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December 20, 2016
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November 14, 2006
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December 3, 1971
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Approved For Release 2006/11/14: CIA-RDP73B00296R000500090005-3 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 3 Friday - 3 December 1971 7, (Confidential - JGO) Received a call from Jay Sourwine, Chief Counsel, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, who told me he had been requested by members of the Judiciary Committee to ascertain for their use without attribution the names of the principal Soviet intelligence officers in the various Latin American and South American countries such as Mexico and Chile. 25X1 WH Division, has been advised. 9. (Confidential - GLC) Cover Division, called to say 25X1 he had made arrangements with the Department of Defense for an Agency representative to review the transcript of the Joint Chiefs of Staff's testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee on thel 25x1 8. (Secret - JMM) David Abshire, Assistant Secretary of State for They will let us know early next week when this can be done. 25x1 10. (Unclassified - GLC) Left with Dorothy Fosdick, Senate Subcom- mittee on National Security and International Operations staff, an FBIS item in which Senator Jackson's name was mentioned. CRC, 10/06/2003 page 1 only MORI/Cage 2 only ERIC Approved For Release 2006/11/14: CIA-RDP73B00296R000500090005-3 Approved For Release 2006/11/14: CIA-RDP73B00296R000500090005-3 JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Friday - 10 December 1971 1. (Unclassified - GLC) Mr. Stuart French, ISA, Department of Defense, called to be sure we were aware of Senator Symington's plans to travel to Southeast Asia during the Christmas holidays and offered us a copy of the DOD message to the field on the Senator's trip. I told French we were aware of the Senator's travel plans but we would appreciate the copy of their cable, which he later LDXd to us. 2. (Unclassified - GLC) Called Homer Krout, Administrative Assistant to Representative Joel T. Broyhill (R., Va.), to advise him we had received the Congressman's letter written on behalf of the Langley Soccer Club, that we were pulling the facts together, and would have an answer for him early next week. Krout said this would be fine. 3? I I- GLC) Left with David Martin, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee staff, a copy of an article which appeared in The Current, of Bombay, on 13 November 1971 entitled "Lumumba University-- A Perfect Cover for Training Hard-core Subversives. " I suggested to Martin that this might be inserted in the Congressional Record or, at a minimum, included in his compendium on Soviet activities. STATOTHR 4. - JMM) This evening David Abshire, Assistant Secretary o State or ongressional Relations, called to ask if I knew anything about an "agreement" between the Director and Elias Demetracopoulos. He CV N T I NIP * AL 1 1U 1/UCJF Page 2 only Approved For Release 2006/11/14: CIA-RDP73B00296R000500090005-3