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December 27, 2016
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January 17, 2014
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September 15, 1964
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QTIXT NEW YORK Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2014/01/17: CIA-RDP73-00475R000100820022-3 ? SEP 1 5 1964 /Th Free Labor Development (AIFLD). ? .1, Led by Meany and such industrialists as J. Peter Grace ? s' Jr., .AIFLD has raised tens of millions c?f dollars to build ElE5.1111:0E LABOR. rr Ignoring Meany a Mistake ?WASHINGTON?Someone in the White House has pulled the politidal boner of this skittish, season. The error was made by failing to name a labor leader as one of the sixteen distinguished citizens who will. be consulted on international affairs when new crises ..flare abroad. . Insiders were surprised at the by-passing of AFL-CIO ? president George Meany, wh,ose effective, relentless interna- tional anti-Communist operations have made him Khrush-? ? chev's pet hate. If there is any unanimity-among the Soviet and Chinese leaders, it is in their common enmity toward George Meany. There is reason for their distate. Meany has thrown the 'power and finances of the American labor movement against ? them on a global front ;reaching from Chile, , to Saigon. . Successfully, too.- , . Recently Meany and' some of his colleagues helped ? smash the Communists' political offensive in Chile. For years, as I reported when I was there in '63, the Chilean : Communist party, oldest in the World, has been planning to take power with the ?"via pacifica"-7the peaceful road through the ballot. The C. P. of Chile is wealthy. I found it operating movie , houses, businesses, printing presses and even a taxi fleet. The knowledgeable anti-Communist were virtually without sufficient money even for a routine campaign In the presi- dential race earlier this ;month. Under Meany's leadership American labor?NI/. orking through the. Inter-American Regional. Organization of Workers (ORIT)?helped to send speakers, literature, money and strategists into Child. Though the Communists rolled UP almost one 'million votes; they were beaten. Thus over 50. years of Communist concentration was balked, at least for another six years. ? ? ? ? ? \ ? , ? Furthermore, rguided by labor. and American businessmen, hav.e, Arge4izedthe, American. Institute ? for, decent housing for working people from Mexico City to Buenos Aires. Thus it has become a terrific anti-Castro force ' by proving that we Americans have a heart as well as a purse. ? - Within a few hours after the anti-Communist revolu- tion succeeded in smashing the Communist apparatus in Brazil, the new leaders asked American Labor specialists to fly down to Rio and help resurrect an anti-Communist labor ? movement. Thus a Soviet-Castro-Chinese Communist labor counter-offensive was choked off. ? But Latin America and the Caribbean are not the only fronts into which Meany has thrown U. S. labor influence. ; Just last week, for example, he dispatched Dave Sullivan, president of the Building Service Employees', International Union, as a fraternal delegate to the conference of the socialist British Trades Union Congress. Mee* and Sullivan , agreed that the time had come to talk bluntlY to the British labor leaders who believe the U. S. is making 'JO? much of a fuss over Castro." Sullivan, a transplanted Irishman, proved to them that the U. S. had not mellowed him. ? * Sullivan got. up in that big hall in Blackpool, England, and let them have it. He told them that 'Castro's Cuba is still a most dangerous center for the subversion of all Latin America." He was booed. But he continued with an attack on the Communist terror in British Guiana, where scores of .1 , anti-Communist:unionists have been killed in recent rioting... ; The Communist there, Sullivan said, "have all the makings0.1 ! of another very grave thicat to. the freedom of all Latin ! America and to the peace of the world." More boos. . . ! Sullivan is but one of American labor's emissaries dis- 1 patched to challenge communism. ,There is. also the globe- ! .; hopping Irving Brown, who has just returned from Viet'., Nan, where' Meany sent him to help .the labor movement. This is a ;vital move in the duel between the Chinese Corn- j. and the anti-Communist World for the hearts and ! minds of the Vietnamese people. Thus, on every-continent, from the devastated European :1 nations of postwar Europe tO the Chinese-invaded lands of I Africa, I have found Meany's colleagues -in action?often'1 sabotaged and insulted by representatives of softer. labor-,. I leaders of. otheviands. ? , . Fok, years democratic labor leatiers,:zotne,now heads of .1 . state, have been. backed by AmeXican-labor--some 24 per" ; cent of Piliose lunds,:?sPerits,annuallt.tovbeat,hack the ? ? ? ? Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2014/01/17 : CIA-RDP73-00475R000100820022-3