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December 22, 2016
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June 5, 2009
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Approved For Release 2009/06/05: CIA-RDP74-0039OR000300130002-9 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, Support Services Staff SUBJECT : Summary of Semi-Annual Records Program Report 1. Attached is the requested detailed report on the Records Staff's activities for the first six months of 1970. Below is a brief summary of some highlights from the attached detailed report: FORMS MANAGEMENT: New designs, revisions, and obsoletions required 313 actions in this period versus 255 in the prior 6 month period. Control of forms supply required another 176 actions. Final reviews involved 750 printings and rejected. $4,300 - worth of unacceptable forms. Procurement proposals reduced a reprint order by $4,000. REPORTS AND CORRESPONDENCE MANAGEMENT: The staff holding action continues for these Programs and did require much more attention than usual because of the increased Federal concern in these two areas. EQUIPMENT AND SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT: A total of 81 equipment requisitions were reviewed and three were rejected. The completed movable shelving installations now total ten plus two large motorized installations worth a quarter million dollars. We completed plans in this period for another that will cost nearly a half million at the Records Center. Components from each Directorate were assisted with file equipment and related systems problems. Eight requests for Secure Areas were processed and equipment and systems requirements for those Areas were developed for the components involved. Some $24,000 worth of equipment and 150 sq. ft. of Headquarters floor space were recovered in these secure area conversions. Liaison activities by the Staffers with National Archives, other Agencies, equipment manufacturers, and. special training offerings continued high and seem to be increasing in number and importance. VITAL RECORDS MANAGEMENT: This Staff participated in a major study of the Agency Emergency Plans. The Emergency Office and Plans were reorganized by SSS. MST Approved For Release 2009/06/05: CIA-RDP74-0039OR000300130002-9 Approved For Release 2009/06/05: CIA-RDP74-0039OR000300130002-9 w1 1t1 ^ The Vital Records collection was reduced a net 2,397 cu. ft. Some 1,500 references to the Vital Records were made by Offices and they added 5,700 new documents to their collection in the last six months. RECORDS DISPOSITION MANAGEMENT: In this period some 25 components reviewed their scheduled retention and disposition plans and submitted requests to revise the disposition instructions on 434 files. Our staffers worked with the components to draft the new instructions as well as completing the reviews, coordination, and legal approval. The FY 1970 inventory was completed and shows a net decline of about 1,000 cu. ft. in the Headquarters There was a net increase of ao")UZ .j, in e Foreign Field Stations. In the last 6 months the Records Center net volume decreased about 3,500 cu. ft. which was more than three-fourths of its net reduction for the year. ARCHIVES AND RECORDS CENTER MANAGEMENT: The Center's activities included receipt of 6,oo Cu. ft. of records in the last 6 months and removal of almost 10,000 cu. ft. (About 130 boxes in or out per work day.) The 35,000 references to Office records averaged 280 items per day. Steps initiated by the Chief resulted in receipt of 114,000 less supplemental documents in this period. The S.D. references dropped 11,000 but did total 18,169 in this period. (145 per day) Archives references of 2,600 were a thousand more than in V. R. and is an increase of 60t over Archives references last period. Some 2c;5 people visited the Center in the last 6 months(up a hundred) and each required the time and attention o7,f one or more of the Center's staff. 2. I consider Program and Personnel Development to be extremely important to current and future records control in the Agency. I am placing increased emphasis on the Development problems, with special attention for new people, concepts, and techniques. Training of the Staff continues and so do Program orientations and meetings for others in the Agency. I note greater acceptance of the Records Program and increased recognition of the need to establish necessary elements that are missing or only partially existent. The major problem we face is the few short years remaining in which to: (a) Find and develop replacements for our retiring records professionals and (b) to select and establish a new media to replace paper copy for information storage. The Program must be provided the use of the Development Approved For Release 2009/06/05: CIA-RDP74-0039OR000300130002-9 Approved For Release 2009/06/05: CIA-RDP74-0039OR000300130002-9 Complement for new, young dpcumentation trainees. The media question is even more difficult. The world has had the problem's persistent presence despite a large variety of media in the past 6,000 years since the time of the Babylonian clay tablets and cuneiforms. Nonetheless, we will continue our Program services essential to Agency operations and our search for new manpower and systems. CIA Recor i ra on icer ttaabments Semi-annual Report --Jan--June 70. SEC`s Approved For Release 2009/06/05: CIA-RDP74-0039OR000300130002-9