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December 23, 2016
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May 14, 2013
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June 2, 1958
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STAT Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/05/14: CIA-RDP74-00297RO01100670011-8 -AY4 DES HER.A U) The Washington Pfferry.Go- 'ol n-A 0 0 Ga1jndez ~ By Drew Pearson. Most important point raised,518,000 'a month-. ''his-is a lot in the long-awaited Morris;of money to roll into the lap" (Ernst report on the strangelof a college professor who. `disappearance of Prof. Jesus sent out no " -.tare to ask; for money, r-. few letters,! de Galindez Is,, !made almost no speeches ?to,i how and where r You s of eople e p Ilumbta University- Ilindez took charge. Obviously Ernst concludes that the Co-;the money came to him be- " mbia professor is ? till miss-1 ling and still nobody knowsicause someone, possibly an ap- g p 't h e Professor c` a a g inc money continued to was able co'col- oll in in amounts ranging be- ,1::- , one million -s ~ween $4000 to $24,000 a !dollars. That is month for the next six years., a lot of money In January, 1956, just before ;for a cortege .F he was killed, or.. disappeared profess or to he filed the largest receipt Of amounts nf money spent for' pull in from all-$26,039, "espionage than anyone else in`, Span i s h Ras- The money was supposed to Washington, ques, and,.?the Pearson ?= come from Spanish. Basques in j, big question' is Venezu.ela, Me xi c o, Chile, Washington P: ijieinie 'whether be was Peru, Colombia, Cuba, France,; Despite Ike's optimistic actually getting it from .fi6an-;Belgium and Italy. I-lowever;statement about the end of the lards or.};; i;?jt,didn't come!there are exchange restric-!, fecession, chances are that tions in most of these coun- froth secret espionage agents. unemployment will hit tlfe six n! n ,:?-.F...-.. tries, so it's impossible to s.endmillion mark by the ent. of. Ernst, after Sla montIl~`' 0f money to other countries' - , June and seven million by them. investigation for the Domini-;.Furthermore, money collet-; government, has come uptions' are not easy even foi,'end-of the summer ... Prime, can Min ster Macmillan will tei14 with some important, though killed'_'_money raisers, and ~,rPsident Eisenhower .