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December 27, 2016
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December 19, 2013
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October 6, 1965
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T.ii.t; Ida 111.1..:a.LUAL T.Li4LJ T Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release p 507Yr 2013/12/19: CIA-RDP73-00475R000100270001-7 OCT 6 1965, Russia Ste-rim. UD Training- Of Latins'in Red Tacti,cs. By K. C. THALER . LONDON, Oct. 6 (UPI) ? Africa, is? considered also by Russia is stepping up the train-Peking most. ripe 'for sweeping ing in ?Moscow of Latin Ameri- revolution.. cans, including instructions in Rivalry 'With China guerrilla ? tactics. Behind, the stepped up ef- This year's student body at fort emerges the mounting ri- Lumumba 'University in Mos- valry between Russia and Red cow includes a large propor- China for leadership of the un- tion of students from Latin aligned. countries, with Moscow America. ,The rest .come from she,ing signs of crowing res- Africa, 'Southeast Asia and the liveness over Peking's spread- ;Middle East. But the Latin ing influence. American contingent is the The desire to?move into Latin largest. ? America' more forcefully than. The massive intake. of Latin hitherto and on a more organ- Americans is motivated by ized basis has prompted the the '"new dawn" of the libera- Afro-Asia Peoples' Solidarity tion campaign throughout the Organization to arrange an continent. Afro-Asian-Latin ? A in e r i can Their training includes in_ conference in Havana early in struetion in stirring and lead- the new year. g ing revolutions against existing A preliminary meetin look regimes through propaganda, place in Cairo last month to be. - subversion and reportedly also gin planning for the projected: through the use of force. ? Havana conference next Janu-, The ? Move coincides with arY? wider efforts now under way A preparatory committee was for 'communist incursions into set up which includes repro- Latin America Which, after sentatives from Cuba and from left wing or communist group- ings in Chile, Guatemala, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezue- la. The keynote is on "national liberation" and "anti-imperi- alism," with Red China claim- ing the lead because of her uncompromising p o I icy of anti-Americanism and of "re- volutionary .liberation." Chinese Hopeful The Chinese are believed to be hopeful that . the extension of the Afro7Asian Peoples', Sol- idarity Organization ? would them a much coveted channel into Latin America ;where their influence ? has so far been comparatively small.? ? Russia, . worried about the :unrelenting Communist Chinese ,push into the unaligned world, is taking precautions to block iPeking's advance or at least to :slow it down and keep it with- in narrow limits. ? Hence ? the increased refer- ences 'lately from Moscow to Russia's. 'support for liberation movements and stepped -up ,Soviet ? measures to* underpin .the ideological pronouncements. ? . ? narlaccifipri in Part - Sanitized CoPv Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/12/19 : CIA-RDP73-00475R000100270001-7