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December 27, 2016
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August 7, 2013
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June 20, 1958
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iIAI Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP74-00297R000301040029-6 - AND TIMES HERALD ? ' t 1---(7-' ?irushehei7V7TUTd' haVe none. b ,11.--.04., ___. AC 1 o s e r' : G to i m--' p s e uthat?going? armiiid?Vn,eircleS: ?YAr.?i'., .50 }4 . ,?t,often does, heihaTIeeburse. to!a-litirriely W . Ritssites:RitleitRbssian analokyt'aboiit`-tne,,"Whit-Bui..1 lock.' ? This,iSacAtork0f? an ;Old p.eaSintli ' woman? Chilch woman.' 1 .By Nar .white. bullOek--'olit ,tO'irrize,'_and :'forever ' ? ptiis ,,?; . .1., . t1s.. coming ',back', to.rthe village, ,to report , MOSCOW.?After ? you are settled in that the bullock strayed ',aW-ay,,1 ... *??, your seat and the,;Sbviet airliner-, 14 ? Totthis-obServer,t. "rusliehev:Seeined gained 4 altitude, a?-,iirettyr.'hoiteSsi.? ftus: to believe,ever-Y,',w6i-d 'AtiNli.`ill'e:`?siitik. This was not .''propaganda' that'he, Was siert model, offers.'' the pasSengeiii ? 1 ' .? ? ? ,putting I:but' fort, a , chile of -,rePO'riers magazines;!. There are-, tWo;,the Soviet-Union' arid diplomats -an an enibassypdrawing illustrated, Monthly a rooin,-; -For in ihis sold& affirmation' this fairly Professionaliple- . , Short;qhick ,man ; in, a nondescript.. gray ;ture ? nagazine; n'cll Suit was ,the 4 center,- the cote, of na,tional i a Culture and' conviction, :ag , beaMed ,.to ? ,the '..farthest , Lif e, con- ?taining- ,articles on' ' i: cornerS . of, the,,Enrasiantind Mass 'by ar,iety of ubjeCts every..nieani.'ot?ithderir CornManicaticin. '. ' ,'" s' , . -i'.? r ?????-? ? ? . ,,' ?...,,,--.1.-",./0? 1 from choosing' a ta- reel'', to 'decorating !:in,111 THIS IS-the me'a'ning of ;?KhrushcheV and the-. Soviet system today;rand?;iti is The ". nute,',istr'u.ek!,'tle,, , .,. ? ?. , breathtaking' in "its Com'preheoSiventss peatedly and! eOntis- il? -..-:chiltts .i and its pervasiveness. Whatever.: ititig-' tently:,throughout -bothniagaiineS ,W1459.' 'gle 6nd 'rivalry May lie belOw-Tth4,Stif- ? Ost, c; the ,,h,appiness", and, well-being. of face, no?onednaYin the ordinary course , si` theSoviet people andecOnd, their ?de- of events, ?see.':,,. And it is i'only,:the out- 'sire for ipeace3` an& their abhorrence . Of ; sider 'who mai, speculate ' about Whit war:. To one visiting.Jhe:.?Soviet ,UnIt'ni happens behind the Kremlin swans: , for 'the. first time, this was the initial But what this great, solid, seeiningly,?1 . impressiOn, of, Wliaf , apiears in:eVitably, impervious *mass ;Means for the 'future ` and a negotiatecitsettlernent is .some- ? as :the outstandinv,difference, between thing 'else: The ?-hrst tentative step?t - the. two worlds of ,East-,and West. It is cultural exchange?has been taken' and I I the total-rind conipiete:IndoctrinatiOri of the heralds ,of culture and learning' are, 1 the'SOviet citizen'''-' ,' ? ? ??' flying back and forth as - though the :There is nothing .ifew in this: i It cot- . ? responds, With :the',:fundamental belief great divide not exist:'. "--',.. -, - ... ?. . e I' Van Cliburn was a Jhuge success; ? en.; of , the Communist ;order. But - to,' the ?:_ nanting a people ' who 'love music- -Ind f hitt tithe, how . 200, 1million people are vlsitor from the. West;' seeing ..for 'the ti , for whom the tali; dramatic young Texan represented Somethint.neWl? and speetac-, , enclosed within , this ," doctrinal -.,? frarne= ular: The ?joyou's,?Vigor :and Vitality of work, it must seem to be an astonishing the Moiseyev - dancers .,have' tsimilarly phenomenon. ..:' , ., - ' -; . ,caPtivated Anierica:"The Bolthoi Ballet For the great mass 'Of the Ruiiians, has 'been appearirigini Paris, ' where 1 it would' appear to' belaken for kiranthct! every seat Was sold-out months' before, t - There' are some whoilook longingli`Ouf,an-d the ballet; and-.'HUSsia'i^ether, prize r , and perhaps a few Who -?traV.Bl 'cultural exhibits aree,Oieirii sent?to,",the' ' the-great mass W?lia of "those who WO/16A). iBr 'Ssels World'e'Fair ',iri,'-*!layiSh .i,dis-l' , hard, lo 'intently,' so 'fiercely, the num- ,pla ;of what this country,cati3Offer:? , , ' ber must be very small. ' . ' .?:. ,..,?The`?PhiladelPhia -Circhegtra has just ,von wide' acclaim, here,- ,both 'frbm THIS REPORTkribn his ,first'-dai 'audiences and fromreviewiers-,,who"are /Often critical not only ,of , foreign .artists loscoWN'llad?? an exchange' with Nikita? ? but their 'own... ''. S. IthruShchey .that''Was Proof to hi . that in discpSsing the Russian ikisitio On ;the issues dividing gest :and ..'Wes.t, / it is Wrong to use, the?!?Word ."prOria,- ganda." 4: The exdharige, toiik 'fplaCe),Pat , onebf4he big embassy receptions- Oheie the miernbers of the Presidium' of the ?? SupremeilSoviet, ordinarilY`1to;sichis$Ve I make ,themselves available lo:.all(cbineiFs' in, a ,ctoWded .coektail-;Partatmospherk ''KliriisticheV spoke . with klielhalf-nn=l ' mOiVis,-?half-stern,Manner,iViaracterigtie 1 of him ahont the truth whiclqshatilelhe" evident 'to everionen,the kireat;'iisuelit of, war i and ? peace. ;?'Btit WaS'Iliere:ritar ' the -reporter suggested)ti,41:litliltliattliSI. e'rspCtetq; . 'somewhere between.:' the'4Iigc-10 iSsiZrt spective mid the- American ;P , and wasn't it ?necessary .tOrtrP514afd Lthat ' truth? - -': . 4 ..jrctrYLk.11if:Lr ,. , e.. te, Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP74-00297R000301040029-6