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October 25, 2006
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April 12, 1972
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Approved For Release 20060W :k 0415R000100110044-7 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Wednesday - 12 April 1972 Page 3 10. Met with Frank Slatinshek, Acting Chief Counsel, How e Armed Services Committee, and informed him of this morning's conversation between the Director and Chairman Nedzi in which Nedzi had told the Director that he need not appear personally before the Subcommittee on the problem of classification and security. I told Slatinshek that in view of this probably Mr. Houston and I would appear. 11. Talked to Mrs. Ward, in the office of Senator John Stennis, regarding some photographs which the Agency had processed and mounted for the Senator, which I said we would be glad to bring up and explain to the Senator at his convenience. Mrs. Ward said she had mentioned this to the Senator but he said he had been so busy that it would be best if we simply brought the photographs up and left them. 12. Talked to Representative Charles Gubser regarding his recent letter to the Director asking for information about a matter which had been raised by one of his constituents. After identifying the matter in question, I learned it had been referred to DDS&T who will provide a response. I discussed with Mr. Gubser the general problems of the Agency's relations with the House. He seemed to think we have little to worry about, but cautioned that there were a number of younger members who should not be given access to sensitive material. 13. In the absence of Ed Braswell, left with Jack Ticer, General Counsel, Senate Armed Services Committee, a copy of my memo covering some of the highlights of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings on the Cooper bill (S. 2224), where Pete Scoville and Chet Cooper testified. 14. I ran into Representative Samuel Stratton2and confirmed his scheduled talk to our Senior Seminar on 19 April. cc: ER O/DDCI Mr. Houston Mr. Thuermer JOHN M. MAURY Legislative Counsel DDI DDS DDS&T EA/DDP O I N ""& Approved For Release 2007/02/07 I 158000100110044-7 Approved For Release 2007/02/07 60A,,rR0_PJ4B00415R0001 JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Friday - 7 April 1972 1. Met with Pat Holt, Senate ForeignRelations. Committee staff, regarding the Frank McDonald case. Holt said McDonald was badly shaken as a result of confinement and interrogation by the Cubans who insisted he was working for CIA. I mentioned to Holt that about a year and a half ago Chairman Fulbright had spoken to the Director of something that Holt had said to the Chairman about ITT political activities in Chile. I asked Holt if he could recall just what this was about. Holt said he had not been in Chile during that time but had only mentioned to the Chairman that during his travel to other Latin American countries at that time, he had heard rumors that ITT was up to something in Chile. 2. I Briefed Bill Woodruff, Senate Appropriations Committee staff, on recent developments regarding Soviet SLBM program. Woodruff said that DIA had already briefed him on this "with the pictures, " C1 it was an excellent briefing. 3. Met with Senator Symington (D. , Mo.) as a followup to his complaints to the Director during the Armed Services Subcommittee session on 5 April about duplication of intelligence activities in the Middle East. It turned out Symington had confused some MAG and communications activities with intelligence operations, and after a 40-minute talk he seemed fairly satisfied. During our conversation he complained that too many burdens were being imposed on the Agency, such as economic reporting, paramilitary operations, covering the narcotics traffic, etc. a Approved For Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP74B00415R000100110044-7 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP74B00415R000100110044-7 Approved For Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP74B00415R000100110044-7 Approved For Release 2Q j P7 ;.CJ.A-RDP74B00415R000100110044-7 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Friday - 7 April 1972 Page 2 4. Talked to John Lehman, of the NSC staff, about our response to Senator Ervin's (D. , N. C.) request for a report on our executive agreements with foreign countries. Lehman suggested I talk to Charles Bevans, of State. 5. I called Charles Bevans, Assistant Legal Advisor for Treaty Affairs of the State Department, and we agreed on a text for our response to Senator Ervin saying that any such agreements in which the Agency has participated were being reported by the State Department. 6. Received a call from Maurine Dantzic, Senate Armed Services Committee staff, regarding General Walters' nomination. She told me that the Senate did not call the executive calendar on Friday. 