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December 27, 2016
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December 18, 2013
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February 4, 1964
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qTAT Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP73-00475R000102400001-0 HERALD' 773- . , qIto FEB 4 '1964 'Peking' Alicrigter Panama !i Rico By VICTOR RIESEL BROWNSVILLE, Texas Peking is now quietly at- tempting to stir up .Lrouble in . Puerto Rico. The Chinese Communist f". apparatus is - ? intent on pro- . voicing 1 . ? .amkth- cr Panama in .4:* ? San Juan. ? ? I Their Latin ?-' Ame rica n- Chinese "friends h i p" sp p. aratus 1-:?';`? . .. ? king, organization to Puerto. t leaders are cocky over Riese' their success in Brazil where 4.cpccializing in internationst .cyca some of the military counte r-intelligence opera-; ? have 'worked with them. They lions on the Latin front. The: ; now believe they can infil- is dated Sept. 2:3; 199:3;. ? trate the Commonwealth of 'and is a joint missive from Puerto Rico, foment trouble '111e Chinese Communist *. and force the police and''youth and university stu-. ? THE CHINESE ? federa- , tary into action against Puer- . 'dents' federations. tions urged the Puerto Rican ? to Rican youths and union- " make this public as an: students to campaign for a ists.t , alert to the good people 'of Icomplete?break with the U.S. . Naturally this infiltration Puerto Rico and the leaders and for the "dismantling of ' must be accomplished by of the island groups to which U.S.military and atomic ipanish-speaking agents who ' , tne communication was dis- bases in Puerto Rico." The , .puld pass unnoticed amongst ? patched. There is no evidence !?Communist communication; Ile people of the island. of any reply, The docUmenti I also championed Albizu Cam- 'se infiltrators are being ? went to the "Puerto Rican pos a wild type whose ? ined in Havana in' a joint ? ? ? University Students' Fedeya-.; nationalist followers attempt- ' . ? C ines e-Cuhan school for bin. for Independence," the led to 'kill Harry Truman in youth' section of the "Puerto ' ; sabotage.' ? 1950. Four years later, some This long distance operation Ricer!: United Patriotic. Ac- of his men invaded the House ? tion Party," 'and the "Federa- of the Peking apparatus is of Representatives and -un- tion of Puerto Rican 'Youth being directed by Hu Yu-chiho loosed gunfire from .tho bal. for Independence." This ef- f \ . and. Chou Erh-fu. They are . ort to snare some of the cony onto congressmen below, \ ? the vice presidenta of the ? youth people into replying so From other sources I learn, '?\ qhina-Latin American - the Chinese propagandists ? the answer could be exploited Friendship. Assn., which. has ;in the Communist world ra- '? its main headquarters in the . ,di. and ?.press is the first "heart of Peking:- ? ? ?1. . But distance means little: .imw: ? :,The Chinese Communists * ;lc have units in Mexico City, ? ? SO THAT the s tt dent Vcrz Cruz, Rio de Janeiro groups 'there will be able' to and, of course, ?coordinating recognize . the language, if headquarters on the.outskirts . anyone in their . midst ? uses O of Havana. . ? ;the jargon or starts agitating * * * ? . for creation of committees to go to Peking, I want to quote J art of the unusual letter: ? 1.arget Of Red Intri IN THE Caribbean, the Chinese Communists plan ic use the technique .which has. been so seductively successful', elsewhere in Latin America ? ? especially Brazil, Chile and Mexico. They. are prepar- ing to seek out Puerto Ri-' cans, particularly youths and' unionists. Junkets to China: have become one of' Mao's.' major weapons against the,? free nations of Centr.al ? and., South America. A copy of a letter, fully;.. authenticated, from the ' Pc-, Rican grdups was made avIii- able to me here-by a source. ? "The U.S. imperialists and all the reactionary forces allied with them can never prevent the national libera- tion movement in Asia, Afri- ca r.nd Latin America from surging irresistibly forward,", the letter states. 41 ? ? We are confident that with the support of the people. of the world; the Puer-, to Rican people, their youth and student s, who have '? strengthened their unity, and Perservered in the Struggle, will win final victory, The, U.S. imperialists will be driv-'? en out of Puerto Rico and elseWhere in Latin America." , The letter, Is filled with'. attacks on the U.S. as "crim-?; inal" and charges us with "enslaving" the Puerto Rican people. uei _,:- - ? : ? - ? - - -- ... ... ltion of Cuba, the telescope ; with a reflecting dish 13IA I ' 'acres in area, annoys the 1 'international Communist : A 4 apparatus. : w .? It is a developthent of the, Cornell University Advanced Research Projects Agency of, the Defense Department, the I ' Air Force Cambridge -Re- .1 search Laboratories and the ? Army Corps of Engineers. CI -Its uses are scientific but that will not stop the Como'', munist agitation. It is with these wild slo-1 . gans that the Chinese Com- munists are attempting to; infiltrate the legitimate: ; Puerto Rican independence; ; movement. Now the appara-; ..tus stands exposed.: ' ' 1 , ? . ?." ,are particularly disturbed by', e new . U.S. 'radio-radar 'telescope recently completed in Arecibo in the north- western portion of the island. It' is a magnificent instru- ment for searching out the ? rbalaxy's sicrets. Perhaps emuse.it is at a point on the island in the' general diree. ? ? , ? Declassified in Part- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @50-Yr 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP73-00475R000102400001-0 ?