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December 27, 2016
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December 18, 2013
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July 24, 1965
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STAT . .? ? ? ? Tlf curverrem ci?Ari ".? ? Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP73-00475R000101500001-0 ? ? ? ? , ' . t ? vi ? , .??.?? ? ? . emag rril is Mocked By WALTER PINCUS Star Staff Writer ? ? ? U.S. Ambassador to Brazil Lincoln Gordon's critical analy- sis of a proposed . Army re- search study planned for Brazil has led to suspension of the project, ? State and Defense Department spokesmen con- firmed yesterday. . The Department of the Army had entered into a contract with a Massachusetts research organization?associates?f International Research, Inc., of .Cla"Pidge=f o tudy?riii tocial and ways of influencing ? so political change and the subver- sive techniques which permit Communists to take advantage of such situations in developing countries. As part of the "planning and of the coordination stage" contract, the Army. reportedly sought State Department clear- azil. ance for research in Br With the. lesson of Project Camelot behind theni, State cabled Department ' officials Ambassador ? Gordon in Rio, he Army asking his reaction to t research proposal. Caused Flareup in (nile - ? '. Two, months ago, failure of Army-sponsored researchers to obtain clearance from ? U.S. 'Ambassador to Chile Ralph ?Dungan before undertaking ".Camelot .. inquiries 'in ? Chile compounded the impact of a public flareup in ,that country .after the study was publicized i'in a Chilean newspaper. .' ''. ' ,.,Subsequent publication in' Research in .S.. z 2..nv Brazi1J ? 4 ? ? ? .9 ? ? A ? Star of the background of being undertaken by Defense-A particularly in terms of ' the damage they can do to relations between the United States and the host country. ?,t; Though stress is placed On the fact that no research is under-4 taken without prior clearance? 1 ' ? few eountries could be caught :- publicly allowing U.S. research-1 ers, supported by the Defense Department, to study different elements ? within ? their social: structure as potential insur-.4 gents. ? 110 '? At the recent meeting Lima, Peru, Peru, of 'this colintry's,i ambassadors to Latin . Americ, . some discussions were held. on problems and situations that are s: harmful to U.S. relations in that area of the. world, and Camelot was one mentioned. ; , ' Discuss Guidelines a - A State Departnient official.: .'? said yesterday discussions. leading to some. guidelines for; foreign . policy research are,., underway, and some. decisions ! are expected to be. reached:! before ? Secretary of State Dean.' Rusk appears before a Housei Foreign Affairs subcommittee to.; discuss Camelot and other': behavioral' science' research'. projects. Rusk had been scheduled to appear before the subcommitte&i Thursday, but that session was.; postponed because of the Presk dent's review of the Viet Nami crisis. The meeting has been,; reset tentatively for Tuesday, but it may be cancelled again; 1, ?. because of the situatiOnin Viet! Nam..:, ? r .? Camelot and the Chilean inci- dent was followed by hasty cancellation of the multimillion- dollar project "in its present form" by the Defense Depart- ment. . A Defense spokesman said at the time that difficulties inher- ent in conducting that type of study in a foreign country?as exemplified by . the Chilemi episode?had influenced the decision to cancel the entire 'program. Other sources indicated the impetus to cancel Camelot came from the White House. Ambassador Gordon's objec- tions last week to the Brazilian study, however, led to yester- day's decision to suspend it. A Pentagon spokesman empha- sized that such a study would not be undertaken without ,first obtaining approval from the host government. Seek Coordination Since disclosure of the Came- lot controversy, talks have been going on within the Defense and State Departments looking for some means to coordinate foreign research projects. Discussions between the two agencies also have been under- way?though neither will con- firm them publicly.' " A certain amount of inter- governmental 'rivalry has been brought to the surface by the Camelot situation. , Some State Department officials :are sharply critical of the, type' .01 behavioral studies ? ? . 4 Il ? , ? ? . ??? ' Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release d 50-Yr 2013/171 : CIA-R-DP73-00475R00010-1-500001-0 ?