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December 27, 2016
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January 17, 2014
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August 31, 1965
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THIG LAT.0 44A4xJa -r A -r Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2014/01/17 : CIA-RDP73-00475R000100820020-5 AUG 3 1 1965 0. AL Score for Free' Labor The American Institute of Free 1: Labor Development (AIFLD), part of the ? Free World's. answer to corn- :?,?- munist subversion in Latin America, . ? 1 ? is evidently hurting, the communist . ? [apparatus there.. ?.; " .? ? : This is indicated by a vicious attack. made on the AIFLP by a newspaper in Santiago, Chile, that is a' consistent . spokesman for the extreme left and a frequent peddler of the straight ?corn- munist line., ? ? ;-:. Beginning .two ye a r s ago, the ?'?':?-? ; AIFLD started, establishing training schools for Latin America's free labor ???? : leaders. The Institute's first executive director. was Serafinn Romualdi, long- ''? time AFL-CIO representative for Lat- in America. Dr. Romualdi is one of the. i.Western World's great pioneers in the . modern struggle against totalitarian- ism I ?? / of both the right and the left. ? ? ? ; .? The AILFD is supported by funds ' from U.S. labor, from U.S. private ; business and from the U.S. govern. ?;, ? . Iment. Though it is entirely autono. , Imous, its existence is truly an expres- sion of support from the entire Amer?. ican nation for these Latin American' workers who do not intend to see their'. , lands fall under the, communist yoke. - ;. The Chilean newspaper now charges.... ;that the purpose of the AIFLD is to 1.train spies for the U.S. government. ? , ? This charge had ,to come sooner or ? later, since it isthe hackneyed accusa- :ton that the communist apparatus ? 'always makes? against its Free World ????.: !, opponents. ? 7.! . ? ? The AIFLD has now joined a dis-??? .tinguished _company. . Freedom-loving ' ? Latin Amerirans, well rig North uwrican- v-ho (prry ;11?1?1 y , th. ,.) Re Ito it ??? ? .1.? it? wi? ? ;