personnel, Finance and DDP in an attempt to determine the office of record for Contract Personnel files. Until such time that this responsi- bility can be affixed it is possible that some of these files could be destroyed. There is a study being made of this situation at the present time. This study was requested by Mr. Bannerman. P R O G R A M D E V E L O P M E N T RECORDS MANAGEMENT BOARD The Agency Records Management Board has prepared and forwarded a report of its accomplishments for the last quarter of 1968. MISCELLANEOUS A. Records Conference emen+. Conference was held ...,_ _ -----A, M na g Officers cone participated in the Conference. The theme of this year's con- ference "Microminiaturization and Automation", was very appro- priate and compatible with our current Purge effort. It focused the attention of the Records Officers on possible systems and techniques to be introduced in their offices, that will result in increased paperwork efficiency. ernedwith the Agency Records Management Program 4 SECRET Approved For Release 2008/03/05: CIA-RDP73-00402R000100350001-5 Approved For Release 2008/03/05: CIA-RDP73-00402R000100350001-5 SECRET B. Briefings A total of one hundred and twenty-five (125) agency employees were briefed in the Agency Records Management Program in two separate sessions of the Support Services Review course held Indus ry were briefed in "Vital Records Operation", by a mem- ber of this staff, as part of the GSA - National Archives Records Management Seminar. The CIA, Records Administration Officer participated in an Inter-Agency Records Management Conference held at the National Archives. The title of his talk, Developing Management Infor- mation Systems, was attended by one hundred (100) government Records Officers. A member of this staff attended a Diazo Microfilm Seminar spon- sored by the Frederick Post Company. Five (5) members of the Records Administration Branch (includ- ing Records Center) attended an all day seminar titled "The Changing Face of Reports Management". The speakers for this seminar, sponsored by local chapter of the Association of Records Executives and Administrators, were very informative and interesting. More than one hundred and twenty-five (125) persons representing Government and Industry-attended. In addition to our representative the DCI area and DDI directorate were represented. Three (3) members of the Records Administration Branch (includ- ing Records Center) attended the Symposium on "Documentation of ADP Operations" conducted by National Archives and Records Services. The subject for this symposium was very timely as it is believed in records management circles that some essential records used to document ADP operations are being erased too early. of our staff attended the International Forum on Opticai unaracter Recognition held 4-6 December 1968 at Holly- wood Beach, Florida. On 12 November, due to the wet snow and high winds during the preceeding night, =was without electrical power for most of the day, as it took several hours to activate the emergency generators. Members of the Records Center used battery operated emergency lights and flashlights to service priority requests. SECRET Approved For Release 2008/03/05: CIA-RDP73-00402R000100350001-5 Approved For Release 2008/03/05: CIA-RDP73-00402R000100350001-5 Approved For Release 2008/03/05: CIA-RDP73-00402R000100350001-5