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December 9, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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June 8, 1971
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Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP74-00005R000100070034-0 SHELVES 1. New Rails or Bring Concrete to Top of Rail 2. Level & Straighten the Concrete 3. Tile isn't Setting Tight 4. Concrete ran through the First Floor 5. Center Aisle will have to be Covered after Bays are Finished 6. Should Concrete be Poured under Stationary Shelves? If it is, do we need the Plywood Deck under the Bottom Shelf? 7. Cut out Wooden Deck for the Chain Return Box 8. Concrete not Bonded to the old Floor. Why? Should it be? 9. Where are the wheels for the carts and what size are they? Will they work? 1. The four r ce on each upright angle has been put back on per Mr. 2. Shelves have been straightened, tightened and squared. 3. Brace that holds the electrical wire between shelves tends to droop and will hit top boxes. PERSONNEL ATTENDING MEETING: 25X1A9a Approv Approved For Relea` 2 Ab/08/24: CIA-RDP74-00005R0001 0 NOW 4. Shouldn't wire run closer to upright angle where it runs from top of shelves to chain pick up. 5. If metal is taken off the end shelves, couldn't a "hand" or box hit the electrical hook-up? 6. Couldn't the motor and control panel and other motor in each bay set under a fifteen in shelf? (Put a board in front of motor that could be removed. 7. The wire between first two motors was too short to let you take out a motor without disconnecting the wire. A new set of motors was put in. Can the motors be easily changed -- screw changed so that screw head pointed out. 8. How does safety alert wire hook to end panel? 9. Should be cleaned by washing in probably two (2) waters. Some arrangement should be made to keep shelves clean after completion of.each bay. 10. How is the wire that runs on top of each row fastened down and where? 11. The safety will be put on the second bracket or angle from the floor. Need second nut on turnbuckle. LIGHTS 1. Small ducts will get one row of lights on angle. 2. Large ducts will get row of lights on each side at a angle. 3. Oversize will get probably a spotlight. 1. Should the light fixtures that are taken out of building be kept on lower parking lot for the duration of the project? (70 so far) Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP74-00005R000100070034-0 - 2 - 0-3 fI . 1,6 c ti, irk, G X. -e;rr 2 ~.; c_t c1 e. r.t mot-~a~h 4 c Qrl - N - C % ,0e c, C h CL. l 1 v f c e- c cz:yln c., . l b~~, H 1'+c, l3 r s1 r - S' I ca.ck . Tz, Ia-'o'rvt1 sec, Apj roved For Release'2000/08/24: CIA-RDP74-00005R000100070034-0 6/-2-l7l 8/24: CIA-RDP74-00005R0001 0o W4-0 c S 2$ /,n~ blaak Yncrr(s r)~s 1 1 1 p'tlcz . o st C 1 1 C~~1'L -, JJ. t C~ o r ~~Z Chain 3uid?- c ho tnzA n T-1 c,) f c~ ~- t,~ c J s ?l-6UYr^1per S1-ip Apq{oved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP74-0 gO-0070034-0 uuI tinc! , 0 o a