7. Ed Braswell, Chief Counsel, Senate Armed Services Committee, called to ask that we provide him with the information for use in a possible speech by Senator Stennis (D. , Miss. ) in oppossition to the Cooper bill (S. 2224) which would require that 25X1A intelligence material be made freely available to the Congress. At the same time Braswell brought up his familiar concern about the continued E o the irregulars in aos. told Braswell that is was some ing att we25X1A were doing because we were ordered to do it by higher authority. He said we shouldn't be surprised if an amendment were -proposed, and passed, forbidding 8. Atomic Energy staff, called to say that William Miller, on the staff of 25X1 Senator John Cooper R. , Ky.), had contacted him about the possibility of giving Mr. Murphy is reluctant to get involved with without the approval of Chairman Pastore, but wanted to confirm the. employment dates of I l and to 25X1 verify that he left the Agency in good standing. Mr. Murphy and I discussed the pros and cons of drawing parallels between the JCAE and other committees of the Congress and Mr. Murphy said he planned to do nothing on this unless he was pressed further by Mr. Miller and got the approval of his Chairman. Approved For Release 2007/02/07: C-AMP7 15RDW100110044-7 Approved For Release 2007/02/07 CIA-RDP74B00415R000100110044-7 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 3 Friday - 7 April 1972 9. Met with Mr. Robert Willian, Senate Finance Committee staff,, and discussed with him the action the Committee would take on H. R. 9900. Mr. Willian said they planned to report the bill out without any changes and gave no encouragement on the possibility of amending it to accommodate the Agency's needs. See Memorandum for the Record. 10. David Martin, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee staff, called to advise that the Subcommittee would be going to press very shortly with the publication of the Nkrumah documents using a letter which they had obtained from the Department of State to support their authenticity. He said this publication would start a new series to be entitled "Communist Global Subversion and American Security. " This specific document would be entitled "Attempted Communist Subversion of Africa Through Nkrumah's Ghana. " Martin added that as soon as he finished writing an introductory commentary he would get a jacket number from GPO which he would pass on to us in the event our people wanted to "ride the jacket. " 11. In response to his request yesterday, I told James Gehrig, Staff Director, Senate Space Committee, that Col. McConnel has a TK clearance and Capt. Donald Jarrell has a Byeman clearance and that we were unable to find any record through DOD of compartmented clearances for Major Harold Caylor. Mr. Gehrig expressed surprise that we could not confirm a clearance for Caylor since he had been told by John Foster's people that these three men would be briefing him at the TK level. I suggested to Gehrig that he trace this back through his contact in Foster's office if he wanted to pursue it further. 12. Delivered the Director's reply to an inquiry made by Senator Sam J. Ervin, Jr. (D. , N. C. ), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Separation of Powers of Senate Judiciary Committee. 13. Talked to Mr. Gordon Murchie, USIA, who told me that he had not yet forwarded the question pertaining to Agency control of RFE and RL set forth in the long listing received from Senate Foreign Relations Committee I told Mr. Murchie I would call him as soon as we had a chance to review the questions once we have them in hand. See Journal of 4 April 1972. 1J^^ Approved For Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP74B00415R000100110044-7 Approved For Release 2 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 4 Friday - 7 April 1972 14. Talked to Mrs. Kathy O'Neill, in the office of Representative Richard chord (D. , Mo. ), who told me that Representative Ichord plans to be back in the city on Monday and that it would be best totalk to him on his return concerning his request to the Archivist of the United States for certain Warren Commission documents. Messrs. Houston, OGC, and II CI Staff, have been advised. 15. Received a call from Mr. J. Sourwine, Chief Counsel, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, who asked if we had an English translation of an interview with Ernest Mandel that was reported in Der Spiegel. The item was supposedly reported on page 41 of a recent date. After checking with German Desk, I told Mr. Sourwine that we do not have a translation available. I identified the issue as 6 March. Mr. Sourwine thanked me for the assistance and said that he would go to the Library of Congress for the translation. 16. Received a call from Mr. Carl Marcy, Chief of Staff, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who said that he had been queried by Steve Terry, Senator Aiken's (R. , Vt. ) Legislative Assistant, concerning the number of Catholics in North Vietnam and the number of Catholic churches. After checking with DDI, I advised 25X1 that the 1971 figures indicated 1. 2 million Catholics and 620 parishes. The number of churches does not relate to the number of parishes since some have both churches and chapels while others have neither and no current figure is available on churches. 