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December 20, 2016
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October 25, 2006
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March 19, 1971
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Approved For Release 2007/03/07: CIA-RD~TaBd0*1`66Y0~0 O chile T is appreciated. Lace rely Helms a Distribution: Orig. 44'_ Addressee 2flGI I - +I3C1- Subject (w basic I - EIS I - Chron?y OLC/PLC:7 c (16 March 1971) ad personal as*+ is 01 eat e e worldwide aiffi as of 30 your letter of 26 February 19711 >ral F e rea,onstbltlt7 in eor it g s zubmisolOlm Approved For Release 2007/03/07 : CIA-RDP73B00296R000100070024-8 19 MAR 1971 CHET4IOLIFIE4D, CALIF., CHAIRMAN Approved For Release 2007/03/07: CIA-RDP73'E3^99APR0O010 JACK BRpOKS, mX. L. 1S. FOUNTAIti,N.C. ROBERT E. JONES, ALA. _ AVAIL _CCrr%Ktn rf%mr-ACCC _rV JI HN S. MOSS, CALIF. D NTE B. FASCELL, FLA. HENRY S. REUSS, WIS. JOHN S. MONAGAN, CONN. TORBERT H. MACDONALD, MASS. WILLIAM S. MOORHEAD, PA. CORNELIUS E. GALLAGHER, N.J. WILLIAM J. RANDALL, MO. BENJAMIN S. ROSENTHAL, N.Y. JIM WRIGHT, TEX. FERNAND J. ST GERMAIN, R.I. JOHN C. CULVER, IOWA FLOYD V. HICKS, WASH. GEORGE W. COLLINS, ILL. DON FUQUA, FLA. JOHN CONYERS, JR., MICH. BILL ALEXANDER, ARK. BELLA S. ABZUG, N.Y. c111ongreo.5 of the Lniteb Abtatec Y4t&ER, N.J. INK NORTON, N.Y. N N. ERLENBORN, ILL. N W. WYDLER, N.Y. GILBERT GUDE. MD. PAUL N. MC CLOSKEY, JR., CALIF. JOHN STEIGER, AR Z. IN., ALA. SAM rl.e 3)oua of 3epregentatibe. BARRY BROWN, MICH. BARRY M. GOLOWATER, JR., CALIF. J. KENNETH ROBINSON, VA. COMMITTEE ON GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS WALTER E. POWELL. OHIO CHARLES THONE, NEBR. 2157 3ltapburu 3ouze Office Nuffbiug 1azijiugtou,.(c. 20515 February 26, 1971 Honorable Richard Helms Director Central Intelligence Agency Washington, D. C. 20505 CHRISTINE RAY DAVIS, STAFF DIRECTOR MAJORITY-225-5051 MINORITY-225-5074 The House Committee on Government Operations is again charged with the responsibility of compiling a Federal Property Inventory Report covering real and personal property assets of the United States Government, on a world-wide basis, as of June 30, 1970. The report is expected to be published as soon as possible. Your agency has been of great assistance to the Committee during the past few years in compiling data covering assets under the jurisdiction of the Central Intelligence Agency. I am especially pleased that assets of your agency have been reported previously in a manner, mutually agreed upon, which represented acquisition cost value without positive identification in each instance. I shall greatly appreciate your furnishing the Committee again, in a manner similar to the one employed in the past, figures covering real and personal property assets under your jurisdiction as of June 30, 1970. It is requested that these data be furnished the Committee no later than April 1, 1971. I shall greatly appreciate your continued cooperation and sup- port in assisting the Committee in this endeavor. Sincerely yours, CHET HOLIFIELD Chairman Approved For Release 2007/03/07 : CIA-RDP73B00296R000100070024-8