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December 20, 2016
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September 21, 2006
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March 22, 1972
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Approved Fbr Rele l b 7 14 pP74B00415R000100110057-3 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 3 Wednesday - 22 March 1972 7. (Internal Use Only - JGO) Talked to Miss Dora McCracken, House Foreign Affairs Committee staff, who checked the prepared statement used by USAID Deputy Director Maurice J. Williams in testimony before the full Committee yesterday. The statement prepared for Mr. Williams' use to rebut the New York Times report of Senator Kennedy's (D. , Mass.) charges was not contained therein. The transcript of the hearing is not available and will not be available for some time due to a backlog of reporting. FE Division, has been advised. 8. (Confidential - JMM) Last night Dave Abshire, Assistant Secretary of State for Congressional Relations, called to say that Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs, Charles Meyer, had information that Representative Dante Fascell (D. , Fla.) felt he was in a "difficult position" as a result of the revelations regarding ITT, CIA, and Chile, and was considering taking up the subject in open hearings of his Subcommittee on Inter-American Affairs of the Foreign Affairs Committee. Abshire said if this happened he was afraid the Department "couldn't be much help. " I said I was afraid we couldn't be much help either since we didn't appear in open hearings and, moreover, even if we did, the first questions would concern who made the policy decisions. I told Abshire that I'd take the matter up with the Director and let him know the results. 9. (Unclassified - JMM) During the above conversation, Mr. Abshire said that Senator Henry Bellmon (R. , Okla.) wondered if the Director would be willing to talk to a small breakfast group of a half dozen Senators. I told Abshire I would raise the matter with the Director but we might also consider inviting them out to Headquarters for breakfast. 10. (Internal Use Only - JMM) This afternoon Mr. Abshire called to say that when Secretary Rogers appeared before the Foreign Relations CoM_p-Vjttee_. today, Senator Church had referred to information he claimed he had from CIA that the Chinese Communists were much put out over the alleged unseemingly conduct of Ambassador Watson. After checking throughout the Agency and conferring with the Director, I called Abshire to assure him that the Agency had no such information and certainly no responsible Agency officer made such an allegation. I urged Abshire to relay this to appropriate members of the Committee. I also told Abshire that I informed the Director of the possibility that Representative Fascell would conduct hearings on the Chile affair but we plan to take no immediate action until we saw how things developed. rYT~P Approved For ReleaQV~/ 2107` . 74B00415R000100110057-3 Approved For Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP74B00415R000100110057-3 THIS DOCUMENT WAS S~JBJECT TO ITT/CHILE JUSTICE INVESTIGATION Approved For Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP74B00415R000100110057-3