17. Talked to Mr. Ralph Preston, House Appropriations Committee staff, who told me that he will be unable to visit Headquarters before next Friday. Additional hearings relating to the war will be started some time during the week. We scheduled next Friday, 14 April, at 9:00 a. m. for Mr. Preston to visit Headquarters for briefing on the Agency budget and lunch. Mr. Briggs, OPPB, has been advised. Legislative Counsel cc: ER O/DDCI Mr. Houston Mr. Thuermer Ex/Dir DDI DD EA/DDP OPPB Approved For Release 2007 14 Approved For Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP74B00415R000100110044-7 TN 7- UAL CUAL Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 3 Wednesday - 5 April 1972 9. Assistant Secretary of State for Congres- sional Relations David M. Abshire called in connection with Senator Henry Bellmon's (R. , Okla.) interest in having his senator group have a breakfast session with the Director. Abshire raised the question of our providing transportation for any senators who needed it from the Hill and I told him this was no problem. He also said that the question of the security of this group had come up and Bellmon said they had received some rather sensitive briefings in the past and had had no leaks. Abshire said State would be meeting with the group on the 13th of this month and if we were agreeable to having a session with them he could suggest at the 13 April meeting the possibility of their coming to the Agency 20 April or 27 April. I told him I would ask Mr. Maury to call him on this. 10. By way of followup I advised John Goldsmith, Senate Armed Services Committee staff, that Mr. McCone definitely does not plan to appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the subject of the Cooper bill to provide for the dissemination of intelligence information to the Congress. 11. In view of Representative Robert Steele's (R. , Conn.) availability to address the Intelligence Production Course at 2 p.m. on Monday, 10 April, I arranged with Jim Woolsey, Senate Armed Services Committee staff, to change his talk to this group to 3:15 p.m. 12. Talked to Mr. Frank Slatinshek, Acting Chief Counsel, House Armed Services Committee, concerning the release of documents furnished to the President's commission (the Warren Commission) by the Central Intelligence Agency. I told him that in response to Representative Richard H. Ichord's (D. Mo.) request, as Chairman of the House Internal Security Committee, for certain documents, we plan to meet with him and review the documents with him., They will not be 25X1A relinquished, however. In Mr. Slatinshek's opinion, this appears to him to be a workable solution. Messrs. Houston, OGC, CI Staff, have been advised. C N F I EA I N4 IAA. Approved For Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP74B00415R000100110044-7 Approved For Release 2007/Qf7 ,C,Ie-RDP74B00415R000100110044-7 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Wednesday - 5 April 1972 5. Talked to Susan, in Carl Marcy's office of Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who told me that Representative Paul Findley (R. , Ill.) and Mr. Yarmolinsky testified on 30 March on S. 2224, the Cooper bill. Further hearings will be scheduled on the bill but she would have to check with Mr. Kuhl, of the Committee staff, when he returns to the office later in the day for a listing of the witnesses who will be scheduled. I thanked Susan for the information and told her that I would be in touch directly with Mr. Kuhl later on. 6. accompanied Messrs. OPPB, and EUR Division, to a meeting with Mr. William Woodruff, Senate Appropriations Committee staff, concerning the 29 March withdrawal from reserve. Mr. Woodruff is scheduled to meet with Chairman Ellender later in the afternoon and needed a rebriefing of the information previously provided to verify the notes he had prepared for Chairman Ellender. Mr. Woodruff was most appreciative. Mr. Cord Meyer, ADDP, has been advised. As we. were departing, Mr. Woodruff told me that the schedule for Monday and Tuesday briefings by the Director is now uncertain and may need to be put over until after the House hearings. 7. I talked to Mr. David Martin, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee staff, and told him that we would forward an additional copy of the two Nkrumah documents Thursday morning. Mr. Martin was most appreciative. See Journal of 4 April. 8. Called Fred Fielding, in the White House, regarding Senator Ervin's (D. , N. Car.) request to several executive agencies, including CIA, for information on "executive agreements. Fielding said John Lehman, of the White House staff, had mentioned his conversation with me on this subject and that the present White House thinking was that the State Department might reply in behalf of all the executive agencies. I said this sounded fine to us and told Fielding that Larry Houston was going into the legal aspects of the problem and would be in touch with him tomorrow. Page 2 Approved For Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP74B00415R000100110044-7 Approved For Release 2007/02/07 CIA-RDP74B00415R000100110044-7 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 3 Tuesday - 4 April 1972 9. Delivered a suggested reply to Dale Southerland, on the staff of Senator Abraham Ribicoff (D. , Conn. ), in response to questions a constituent, had asked concerning STATOTHR the Agency's providing funds to students in return for information. Mrs. Southerland said the reply would be adequate. 