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December 12, 2016
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June 6, 2002
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February 25, 1971
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Approved For Release 200omffFJ . 1 JL00296R000300190116-1 25X1 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel P:zr;e 2 Thursday - 25 February 1971 5. JGO) Received a call from Mr. Boyd, Administrative Aide to Senator Lawton Chiles (D. , Fla. ), requesting a briefing on the Cuba situation and Soviet installations in Caba. I told him it was my understanding that such briefings are primarL.y within the jurisdiction of the Department of Defense anad State D,.r,artrnent but that I would check the matter and call him back. After a check was made with the Director, I affirmed the earlier statement and su ested the Senator's office contact Department of Defense. Mr. Boyd u-:-zressea his appreciation for the advice. 6. (Unclassified - MMC) Received a call from Alan Tir.-i, ,,,y, in the office of Representative James McClure (R. , Idaho),regf:e.s-ting general information on the Central Intelligence Agency in redly ;, a request from a constituent. Pamphlets were sent out. 7. (Unclassified - MMC) Received a call from Miss Rh-3a in the office of Representative Quie (R. , Minn. ), requesting information on the Central Intelligence Agency in response to a constituent's request. Pamphlets were sent out. 8. (Internal Use Only - PLC) Received a call from Vicl_ie McBes,th, in the office of Senator Howard Cannon (D., Nev. ), requesting an interview for a constituent seeking Agency employment. 25X1A Arrangements were made with Mr. F- I OP, to wnterview I lat 1400 hours, 26 February 1971. 9. (Unclassified - LLM) Mr. Charles Parker, OMB, cc.led and referred to my conversation with Mr. McAfee yesterday and asked if I could attend a 2 o'clock meeting in the office of Roger Jones, OVtB, to discuss the policy implications and recommendations involved in switching to 1967 for cost-of-living adjustments by Federal staff retirement systems. I explained that this office's principal responsibility dealt with l,z~ggislation but offered to pass the request on to the responsible Agency offi,:er. Mr. Andrew Ruddockfrom Civil Service Commission, accomparied by the CSC actuary, and Mr. Tex Brown from DOD will be attending tre meeting. Later I was informed by the office of the Director of Personnel that the meeting. of Personnel and of Finance would bt; attending 25X1A CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2002/08/01 : CIA-RD~73~00296R000300190116-1 Approved For Release 2002/08/01 : CIA-RDP73B00296R000300190116-1 C Nyl ENT4f~L 25X1A 25X1 25X1 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Pale 2 Monday - 22 February 1971 5. (Unclassified - MMC) Received a call from Miss Jac_:ie Groverfield, in the office of Representative Earl Landgrebe (R. , Ind. ), who requested information and application forms on the CIA for z constituent. Forms were sent to the Representative's office. 6. (Internal Use Only - DSJ) Miss McLean, in the offie of Representative Tom Railsback (R. , 111.) called requesting a personnel office, I advised ;.s s Mclean that an appointment had been seta for 2:00 Wednesday, 24 February. 25X1A interview for, Mr. After checking with Mr. 25X1A called to say that Weeks 7. ( JMM) I called him from California about 7:00 p. m. Friday evening to s Eor that Representative Paul McCloskey had been most unhappy over th? _~gency's unwillingness to provide him a briefing on North Vietnam. said 25X1A he told Weeks that normally State and Defense are the appropri,~te places to go .f:or briefings of this sort. 25X1 25X1A 9. (Confidential - JMM) Met with Representative G. ' .Jiam Whitehurst (R. , Va.) in response to his inquiry concerning a C i.-)an defector in Spain. I explained that we had no Agency interest in this individual, and gave Whitehurst a suggested reply to his constituent who had raised the matter with him. Whitehurst discussed problems created by certain new -;rembers of the House Armed Services Committee, remarking that it was cn.iy safe to assume that henceforth almost anything that was said before th,_ full Armed Services Committee might leak. Approved For Release 2002/08/01 : CIA-RDP73B00296R000300190116-1