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December 9, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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November 1, 1968
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_Approved For Release 2000/08/24 :CIA-RDP7~?~0005R000100070025-0 v AFtCH~'".~ Ai~Q Rc. ORD~S Cam' 1 Novar~ber 1968 25X1A 25X1A6a 25X1A6a 25X1A9a :f,.~~1URA,NDLT~i t~'7R: ~ ~ginaer AT'1'N t Phz~. SUS3JEGT t TernporAtura and uumidity Control 3n 25X1A CES ::. 1. Gencsral 5pac~.fications for Storage Bu3lct~ng at dated ~~ i~.uy 195+ 2. GenorFx]. upocific~tic>ns ~'or Aclditian to Starago 25X1A I3ui3din at dated 1~ January 1957 ~.. For the past s~vQra1. years this A&NC has heel ~+ prablc3m with the tc~mparaturo axrd humidity con~~rols . 'phis probl~n is partioulr~.rly bad in thc~ ;spring and Fall uaonths. w'oxk ordcra hs,ve been subztiitted to the ~ ~iginear in thm past, and somm lotion has been taken td correct the problem at that particular tirs~. ~iGwaver, na action Y,~.s ever boon taken to eorraot the overall prablG:a e.s thc~ problem eantinuc~s to eacist. 2. As reflected by the attached chart, the tem8eraturc~ ~.n a given ar~r~ wi].1. vary as muc3~ as lQ degreeN in m 2~-hour period. And ~svcn snores scrlous, in ray apir~ion, xt will vary an raueh as ].a dcgrec~a ~'om one area to they noxt. T~ae~ SRC per so~a~:l saust work 3n all ?~xeas of Lhe build~x'i~x, azld it ~.a most, urssmt~.sfactary tc~ work ~a ~,Q dogrda~s, than imracdlately proececl in'i,o an area where the tecupors~ture is 68 deb ^eab. In msxsy lsxstarrces th? temperaturQ wi,l3. ia~.]. ~n one area aid gQ up ix- ax-other on the ssraa c~iy. 3. Al'~hou,~h they humidity ie not x~oi'leacted on the chart, it S.a alto ~. problem. : or examalo, ~.n thc~ threaa months cavc~red an the cl~rt, -- Area A went From a h~.gb off' 69 par cent on ~. August to a low oi~ 3 t per cone oz7,;,~?Qc,4obar; Area n want farou c. hi;h of 66 pQr cozat azl ~~ AuguEt ?,. to t~ low of '30 por cent on ~. Qctobear, an,d Area D went Pram a h;l~ of 56 pax^ cent on ~ 5cptc~tbe-r to a low oP 37 por c~nti cu 31 Oct!~9r, 1e du not eve a huut3dity age ~+ A C . e--' ~ `~" `y i.,yn k W fi.~~ ;;Approved For Release 2000/08/24 : GI'Q-RDP74-00005R000100070Q25-0 ,:,. ~ , Approved For Release 2000/08/24 :CIA-RDP74,,~U005R000100070025-0 ~. gnoe a,ain u woxk or~ar ire ba~.n~ submitted, isa hG~o ~I~~ Carruet3v4 ~atics~ aan be taltian iri thQ nemx~ ~'uture~ . 25X1A9a Att~c~rnaats 1. Chr~xb 2. Woxk Order' Approved For Release 2000/08/24 :CIA-RDP74-000058000100,070025-Q