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December 9, 2016
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May 4, 2001
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January 20, 1960
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Approved For Release 2001/08/30 : CIA-RDP74-00005R000100010054-4 1January 20, 1960 The American University School of Government and Public Administration 1907 F Street, N. W. Washington 6, D. C. Members of the Interagency Records Conference will be pleased to have a special listing of courses in Records Management, Archives Administration, and related fields that the School of Govern- ment and Public Administration will offer during the Spring Semester 1960. There is also enclosed a folder describing the intensive In- stitutes on Records Management and on the Preservation and Adminis- tration of Archives, scheduled for the period from May 16-27, 1960 and June 6 - July 1, 1960 respectively. 54.443 MANAGEMENT OF SPECIAL TYPES OF GOVERNMENT RECORDS. 3 credit hours. Consideration of special types of government records in rela- tion to problems they cause in record keeping such as personnel, accounting, public relations, and statistics. The National Archives, Pennsylvania Avenue at 8th St., N.W. Wednesday, 6-8:20 p.m. Conference Room. Helen L. Chatfield, Adjunct Professor (Archivist of the University) and Marie Charlotte Stark, Lecturer (Chief, Records Division, Inter- national Monetary Fund). 54.543 HISTORY AND ADMINISTRATION OF ARCHIVES: PRINCIPLES AND TECHNIQUES. 3 credit hours. Discussion of the most important phases of work with archives and private papers. Field trip to near-by State archival agency. The National Archives, Pennsylvania Avenue at 8th St., N.W. Conference Room. Tuesday, 6-8:20 p.m. Ernst Posner, Professor. 54.546Y PLANNING AND ADMINISTRATION OF A RECORDS PROGRAM: MAIN- TENANCE AND RETIREMENT. 3 credit hours. Problems of mail and tare- communications; fits planning, systems, procedures, equipment, sup- plies, and space; paperwork quality control; scheduling, destruction and transfer procedures. The Pentagon, 1E-677. Monday, 5:15-7:35 p.m. S. J. Pomrenze, Professorial Lecturer,(Supervisory Analyst, Records Adminis- tration Branch, TAGO, Department of the Army). Open to civilian and military employees of the Department of Defense. 54.640Y DOCUMENTATION IN MANAGEMENT. 3 credit hours. Relation of management to documentation. The Pentagon, 5D-538. Tuesday, 5:15-7:35 p.m. Lea Bohner, Lecturer (Data Research Specialist, RCA Service Company). Open to civilian and military employees of the Department satpRIV FosT lorlp.soo3ippyoltd; eic-croV68000Aogniobg0" Ha l ? of Defense, ?The c_qurse_ i Approved For Release 2001/08/30 : CIA-RDP74-00005R000100010054-4 -2- 54.691 IN-SERVICE TRAINING PROJECT IN THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES. 3 credit hours. Hours arranged. Theodore R. Schellenberg, Professorial Lecturer (Assistant Archivist of the United States, National Archives), RELATED COURSES: 54.504 TECHNOLOGY AND ADMINISTRATION. 3 credit hours. 1901-191I F Street, N.W., Thursday, 6-8:20 p.m. Lowell H. Hattery, Professor. 54.526 OFFICE MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL. 3 credit hours. 1901-1911 F Street, N.W. Tuesday, 8:25-10:45 P.m. W. E. Dewe, Adjunct Professor (Management Consultant, Department of the Air Force). 55.520 AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING SYSTEMS. 3 credit hours. Uptown Campus. Monday, 7:30-9:50 p.m. William R. Divine, Ajunct Professor (Assistant Comptroller, Southern Railway System). Also offered to Department of Defense Personnel at the Pentagon (Tuesday) and at Arlington Hall Station (Monday), 5:15-7:35 p.m. 55.521 PROBLEMS OF AUTNOMAT1C DATA PROCESSING SYSTEMS. 3 credit hours. 