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December 9, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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September 3, 1971
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Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP740 005R000100070022-3 3 SEP 1971 25X1 C4e SUBJECT ecurity 25X1A 25X1A6a I -zope you won't view this, note as trespassing; on our tenant- landlord relationship but I m becoming a little concerned about the functioning of the cameras protecting w,n several occasion.. recently when either Lew or I have visits( M one (or more) of 25X1A - cameras has been inoperative. I gather we have. had more or less continuing problems along this lixxe; I'm sure your. ,u;rd post has kept you posted on camera maintenance problems and that you share my concern for the security of the materials in I wonder whether we are confronted with any basic design deficiency in the camera systems, one which will continually plague us +so far as the security of the building is concerned. What do you think? Or are we contemplating any added maintenance steps which will promote more "up" time on the cameras? 25X1A6a Let me reassure you that I have no wish to meddle in your operation-but I am at your disposal and shall be more than happy to do whatever I can at this end to help you secure improvod 25X1 A functioning of the~amera systd is Please drop me a line on this. 25X1A9a Chief, support Services eta f Distribution: 0 & 1 - Addressee 1 - SSS/Subject 1 - SSS/Chrono DDS/SSSIHEP:pea (3 September 1971) Approved For Release 2000/ 25X1A -R ~~~atl ,t ;gR, 000100070022-3 do.;rPSd;ij anC Ja ~c~laaslt6czEian _ t