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December 27, 2016
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January 6, 2014
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December 21, 1965
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'STAT WA SITINGTON POST Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2014/01/06: CIA-RDP73-00475R000101160001-8 DEC 2 1 1965 ? ? These D4ys . Peking's Conditions ? ? By John Chamberlain A GROUP of Ur* Red China? Where do you versity-; professors. and-itiir begin when the conditions 'dents, including an eminent are all laid down for your divine, _an eminent Dante ?defeat before you have even 'scholar,. . an ? so much as opened your 'eminent' au- mouth? t hor ity on Melville's "M b y Dick,",. a n to be per- fectlyjair,..a few _eminent p0 1 1, t,i. c, cien ttsts, have signed One of :those Chamberlain LET'S START with this matter of U.N. admission be- fore going on to other mat- ters in the Far East that the Yale minority thinks need "reappraisal." The Red Chi- nese have spurned the United Nations recently, and have even talked of set- ting up a rival "peace" body. BLit they have said enough $5000-to-$8000 newspaper in the past to indicate they advertisements-Calling'r "nationivi"cli xs- a,i ,0=rnight condescend to take a ; ts, ?"'"` ? seat by Manhattan's East ,our Far Eastern Policy. .River if the rest of the -T ; The name_ of -the?griiiir"' aveirs.r...,world would be good enough sponvring_Ifice: change the U.N. Charter ?ment is Aliiericans:TOF d expel "alt imperialist appraisal. of Far Eastern'an 'pOliey?-ancr nego=--- puppet states." The Taiwan Chinese tiate williThed-Chlira7MT:""*" would, of course, have to be ginning with the question or thrown out; Red China has ;Red Chinese admission to said it won't sit with ?the the United Nations. "Chiang Kai-shek clique." Well, in a fluid world ,Satisfaction for Red China there is nothing eternally 'sacrosanct about any policy. ? But just how do you nego- tiate with a country like ? AP.P.I141614. here would require a pre- liminary abandonment on the part of the Taiwan Chi- nese of their right to a veto 4 in the U.N. Security Coun- cil. This, no doubt, could be arranged if the U.S. were sufficiently Machiavellian to threaten Taiwan with can- cellation of an existing treaty of mutual defense. ? But if "reappraisal" were to involve such arm-twisting, there wouldn't be a country in the world that would con- ? tinue to trust the United States in any vital- matter. Another condition laid ? down by the Red Chinese is .6, that the U.N. rcPurliate its 4951 resolution rondenun- , ? , f ? ? ing Peking as an aggressor in Korea. Thus there could be no neptutiations icoking to seat Red China in the United Narions without the t oited Notions itself eaiin% crow. AS FOR "negotiating" a peaceful solution of the Vietnam War, North' Viet- nam's President Ho Chi Minh has said he will talk when the United States has departed from Saigon. Very nice of the old revolution- ary. We might meet him on his own terms by saying that we will talk when he gets his troops and agents out of South Vietnam. By all means let the South Vietnamese goVern them- selves without the interven- tion of either Ho Chi Minh or Lyndon Johnson-or, for, that matter, Mao Tse-tung. Any time a "reappraisal" in- ' volves an even-handed quid pro quo, we are all for it. . The advertisement signed, by a minority of the Yale community and sponsored by Americans for Reap- praisal of Far Eastern Pol- icy says "the United States and China are on a collision -- course." Pardon me, but the ? United States isn't touching a single blessed thing that Red China owns. We have studiously and systematical- ly refrained from giving Chiang Kai-shek offensive military weapons such as big bombers or missiles or atomic warheads. We don't even let him buy landing craft, and during the Kore- an War we used the Seventh Fleet to keep him from attacking the Chinese main- -I land. If there is going to be any "collision," it will be because the Red Chinese / 1- get between us and the ' North Vietnamese forces that are trying to throttle a small, inoffensive agrarian O people in South Vietnam who are suffering because Ho Chi Minh himself has consistently refused to abide peacefully by' the Geneva Agreements of 1954. P 1965. King Features Syndicate. The. Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2014/01/06 : CIA-RDP73-00475R000101160001-8