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December 9, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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June 16, 1971
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Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP74-00005R000100070033-1 f'6I~FIBF.'!~fl4E 16 June 1971 SUBJECT: Installation of Motorized Shelving at the Records Center 1. On Monday, 14 June 1971, I inspect 25X1A progress on the motorized moveable shelving installation in Building 25X1A 25X1A9a 2. Mr. the Project Officer, and Mr.- escorted 25X1A9a me through the work area and were very helpful in pointing out the areas of concern. 3. One item of main concern is the fact that the progress-on this project is one month behind schedule. Of further concern, and a possibility for fur e relay, is the poor cement job. In addition to a cement bonding_pr.oblem, the concrete,. s_not._.even and the edges next to the rails and channels, that accommodate the chain, are chipping. 25X1A5a1 4. Last week, Mr._ Assistant Manager for Installations, 25X1A5a1 representing the supplier, inspected the job and indicated that for some reason or other the special type "W" shaped 25X1A5a1 channel, designed for use on concrete decking jobs, was not provided. Instead,~~ey forwarded for use the type' cEiinne1 that is used with wood decking. Mr. the principal contractor, has asked 25X1A5a1 Mr.~ if it would be feasible to weld a piece of metal onto the existing channel, thereby modifying what is presently set, in order to make it function more nearly like the "W" type channel. 5. As this first increment is supposed to represent the full- scale "mock up" as called for in the formal bid, I wish to enumerate the following items of concern: a. We understood that both the ankle high and belt high secondary safety cords would be on the same side of the range of shelving. They have placed the ankle and belt high safety cords on opposite sides of each range. As these devices protrude from the leading edge of the shelf this type placement will not only cut down on available aisle space, but also require that greater care be exercised when carts and ladders are brought into the aisles. Liu I&R-M Approved For Release 2000/0 74-000058000100070033-1 8127 Approved For Reelleas M DP74-00u005F 00100070033-1 b. Because the over ride-key-hole is less than six (6) feet off the floor the protrusions of these will reduce by approximately four (Li) inches the available main aisle space. A minimum of eight (8) feet was specified in the specifica- tions. Placement of the over ride above the 6 to 62 foot height would prove helpful. c. The fact that the project is behind schedule 25X1A9a not only imposes inconveniences ons operation, but will also cause him loss of man- power by extending the length of time escort services must be provided as well as the extension of time that s services as 25X1A9a Project Officer will be required. 25X1 C4a 6. 1feel it is about time that Logistics representatives met with to again review the terms of the formal bid an con ractura papers toward determining whether or not the contractor is complying with the requirements. There is no doubt in my mind. that the contrQr has not met the requirements as stipulated. in the formal bid and specifications and Qlso has not met the time limits calling for completion of the first two bays by 15 May 1971 TO-dais- days after receipt onotce to procee~~. At the time of this writing the contractor is thirty-four (34) days late in meeting the first deadline, and because of the various problems he is presently faced with, it is difficult to determine when he will complete the first phase of the insta anon:'. / 25X1A9a AGAICIAGAIIIII Approved For Releas DP74-00005R000100070033-1