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December 23, 2016
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May 14, 2013
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January 3, 1952
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ST Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/05/14: CIA-RDP74-00297R001100670112-6 he T-4shjn?toy 1 ',-~' v~J ~ ii~a:'b THE WASHINGTON POST Thursday, January 3, 19.52 B ?6J Fiie~3e~ a f?^ ?..,. .,r.T07t Dro op 0 . 1t mu.uninist Iast spring urged send- i House are at an all-time low. :ing propaganda. balloons behind The boys in the White house:the Iron Curtain, it ? :s fiowned press room.. w;:;? By Drety Pearson 1 rQpanaa3?t i aaiue;11 , President Truln,an's relations: For ' instance, when this col- with. reporters at' tl 1 i ;;;;>i giaphed> . packed on telephone l press general- f r' mailed anonymously to Jdon'tAnd they t ,} .,;Communist officials, and created p pre f xW . such a' furor that Communist . ,... Afi date the bawl- newspapers, the, Czech Prime mg out. they Pearson "Minister and Radio Moscow had ling get when ask- to go. into high g- p y. car to re 1 simple. questions -at the Public opinion became so riled J White House nc\vs `conference:s.inside Czechoslovakia that the It didn't. get into, the news- Conmiunists actually began look- papers, by;,,l'ru,nan, who. for some way to free Associ- turned from K y 'West tired and ated Press Correspondent Wil- crochety,' almost took two'-more,liam Oatis in order to turn off digs -?t , tic reporters recently.; the heat. ' First, he wautek to lecture them However, when similar balloon for not emphasizing that the list or r ,:I.r .tcaaCU a Violent ..dCtion in friends, resent Toscow. the f r e q uent But when the crusade for free- c r a c k s the ' '!dour was abl t b e o float balloons I President has i= into Czechoslovakia and Poland, b e e n making / i the freedom leaflets were mimeo - I about the p opaganda projects have of war prisoners put out by the been urged for, Hungary and Chinese Communists was uii. other satellite, countries, an of- verified and thus. probably inac?. ficial wall of discouragement curate-something incidentall has b , y,- een erected by the.Penta- that all :reporters -already had gon and by some of the more ; stressed M of the Defense Department. 2. The Joint "y' ~ ~~ vet; tt Z~hcli Senate investigators Chiefs of Staff probed Army camps recentl shied away from any threat of y, retaliation for fear Hungary,they didn't seem to notice that, might call our bluff. while Fort Selvoir, Va., has This latter point gets down to squandered thousands of dollars ? the root problem of whether it on fancy golf courses, it has let: is wise to provoke the Soviet; Tt wbate which goes to the very root alien with no' dai,ber of wat. of American Furthermore, it remains a. fact I policy toward Rus- that' the law- of the jungle re sian satellites. mains the, law of. the 1