1901-1911 F Street, N.W. Tuesday, 8:25-10:45 P.m. Frank W. Reilly, Lecturer (Special Assistant to the Assistant Administrator, Veterans Administration) Available to Department of Defense Personnel at the Pentagon (Thursday) and at Arlington Hall Station (Wednesday), 5:15-7:35 p.m. Also offered Thursdays at the General Accounting Office to employees of the GAO and other Federal Employees. Registration for Spring Semester courses will take place at the University's Downtown Center and Uptown Campus during the follow- ing periods: Wednesday - Friday, February 3 - 5, 12:30 - 7:00 p.m. Saturday, February 6, 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 For information concerning registration for Off-Campus courses call Dr. Burr, Director, Off-Campus and In-Service Programs at the Downtown Center, 1901 F Street, N.J. (STerling 3-4940, ext 29) or request tikarloifitecrPEPILV;le fibilaMr/Ifie:nagtRISifTWOlalaeriA0tobti-4Pregrams Approved For Release 2001/08/30: CIA-RDP74-00005R000100010054-4 -3- Inquiries concerning offerings and programs in Records Management and Archives Administration should be addressed to Ernst Posner, Head, Records and Archives Administration Program, School of Government and Public Administration, The American Univer- sity, 1901 F Street, N.W. (STerling 3-4940, ext. 12). ????????????1?FaMeargOONO?m????? Second Institute of Information Storage and Retrieval June 6 - 17, 1960 Principal Instructor: Dr. R. M. Hayes For information write or contact Professor Lowell H. Flattery, 1901 F St., N. W. STerling 3-4940 Ext. 33 Approved For Release 2001/08/30: CIA-RDP74-00005R000100010054-4 Approved For Release 2001/08/30 : CIA-RDP74-00005R000100010054-4 A-IMMO REPORTS AND FORKS Forms and reports are toola ehith help regulate ard control the businese,management and operations of the Navy. To provide the best In forme end reports they are analyzed at varioua levels of the Naval Establishment. Eaoh form or report mat meet the criteria: Is it eecessary? Will it do the job? Is it worth the cost? Forte and_ reports and related proceduree are improved or simplified by eliminating unnecessary ones, reducing the amount or the frequency of the informa- tion recorded or reported, consolidating and standardizing- forms or reports? and insuring data adequate for intended usage. A review is made of the procedures in which the foram and reports are used to insure that the procedures as well as the forms end reports are simple and effective. The management and improvement of forms and reports is accompliined gh the operation of forms and reports management installations leuated at the various organizational levels where the forms or report- ing requirements are initiated. Trained forma or reports analyets who operate the installations provide operating officials with the ataff assistance necessary to insure that forme and reports and related procedures best suit the needs of the activity. FOYMM or reports management installations have been established in the Office of the Chief of Nava/ Operations, Headquarters, U. S. Merine Corpse and bureaus and offices of the Navy Depertmant, Forme manage- eent installations are in operation in 134 naval shore aativities. Ruorta. management installations have been established in 165 naval shore activities and commands of the Operating Forces. In addition to the forms and reports management lestalllations0 continuing action is taken at all levels of the Naval Establishment to improve and simplify forms and reports and their related procedures. All activities are encouraged to submit recommendations to eliminate or improve forms and reports to the higher echelons which require them, ? During the pest year, 167 people attended the training clauses in forms management given in the Department and in the navel districts. Ninety-six people attended the courses in reports management. During fiscal year 1953, activities having forme management instal- lations eliminated 21,017 separate forms, consolidated 3,240 separate forms into 288, revised 6,161 forms for more effective operations, and standardized 140086 individual forms. During the same period, activities operating reports management installations cancelled 1,687 reports, withdrew 129 proposed reports before they were issued, and revised 938 to provide more adequate data or reduce paperwork. As a supplement to continuing reports management, intensive Navy- wide reviews of all recurring reports by all activities and commands have been conducted periodically. A review completed in October 1953 resulted in the cancellation or improvement of 3,981 reports and the release, for other work, of time equivalent to approximately 400 man- years annually. Almost 32% of the reports required by the Bevy Depart- meatAppOceNOREItFtbitiMis40641081401eCtOOOMMOte0etaCt94.43ies and oceamatds of the Operating Forces were cancelled or improved during this review.