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December 28, 2016
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June 3, 2008
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April 6, 1971
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Automate MIS Budget Files. PPBS is currently automating the MIS :Budget Files associated with the 5 yr Plan; the Office Estimate, current year budget, etc. To accomplish this task three basic computer programs have been developed (YRF'IVL, CURRYR and PR { . P'L). Each program has the capability of outputting data in two formats (organization or object class.,), however, the input; deck for each must be manually arranged either by organization or by object class. Approved For Release 2008/06/03 :CIA-RDP73T0032 ~~- /-7J Cvw--SECR-ET CLASSIFICATWH i 1 -5 e I.0.\ I' fC t.JI "I d,.tA I NPT C READ INSTRUCTIONS ON i'E` r:r5 _ ci=rC:. "s^ ~?ti, 1 '1F. I ~:.C1 li6Z D . DATE PREPARE: 6 May 11"T1 7. I~r'OUES i_I1 C-C',HT foaf NO. 7,'-F ICl __ ;~c. F3I NO. Automation of MIS Budget Files 11. COUNTRY CODE 13. SPECIFIC REQUIREMENT A. Modify the CUR:C;YR` program such that all printout in the columns to the right of "BALANCE" can be eliminated (to be accomplished. on a high priority basis). B. Estimatemanhour requirements to modify all programs to: Accept the input deck in any format and yet be able to print out data in organization or object class format,,- Accept frequont and extensive updating (to either card J. or card.'2). Perform above tasks from remote access stations. BELOW FOF NPIC/n',.I? USE ``':'? Y / RFP0R,:` 01'S i -?T;o;~; L) A T E. Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP73T00325R000100020006-5 5R000100020006-5