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December 9, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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October 6, 1971
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Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP74-000058000100070016-0 6 October 1971 25X1A5a1 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECTi_ Moveable Shelving Project 25X1 C4a 25X1A5a1 25X1A5a1 1. Mr. was here on~6 October to look over the project -and plan a c?urse of action to complete same as sown as possible. 2. still does not have the contract, and the whole ra'e ~t t x,11 up in the air. Meetings are planned by Mr. with - Mr. and possible workers to do the jQb. 2.5X1A5a1 ~, Mr. _ proposed,the..following course of action: 25X1A5a1 A. Immediately construct Section 9 and ZO and doing so would .train a crew to properly install the equipment. to get out, and that we would do everything passible to cooperate with any plan-that would give us the most satisfactory job in the shortest possible time. x promised to study his plan and to give an answer or alternate plan by 7 October, B. As soon as they finish Sectons.9 ~ 10, he would lake for us to put the boxes now in Sections ll, ~hru 1~+ in them, . C.' They would complete 11 thru 14 and go into Wing C vrhich they want to do in two stages. ~~xx ~a D. At the same time the workers, as tim~`~td~~`~d~lable, would rework Sections ]. thru 8. In this way_hope to complete all new and rework at the same time. The schedule for the rework was to start with Sections 7 and 8, then 5 ~ 6, then 3 8 4, then 1 ~ 2,. (We now have records in Sections 1 thru ~~' 25X1A5a1 4. I told Air._ that we wanted him out of here as :bad as he wanted Approved For Release 2000/08x24: CIA-RDP74-000058000100070016-0 .Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP74-000058000100070016-0 25X1A5a1 25X1A 25X1A 5. After careful consideration and after consulting with the _ Project pfficers, I find that we cannot commit as much of our .shelving capacity to the project as Mr. - requests. We must have some storage space before we can move additional boxes. Also, there is the problem of the boxes in _ These boxes should not be there now: We have already committed more space to the contractor than required by the Contract. 6. In an effort to get the project completed as soon as possible, the ARC will permit the "new" contractor to work in both directions at-the same. time, that is to proceed on with the new work and to go ..back and rework the sections started by Co. However, this two-fold effort .can only be accomplished if the ARC can get some additional useable shelf space before additional boxes are relocated. 25X1 A 25X1A5a1 25X1A5a1 7. The following plan is-the best the _ can do and still operate. A. There is no problem with - immediately constructing sections 9 ~ 10. This will be their "model" for the rest of the job.. 25X1A5a1 B. At the .same time -can be reworking Sections 8, 6, 4 and 2 in that order. We will put the boxes now in Section 2 in Section 8. G, The boxes now in Sections 11 thru 14 will be put in Sections 4 and 6 as soon as they are ready. D. The boxes in Section 8 will be moved back to Section 2 as -soon as it is completed. 25X1A , The boxes in ~ wi11 be moved into Section 8. 25X1A5a1 1?. Boxes from Wing C can go into Section 9 ~ 10. G. As - completes Sections 11 thru 14 and move into the new wing, they can be reworking Sections 7, 5, 3 and 1. We wi11 have -space in these new sections to temporarily relocate the boxes now in Sections l and. 3. 5X1A9a Approved :For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP74-000058000100070016-0