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December 9, 2016
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June 19, 2000
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February 2, 1970
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Approved For Release 2002/05/0 P74-00005R000100090002-3 444111. 2 February 1970 MEMORANDUM ?OR: Deputy Director for Support DEJECT Augmentation of the Agency Records Storage Capacity I. Paragraph 9 of this memorandum contains a recommendation for the aprova1 of the DD/S. 2. This memorandum is addressed to the probler of providing additional records storage space to meet our need to relocate Supple- mental Distribution documents temporarily stored at the Washington National Records Center (WNRC) in Suitland by December 1970 and to provide future capacity for records growth. The volume of Supplemen- tal Dietribution material stored at WNRC has ranged from 16,000 to 20,000 cubic feet these past twelve months. If the present volume of Supplemental Distribution documents were returned to in Decem- ber 1970 it would put us over our operating capacity by 5,000 cubic feet. OUr net annual records growth for the past 10 years has been 6,500 cubic feet. Therefore, to meet our immediate need to relocate Supplemental Distribution material temporarily stored at WNRC and to provide required growth capacity for the succeeding five years (1971 through 1975), we must take action NOW to obtain an additional 38,000 cubic feet of storage capacity. 3. Increased records storage facilities are but one aspect of our attempts to resolve the overall records management problem, but efforts on other elements of the program have led to an inescapable conclusion that we have an immediate need for additional storage capac- ity. We hope to provide long range solutions to our records storage problem by reducing the flow of records to our storage facility through Improved management of records creation, as well as reducing the volume by use of new microform systems now being developed. However, signifi- cant reduction of records storage requirements through these programs will require time, funds for microform equipment, awl a reversal of management's past deferential attitude towerds records managenent. Our proposeas to meet our inmediate need of a 38,000 cubic-foot increase in storage capacity have been narrowed to the alternatives discussed below listed by order of preference. 4. A recently completed review of the Agency's emergency relocation planning posture has resulted in a recoi.endation, now pending Executive Director approval, that emergency equipment stored in Approved For Release 2002/05 100090002-3 25X1A6a 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/05/ P74-00005R000100090002-3 the Butler warehouse adjacent to our Records Center) 6a be moved, thus freeing this building for current r--1 operations. Upon 25X1A6a Executive Director approval of this recommendation we propose to convert this building to a storage facility for our supplemental distribution documents, The Offices of Security and Logistics have been asked to propose structural modifications to this building short of vault con- struction which will meat minimum security requirements. This building could handle approximately 15,000 cubic feet of the sueplemental dis- tribution documents. We suggest that this he the first increment of the required 38,000 cubic feet leaving the remaining 23,000 cubic feet to be obtained through other means. 25X1 A6a 25X1A6a 25X1A2g 25X1A6a 25X1A2g 5. The feasibility study on installation of motorized shelving at Records Center has been favorably concluded. Preliminary esti- 25X1A6a mates indicate that total conversion of the present storage area at to motorized shelving would provide a net gain of some 50,000 cubic feet at an estimated cost of $780,000. To obtain the needed 23,000 cubic foot increase would require converting slightly less than half of our present= records facility to motorized shelving at an estimated cost of $400,000. Upon approval of the concept in principle we will prepare detailed performance specifications and seek firm vendors' bids. mnstal- lation is expected to take approximately six months. 6. A third option to increase storage capacity deals with reno- vation of one or more buildings at1 1 Several studies have been25X1A2g completed by the Records Administration Officer and the Offices of Logistics, Security, and Training. The proposal is feasible and there is a general consensus that of the six possible sites considered, reno- vation of the filtration plant tanks offers the most acceptable alter- native at If we are to complete the staff work in time to use ry 1970 year-end funds, this option would require immediate authorization for the expenditure of $25.000 for an Architect and En- gineering Services study before going out for vendors' bids. Prelim- inary estimates indicate that the filtration plant site could provide 25,000 cubic feet of storage space at an estimated cost of $390,000. This option is the least desirable for a variety of reason/3, primary of which are: a. Current estimates indicate that the site is at least as expensive per cubic foot as motorized shelving at (both options are approximately $16.00 per cubic foot), but the annual costs to maintain and service a recorde instal- lation at would make this option considerably more expensive than expanding our capacity at 25X1A2g 25X1A6a 25X1A2g b. Although at some future date an site could provide an ideal repository for our Archives collection, pro- 2 40#66. Approved For Release 2002/05/01 . -RDP74-00005R000100090002-3 25X1A6a 25X1A6a Approved For Release 200 74-00005R1680100090002-3 spects are currently remote that we will obtain the required manpower to establish and staff an Agency Archives function. To place other permanent inactive records (or the Supplemental Distribution material) there at this time would require elab- orate courier systems and lessen our capability to provide timely retrieval service. 7. Two other alternatives that were given serious consideration but discarded from consideration were the use of the Federal Records Center at Suitland (WRC) and,a_mepsive microfilm oroject to reduce our current hard copy holdings at1 1 The Office of Security undertook a security evaluation of the use of UNIIC for permanent storage of our inactive record holdings and concluded that because of security inade- quacies we should not use this facility. It was also concluded that, although microfilm holds some hope for the future, a program to reduce current holdings ati iwould be prohibitively expensive, 8. In conclusion we are proposing a two-pronged approach to deal with our immediate records storage problem: a. Convert the Butler warehouse J 1 to a minimum security records storage facility providing 15,UUU cubic feet of capacity at a cost of about $118,000. This requires a waiver of basic security criteria for storage of classified material and its use must he restricted to supplemental distri- bution documents. 25X1A6a 25X1A6a b. Convert approximately 1/2 of the Records Center at to motorized shelving providing a 24,000 cubic-foot increase in capacity for approximately $400,000. The primary advantages of this solution are: 25X1A6a a. It meets the Executive Director's requirement that we will not be allowed funds for new construction. This option in- volves only the procurement of material and improvement of exist- ing facilities, b. The cost per cubic foot of increased capacity is less than costs for renovation of facilities reviewed atl 1 (see paragraph 6 above). c. It allows to continue to function as the central- ised Agency records storage facility with resultant savings in manpower and efficiency of service. This would not be the case if satellite Agency records holding facilities were established in other Agency real estate. Approved For Release 2002/05/0jAr74-00005R000100090002-3 25X1A2g Approved For Release 2002/0ifter-RDP74-00005R000100090002-3 25X1A6a 25X1A6a It is recommended that: a. The DD/S request the Executive Director's approval to earmark $520,000 in FY 70 year-end funds to augment our records storage facilities through renovations of stl land installation of motorized shelving in our main Records Center. b. The DD/S direct the Office of Logistics to complete performance gratifications and seek vendors bids for instal- lation of motorized shelving at C. The DD/S approve the required a storing aupp1eitental distribution material in and direct the Offices of Logistics and Security to proceed with the required renovations to this building. urity waivers for Chia support 5ervices ?, a f Recommendations in paragraph 9 are approved: R. L. Bannerman Deputy Director for Support Date DDS/SSS:RW:1ja(2 February 1970) Distribution: Orig - Addressee (Return Orig. to SSS) 1 - DD/S Subject 1 - RAB Subject 1 - SSS Subject 1 - SSS Chrono 4 Approved For Release 2002/05 P74-00005R000100090002-3 25X1A 25X1A6a 25X1A9a