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December 23, 2016
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October 28, 2013
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December 20, 1957
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Declassified and Approved For Release @ 50-Yr 2013/10/29: CIA-RDP74-00297R000900090014-2 6 UFFICIA L Y TRANSCRIPT OF BROADCAST By Fulton Lewis, Jr. Station WGMS at 7-7:15 P.M. ;:toco,16 December 1957 Portions of this broadca t were omitted due to the fact that they did not concern the Crusade for Freedom program or CIA in any way. Now about Radio Free Europe and its affiliated operations which are supposed to be sending the message of freedom and hope behind the iron curtain from Munich, Germany, and Lisbon, Portugal, the actual operation for which the Crusade for Free- dom collects the truth dollars from the public, from you, the armed services, and government employees. The president of this Free Europe operation is a retired Lt. General in the army, Willis D. Crittenberger, who is a close personal friend of President Eisenhower and reportedly was put into the,job on that account. Unfortunately, I am not able to tell you much about him on a first-hand basis because I have been try- ing to get in touch with General Crittenberger since Wednesday, the 6th of November, Wednesday November 6, when I first called at the Free Europe headquarters in New York in person, and I . never have been able to get to him yet. I have made repeated attempts to reach him by telephone to get an appointment with him. I have left repeated calls asking him to call me back at my expense, I have never had the courtesy of a reply to any of them. Whether the staff under him is intercepting,these ap- proaches on my part I have no idea, but that could be. In any event, the general information I have been able to get about the general is favorable although he is a comparative newcomer to the organization. Inquiries as to his salary 'and the sal- aries of other officials of the organizati n have been refused although I have from my own sources inside the Free Europe or- ganization a report on most of them, which I have every reason to believe is accurate. From the same sources I'm told that the annual cost of the Free Europe operation is about $20,000Ga year and this is corroborated by several outside sources, individuals previously with the organization. One of the men who originally set itup estimates that the operation in Munich alone costs $10,0009' ()PLirrirr, Declassified and Approved For Release ? 50-Yr 2013/10/29: CIA-RDP74-00297R000900090014-2 Declassified and Approved For Release @50-Yr 2013/10/29: CIA-RDP74-00297R000900090014-2 OFFICIAL USE ONLY tle2 year, the one in Lisbon costs between $3,000 and $5,000 a year. All this, of course, is for running expenses of day-to-day performance and is over and above the capital investment that has been made in the plan. This capital investment is tremendous, the headquarters in Munich is a fantastic structure with th mgt modern and expensive equipment and a staff of people, has its own or- ganization of security police guards, which is not to the liking of the German government but is tolerated because of State Department pressure. There are large apartment buildings for the personnel with parquet floors, tile baths, modern kitchens, spacious living rooms and fancy furniture. The explanation of these is that they were built at a time when no accommodations of any kind were available in Munich and that the rents are not lower than German rents. I have before me an official statement on this subject which says that Radio Free Europe has an equity in the buildings which makes them self supporting. I commend that statement to your attention, Radio Free Europe has an equity in the build- ings which makes them self supporting. Just how owning an equity in the buildings can possibly make the building self- supporting is more than I'm able to under tand. For a proj- ect to be self supporting there has to be income from it. An equity is a partial ownership. As for the rent, I'm in- formed by former Free Europe employees who lived in these apartments that there is no rent. The apartments were pro- vided, they said, free of charge to them. There are fleets of automobiles and warehouses and supplies of equipment, re- placements and parts. Until recently the personnel was al- lowed the privilege of army post exchanges but this was stopped on protest of the German government and Washington, and they are now given an allowance up to $1,000 a year in- stead. Among the Free Europe operations in Munich, for the propaganda balloon project, in which balloons loaded with literature were floated over Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Hungary to be released over the cities and towns. This op- eration was terminated in October 1956, well over a year ago. I have before me a photostat of the original order discon- tinuing the project on the date of December 3, 1956. This document begins with an announcement of the suspension of all three programs and the purported reasons in each case. Actually, the order came from Washington. The directive then goes on to state "maintain operational status until further notice and keep casualties and firing to a minimum. Operational personnel should be assigned other tasks in- cluding: a. physical relief projects such as processing, and transporting supplies in conjunction with the German Red Cross; b, balloon research program editorial personnel - 2 - nrrrin A I 1 Ter rlItTI Declassified and Approved For Release @50-Yr 2013/10/29: CIA-RDP74-00297R000900090014-2 Declassified and Approved For Release @50-Yr 2013/10/29: CIA-RDP74-00297R000900090014-2 ? - ? ? U5k; ONLY should concentrate on refugee news and education service as permitted by Austrian authorities and found useful by the refugees themselves. This program would include phrase books, text books, and other reading material as well as (a) news bulletin, Hungarian; and (b) expanded mailing projects. Selection and translation of more European titles, improvement of mailers network, more local arrangements for sponsorship. Then follow a detailed list of specific new projects on which the employees who had been employed on the defunct balloon program could be given jobs. In short, the people who were no longer needed on the balloon project were going to be kept on the payroll anyway and jobs were going to be found for them. Fact of the matter is that as of today, one year and seventeen days later, there still are 136 employees on the payroll although not one balloon has been launched in more than 13 months. In fact, it was not until several weeks ago, when an employee named George A. Tripnowsky was dispatched from New York to Munich to finally liquidate the baloon project, and he was given 45 days in which to do it on a perdiem basis of $20 a day plus salary, plus travel cost. I inquired to as why it was necessary to go to this ex- tra expense when there was still plenty of personnel in Munich entirely capable of doing the liquidation, selling the quonsets and equipment and supplies and so forth, and that in fact even as Mr. Tripnowsky was on his way over there, the head of the balloon project, Howard S. Weaver, a $15,000 a year employee who has been with it since the very begin- ning was being brought back to New York. I was informed Mr. Weaver had to be brought back to the United States be- cause he was one of the individuals in the Free Europe op- eration who had been involved in a blackmarket cigaret scan- dal. The Free Europe headquarters in New York it seems, sent its general council, a young man named Richard Greenleg,1 to Munich to defend the eight individuals when they were tried in German courts, and I'm inform d by one source that the cost of his trip and his services amounted to approxi- mately $10,000. The Free Europe officials admitted when I questioned them, that the cost was several thousand. Any- way, Mr. Weaver and the other seven were all convicted and fined and had to be recalled to the United States. You see ladies and gentlemen, they don't tell you about these little points when they're asking for contributions to fight Com- munism with truth. You may have thought that that was a very long shot ladies and gentlemen, when I told you the road block that was placed in my way last night in trying to locate former 3 - nrrun A 1 7 WV etikrir Declassified and Approved For Release ? 50-Yr 2013/10/29: CIA-RDP74-00297R000900090014-2 Declassified and Approved For Release @50-Yr 2013/10/29: CIA-RDP74-00297R000900090014-2 ? OFFICIAL Ubt; ONLY Lt. Colonel Ralph W. Clemments, of the Army Medical Corps in Munich, who ha's important information in this story and the fact that I thought we could lick the road block throughihis audience; He resigned from the army last September, had to be somewhere and this pro- gram goes almost everywhere. So I asked you to be on the lookout for him. Within eight minutes after I was off the air last night, I had a telephone call from a listener giving me his exact whereabouts and today the colonel called himself. That's the top of the news as it looks from here. 61r A_Ir I TOV 'Nair ?7 Declassified and Approved For Release @50-Yr 2013/10/29: CIA-RDP74-00297R000900090014-2