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December 12, 2016
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December 28, 2001
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n4e (- 4t l q', pr Release 2002/01/23: CIA-41 THE EVENING ST ' DATE_ 7460?15R00$1A0~V00?0 Is Analyzed o o i n ? ? ? e, Castro's surface y o malizqt f in Cuba and they said it Is iarenes or submarine ten- _ sea clear that the R us oach more normal rela- trend o pr veenwa- l ce A gin- to approach oe? between Cuba and Castro to fol- d~ Ca d r e A Deffen~?sg ute li lions with the united States. although tried to persua May. approaches conditions Other, Latin countries It also ha s been learned that tus~i analyst h" ated low non-violin 's st limit t ~ ro Gas Castro continues bcommittee that Fidel Cas- for improved relations with 4a-said and do not furnish arms or has beef t ng?Cas- ro sower ores w the United States, the DIA spe ,?and selective suppo t... ee- mgr, sa;d. include: With- agents^,mVen Zi rlu izav. in the westfor violent ern hemisphereution m 1zi ng r-elafionX, n _...~, 0- trnnted States an pi tun lxa d the there es tec dmawal of the umteu ~~a~~u ere wire deletions to ems Views Reassessed at n t 4ir uaW, Toml~ Tend?becomen eved at- from the Guantanamo Bay na- mdicat- ncou tries in gUSoviet tar .e}l~ o tl..lsm that tYlls ?-aY cessation of over phth se l b h ee es ; a er yq va ot r in ent rove a to u a m re- eev " to be r* ees ce on flights over the island; a halt ing rti e, ve, d,13Y bilateral is -ft +? ?nnt,rt for exile operations which Castro 'es suppo to be-x1 of hen_ Ye u - u ?aa~h the wiss. aArea u aF nalyst afor DIA gave econo blo The testimony gave economic blockade. s noted that DIA and other D A its was -riet ctivities 1 this opinion at to rimarily on t=tHsees a cantinuation of the p suln bcommittee on Inter - e s , rec~n Dane Fasce1l D a ....trauscriPt of the testimony, saxiitized by DJA for seellritY eons, was released this , the, subcommittee. Wallner' told the subcommit- tee that Castro's overtures were not the result of any sig- i nal from Washington but rath- er developments within Latin America. He said Castro was influenced by the election of Marxist President Salvador Allende in Chile, the reformist 1 military regime in Peru and "the nationalistic cult that is starting to become evident in South America. "Belligerent Attitude" The testimony indicated that because of the apparently warmer diplomatic climate, Cuba was in a better position Approved For Release 2002/01/23 : CIA-RDP74B00415R000100100006-0