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December 16, 2016
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April 12, 2002
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August 12, 1971
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Approved For Release 2QQdP~ EdS 6db 9O??00& Al~~~-- 8 US 11X DEPARTMENT OF STATE J Memorandum Of Conversafio 4 ~~ Q 13?7 Zl DATE: August 12, 1971 SUBJECT: Latin American Situations PLACE: Sans Souci Restaurant, Washington, D.C. DATE: August 10, 1971 PARTICIPANTS: Mr. Ralph W. Richardson, Deputy Director, INR/RAR Mr. Ryszard Krystosik, First Secretary, Polish Embassy COPIES Or-\ ARA/CCA ARA/BC (L EUR/CHP INR - 13 Mr. Krystosik and I spent two pleasant hours over lunch, "getting acquainted" and discussing some Latin American affairs. Mr. Krystosik was especially interested in the following: 1. Chile. He asked how I saw the situation of President Allende. My response was that the President was a very experienced politician with wide personal popularity who thus far has done the expected skillful job 2 - 65 Air) !2 e y N11 I ST R V : .... a trend to new approaches to Latin American soc a an e I N#~l~?fLf r R'~I~i'~r~ rdson : bl ap' F R as. _.,,~._-?i LIMITED OFFICIAL USE statement to the effect that Bolivia, Peru and now e i 1 d conomi c problems. of leading his coalition government. 2. Cuba. He inquired whether the US volleyball team's visit was "significant", and if I knew what inspired Senator Thurmond's statement on Soviet submarines. On the volleyball matter, I simply repeated the guidance given by i1r. Crimmins at the August 10 ARA staff meeting (no special significance whatso!Yver, no parallel with "ping pong", simply part of the Olympic elimination =wrocess). As for submarines, I said I had no idea what might have inspired the Senator's the would of with statement. there in were the reports USSR, of this the any context problem 1962 agreement". for the White In turn, I sought to draw Mr. Krystosik out on any particularly interesting aspects of the coalition situation in Chile, "from the viewpoint of a 0 -socialist and political scientist . Mr. Krystosik countered with a general Ch' 1 seemed to indicate State Dept. review completed Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP73B00296R000300260058-8