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December 28, 2016
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June 3, 2008
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Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP73T00325R000100020016-4 Preliminary MIS - Input Data (Man Hour) Verify Edit and Correct, Audit, and Analysis, work paper and flow chart. OPERATING PROCEDURE 1. Each group within NPIC will be responsible for getting their time cards key punched and transmitted to the U-494 via Dct 2000 by 1600 hours on Tuesday of each week. 2. Error listings will be returned via Dct 2000 to each group submitting time cards. 3. Each group will correct all errors and resubmit the cor- rected time cards via Dct 2000 to the U-494. 4. Two additional copies of all errors will be produced at the Central Computer facility for distribution to AID/SIS and PPBS/RAD. 5. Components resident in and users of the MIS but 25X1 not members of IEG, PSG, TS&SG, or PPBS will submit their time cards in such a manner as will be decided by Chief, AID. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 1. The system will require that tables of all active projects, activity codes, and component codes be stored in the computer for time card validation purposes, 2. In addition, a table of NPIC skill codes will be stored within the computer for each individual. On input of man hour data a table lookup will be performed selecting for each individual by badge number the correct skill code for that individual. 3. The skill code will become part of the man hour data record stored on the drum. Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP73T00325R000100020016-4 Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP73T00325R000100020016-4 1. A scheme will be developed that will identify all DIA personnel by badge number and such identification will be included within the man hour data record stored on the drum. 5. The basic record stored on the drum will contain the persons name, Badge number, grade, component, project number, activity, man hour (RT and OT), skill, and 6. There will appear as many records for each person as the number of projects and different activity codes that were used by that per- son. 7. Eleven words will be contained in a record or 3 records to a sector. 8. It is estimated that between 1000 to 1200 Fastrand II sectors will be required. Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP73T00325R000100020016-4 Time Sheets/ AID/SIS & PPBS/ RAD Rece' ves Copy `AID/SIS & PPBS/ RAD Re- eives Co Personnel Code Time Cards Error Listing I IEG Corrects Errors Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP73T00325R000100020016-4 MIS - INPUT DATA VERIFY AND CORRECT, AUDIT, AND ANALYSIS Dct 2000 PPBS/RAD and AID/ SIS give the ap- proval to pro cede with MIS Update. Dbt3 I U-494 Time Cards 2000 Phase!3 - Inde- pendent of Phase Dct 2000 1 and 2. i Error rListing 2 Dct 000 pSG.Coerects. Errors PPBS/PPD Analyzes Drum File Project Numbers U-494 Verify, Edit, Cor rect and Audit Phase 1 and 2 Fastrand MIS File U-494 Normal MIS Update after com- pletion of Phase Analytical Reports Dct 2000 Error Listing Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP73T00325R000100020016-4 Activity Codes Component Error Listing 1. -1 TS&SG Correct Errors PPBS/RAD Corrects AID/SIS & PPBS/ RAD Re- ceives co y AID SIS Receives Copy of Errors