10. Libby Reynolds, in the office of Representative Jack Kemp (R. , N. Y. ), called and said that the 18th had been selected as the tentative date for the breakfast-briefing of Kemp and his colleagues, and that she will give us a progress report early next week when the members return from the Easter recess. 11. Received a call from Mr. Gordon Murchie, USIA, who told me that the Director of USIA has received a listing of some 90 questions from Chairman Fulbright, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, as a followup to their appearance before the Committee. The two questions that require Agency assistance in answering ask, in effect, the date when USIA was told of CIA sponsorship of the Radios. I told Murchie that in effect USIA would have been on constructive notice from the beginning since this was a responsibility that was determined at the policy level of Government. Mr. Murchie will forward a copy of the appropriate questions. I told him we will advise after we have reviewed the questions. 12. Received a call from Mr. David Martin, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee staff, who told me that the Committee has received a very helpful letter from the State Department that will be used as an introduction in the publication of the Nkrumah articles. He asked if we could provide a second copy of the articles which is necessary for publication. If the additional copies are not available, they will have to xerox. I told him I25X1A would relay the question and be back in touch in the morning. See Journal of 26 January 1972. -'Legislative Counsel cc: ER O/DDCI Ex/Dir ] Mr. Houston Mr. Thuermer DDS DDS&T EA DDP OPPB qq Approved For Release 29 2'v71 !`' -DP74B00415R000100110044-7 Approved For Release 20 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Tuesday - 4 April 1972 Page 2 5. Called John Lehman, of Dr. Kis singer' s staff, to see what the White House attitude was on the Ervin inquiry. Lehman said that Fred Fielding and John Deane, of the White House staff, were handling this and he would have Fielding call me. Lehman recalled that the question of executive agreements had come up previously in connection with the Cooper bill which the community representatives, in the LIG meeting, had strongly opposed. He said he understood that the State Department was preparing a reply to Senator Ervin in behalf of all executive agencies, and asked whether I agreed on this solution. I said not unless I knew what State was going to say. Lehman said he would send us a draft and we could rewrite it as we saw fit. He said if therewere any differences after that with the agencies, we should meet with John Deane. He added that the White House was particularly concerned to protect any intelligence agreements from congressional probing. I asked him if this meant he would invoke executive privilege if this is necessary. He said yes. Lehman then brought up the question of the Cooper bill on making intelligence information available to Congress. I suggested he review the transcript of the hearings with Pete Scoville and Chet Cooper last week. In response to his question I said I thought the bill would be reported out by Foreign Relations but possibly held up by Armed Services which also had a slice of it. I added I thought it might run into opposition in the House. Lehman asked what they should be doing and I suggested some discreet lobbying, emphasizing the importance of keeping intelligence material from becoming the subject of political controversy. He said Kissinger had seen Stennis last week and hoped to keep in closer touch with Stennis in the future. He said he would try to get Kissinger to raise this question with Stennis at the first opportunity. 6. Received a call from Mr. Loring Wagner, Laos Desk, AID, who expressed an interest in meeting with us to go over testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee concerning relation- ships between the CIA and AID in Laos. Later in the day, however, he canceled his request saying that Mr. Levine of his office had gotten the necessary information from F77 I DDP. 7. Delivered several brochures about the Agency to, Margie Kreppel, on the staff of Representative Lee Hamilton (D., Ind.), for her to use in responding to a constituent's inquiry. 8. Spoke with Martin Wolf, Press Secretary to Senator Mike Gravel (D. , Alaska), who asked that we continue to send the Senator the FBIS Daily Reports until further notice. Arrangements were made with FBIS to initiate subscriptions for the area books concerned. Cr' v? Approved For Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP74B00415R000100110044-7