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December 27, 2016
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December 18, 2013
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May 30, 1966
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ISTAT (\LW i% ? . 11/???I ? ???? ?? ? rt ???? ? Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP73-00475R000100150001-0 MAR 3 0 '1966 CLETO . . By MORT YOUNG Journal?Anterican Special Write); ? A private group of scientists, astronomers, engl-. :neers and interested laymen said today that a Co.ngres-: !sional investigation into unidentified flying objects? "might not be In the national interest?! Instead, the Aerial Phenom- ena Research ' Oegnizaticin tAPROI, of Tucson, Ariz., ? called for a "mere important and extensive scientific study of. past UFO sightings, and preparation, for dealing With future sightings." A Congressional investiga- tion, Mrs. Carol Lorenzen, an APRO spokesman said. ',could make the United States "look like damn fools in the eyes of the world if the government admits UFOs exist, 'especially If . Russia took the opposite !tack." ! House Republican Leader Gerald. R. Ford of Michigan has formally asked for ? Congres- sional hearings into UFO sight- ings and the Air Force's Project luebook, charged with running 0 reports to earth: But another group of UFO- trackers, the National Investi- gations coMmittee on ? Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) in Wash- ington, wants Congress to look into the UFO-Air Force situa- tion. ? NICAP claims a 'Policy of suppression of evidence, ridicule of witnesses and a program de- voted to explaining the inex- plicable are maintained by the Air Force. ? "The Air /force is an . un- enviable position. They have a UFO .problem," said Mrs. tor- bow to xplain it until they get their hands on one." The Air Force strenuously" denies these allegations. Based on statistical studies, of 'reported. UFO sightings by: APRO, Mrs. Lorenzen said s'nel: noted a "disturbing trend." Her husband Lesley Lbren- ; zen, APRO's director, said that anew pattern in UFO sightings : has evolved since last July. A: "The ? sightings have become longer in duration," he ex- plained. "And there. seems to '. he a tendency for the incidents , to be repeated on consecutive;: nights. A side effect of this... might be that now we'll get , snore photographs of them. We can expect to learn more about ' ? them." ? Maj. Donald Keyhoe, .USMC (Ret.), NICAP's director, told newsmen, two days ago that, UFOs "are real' and under 'in- telligent control." He urged the Air Force .to "stop ridiculing competent wit- nesses." ? ? Congressman :Ford s? whose home state of Michigan his been deluged with UFO reports for the past two. weeks said he wants, Congress to inveki- gate'in order to, give, the public "a better e?cplanatioA ? :..than that .thub, far given by..the'Air * , ( e ?")g 1111) l ?